Saturday, 10 December 2011

A Peek at Caress of Mink plus a New Taupe Comparison!

The Rouge Bunny Rouge Caress of Mink pigment I ordered arrived yesterday so I got busy taking photographs. I also decided to pull out another couple of shimmery/frosty taupe eyeshdows to compare with the pigment. I thought it would be interesting to share these swatches with you ahead of my review as the comparison demonstrates not only how the new colour compares but also how MAC Satin Taupe, Shu Uemura ME Brown 850 and Max Factor Burnt Bark compare to each other.

Caress of Mink

Taupe comparison3

Taupe comparison6

Caress of Mink pigment is quite a dark taupe and has a different undertone to Satin Taupe, ME Brown 850 and Burnt Bark. It's also very twinkly when compared to the other colours but I struggled to capture this in my pictures. It's sparkly whereas the other three taupes have more of a frosty finish.

Taupe comparison8

Taupe comparison7

I wondered how Caress of Mink would compare to a rich chocolate brown so I pulled out RBR Bejewelled Skylark. It's more obviously a taupe when compared to Bejewelled Skylark and the green undertone is more obvious in these pictures. So, in not very helpful conclusion, when you compare Caress of Mink to taupes it looks like more of a mid brown but it looks more taupe when compared to a warm brown. 

Taupe comparison1

Whilst swatching for this comparison I was struck by how similar Satin Taupe, ME Brown 850 and Burnt Bark looked side by side. I thought I'd made this comparison previously but swatched here the difference seem negligible. I like to think that it's the winter lighting disguising the subtle nuances but for anyone that isn't taupe obsessed, it would be unnecessary to own all three.


  1. I like the look of the Shu one but it is very similar to Satin Taupe which I've got already.
    I was not sure what to expect with the RBR pigments as this is my first one, but this is lovely and easy to use. Now I'm lusting after the other shades!

  2. Hi Meeta. The pigments are lovely aren't they? I already had Wishing for Wings so knew that they have a nice formula and they're easier to apply than most loose pigments. Which one do you fancy next? :D
    Jane x

  3. Wishing for Wings looks lovely, I think maybe that one or Sleeping Under a Mandarin Tree.


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