Monday, 5 December 2011

A Letter to Father Christmas

Dear Father Christmas,

I've been such a good girl this year, really I have and you know I never ask for much *cough*. Well, I know that even you can't grant my true wish for a lie-in, so instead here is a list of a few things that will keep me looking semi-human for another year. I've thrown in a couple of items to save my sanity too.

Olay total effects Christmas gift box

1. A pot of Oil of Olay Total Effects moisturiser (£17) please. This used to be my go to moisturiser but I've been cheating on it for a while now. The bow is drawing me back in!

Neom travel set

2. I'd love a relaxing candle. Either a medium Josephine's Rose (£20) candle from Jonathan Ward or Neom Relax & Complete Bliss Travel Candles (£21) would be perfect.

Elemis bath elixir

3. In a bid to see if I can restore my love for a nice soak, I would really like a bottle of Elemis Quiet Mind Relaxing Bath Elixir. Quiet and relaxing sound so inviting! It's normally £19 but you can get 20% off using the code XMASTREAT this week on the timetospa website. Of course, I'm thinking of your budget here FC.


4. I seem to spend all day washing my hands so it would be lovely to use something a little more luxurious than the supermarket own brand. I have my eye on Molton Brown fine liquid hand wash in Myrrh Muske and Cypress (£15) as it sounds rather festive!

Almond shower oil

5. I would really like a beautiful shower gel. The L'Occitane Almond Shower oil (£16) seemed very popular when I asked around for recommendation. I've never used an oil for cleansing the body before but I love the scent of almonds so I'm keen to give it a try.

Espresso pencil

6. I know I'm pushing my luck a bit with this last request Father Christmas but you know I do like a bit of expensive makeup. Weeeellll, that Tom Ford chap extended his cosmetics line this year. I'll forgo the quads but if you could see your way to stuffing a blusher or eyeliner in my stocking I would be most grateful. The Espresso eyeliner in particular would be grand. Would a fancy mince pie from Waitrose sway you at all?

That's it for now Father Christmas. I hope this reaches you ok, do you have decent broadband in the North Pole?

Yours ever hopeful,
Miss M Brown x


  1. Well you've asked him for a reasonably priced moisturiser, the least the old fella can do is throw in a bit of Tom Ford ;)

    The Neom hand wash is lovely too.

  2. I figured it has to be worth a shot, right? I'll have a look at the Neom hand wash. It would be lovely to have a hand wash that wasn't just functional (and filled with triclosan).

  3. I've got the gift set to review with the hand lotion in Lemon & Basil. It's very good - so nice that I bought a travel candle in the same scent for the kitchen.

  4. I hope you accidentally forgot to forward this to all your friends. Not your fault! Your hand slipped to the Send All button!

  5. You've asked for some very reasonably priced items so I think they should be granted. Do you want me to forward this post to anyone you live with... I mean know??

  6. Lovely wish-list. I should publish my own, too :)
    PS. Have several products from Elemis Relaxing range and they are nice!

  7. @Grace: Lemon & Basil sounds lovely, perfect for the kitchen too.

    @Eden-Avalon: Ha ha, I should have done that!

    @Marcia: I should just unsubtly leave the computer open on that post shouldn't I?! ;)

    @Marina: I'd love to read your Christmas wish-list.

    Jane x


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