Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Hourglass Visionaire Eyeshadow Duo in Suede

I spotted that someone had found my site whilst searching for swatches of the Hourglass Suede duo. It prompted me to realise that whilst I'd taken pictures and posted a face of the day using the duo, I've never got around to sharing swatches. So, here are a few pictures I took earlier!




In more overcast lighting

I would describe the colours as a creamy golden beige and grey-stone colour with golden shimmer. I hesitate to call the darker colour taupe as it's more grey but it does have a slight quality. Both eyeshadows have a sheer sheen-y quality. I suspect they look a little sheer as they're quite pale in colours as they are not lacking in pigment. The texture of the eyeshadows is very smooth and they are as much of a pleasure to apply as my other Hourglass duo. I should mention that I do experience a little shimmery fallout with these as I apply.


Taken in more subdued lighting

This is probably a lighter pairing than I normally go for. I normally steer away from any beige which has a golden undertone but I was very taken with how this duo looked during my makeover with Gina Brooke. I find that I reach for this whenever I'm in a rush and I also think it works quite well for subtle definition.



My only minor gripe is that the brush that came with Suede has changed since I bought my Exhibition duo. I really love my Exhibition brush, it's small but functional and of excellent shape and quality. The dual ended brush that came with this set isn't comparable so I'm a little disappointment with this change. It is a very minor gripe though as I know most people will never use the tools supplied with any eyeshadow set!

I bought this from the Hourglass counter in Liberty and it cost me £28. Hourglass is also available from Zuneta.


  1. Love that kind of skin coloured e/s that doesn't really look like you're wearing any - just makes your eyes look better. Beautiful product!

    Nic x

  2. This is pretty but I think I like Gypsy more...

  3. So Funny !
    I did a search a few days ago for this duo and I'm back after doing the same search :) Thanks for the swatches. I still cant choose between Suede and Gypsy ;)

  4. @BlushinNoir: It's lovely isn't it?

    @Strawberry Blonde: Thanks Nic. The eyeshadows have an almost translucent quality when applied, it's a nice duo for a no-fuss look.

    @Marina: I'll have to have a play gypsy sometime! It's a bit darker than this pairing isn't it?

    @Anon: This post was inspired by your search! When I spotted that someone had been searching for swatches of Suede, it made me realise that I had pictures that I'd never posted. Unfortunately I don't have Gypsy to compare. I did post a picture of a look that Mel created on a customer using both Suede and Gypsy. Looking at this I would say that the colours in the Gypsy duo are darker and probably warmer than Suede. Good luck with you decision making.

    Jane x

  5. Oh, first I thought it was me, but then I realized I only searched your blog for Hourglass in general, because I was on the fence about ordering the Neo-Classics palette. Well, I did order it in the end, got it yesterday and it is perfect for a matte sophisticated look. I like this duo, too, though. It looks nice on you, understated but very chic.

  6. Oh thank you, lovely swatches. I wonder if it was me? I can't remember now but I was definitely looking at it recently on your blog along with RBR and Edward Bess!
    I am a bit worried about the fallout though-surprising in a higher price item don't you think?
    I have very sensitive eyes and even the merest whisper of anything in an eye will trigger nasty muscle spasms so I might strike it off my list.
    Looks very pretty on you though :)

  7. @Anon: I guess there must have been a flurry of Hourglass activity! I haven't bought the Neo-Classic palette though I much admire it. Gina used one of the colours from the Neo-Classic to line after she'd used Suede. I do wonder if I'll gave on that palette eventually :D

    @Sharon: I'm undecided whether fallout is unacceptable in high end. I know I don't experience it very often. In this case it is shimmer fallout rather than pigment. In fact you can see some of the shimmer underneath my eyes in the first eye picture. For me it's not a deal breaker but it does mean I need to clean up a bit afterwards.

  8. Hellooo, this is Anonymous from the 9:29 post :) I ordered the exhibition duo instead of the Suede or Gypsy. It seemed a little more original, although Suede looks like it would be more helpful with a strong bold lip. Until I purchase that one I'll just keep looking at your swatches;))

  9. Hi Anon! I'd love to know how you get on with the exhibition duo. It's one of my favouite eyeshadow duos and I often use it to create a smoky eye. I really hope you enjoy it too.
    Jane x


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