Monday, 28 November 2011

17 Supreme Shine Lipstick in All About the Sass

As soon as I opened this lipstick and saw the colour I grinned. Boots 17 lipstick in All About the Sass is a bright cheery pink colour. When swatched the colour appears slightly sheer but it is opaque on the lips. The Supreme Sheen lipstick formula is slippy, I'm not sure yet if it is especially moisturising (my lips are particularly dry today) but it is very comfortable when first applied. I did spy the ring of doom as the colour faded so it's one to keep regularly topped up.

All About the Sass1

All About the Sass3

All About the Sass4

All About the Sass7

All About the Sass6

I like the silver mirror-effect packaging. Of course it wasn't until after I'd sorted all the images that I realised I had omitted to take a picture of the lipstick closed. The shaping of the outer casing makes it look a little different and it's larger dimensions would make it quite easy to locate in your handbag.

17+All about the sass

The colour reminds me a little of Barry M's Punky Pink. When swatched side by side you can see that Punky Pink is a little darker and more blue toned that All About the Sass. The Barry M formula is more opaque too. My apologies for difference in lighting in this last picture, I didn't take this picture until later the the day when the light was quite dim.

The 17 Supreme Sheen lipsticks cost £4.99 and are available from Boots.

Disclosure: PR sample.


  1. I've been loving these lipsticks so much! Think I like them even more than the mirror shine ones :) xxx

  2. This color looks fantastic on you!

  3. Oooh~ These look really interesting! I actually prefer AATS to the Barry M.

  4. This is a pretty colour! I'm usually a complete lippie snob and only buy MAC but with current budgetary restraints I'm excited to see how nice this is!

    S xx

  5. Are these a replacement for the Mirror Shine lipsticks or a new line? The packaging looks very similar (though silver instead of turquoise)

  6. @Daisy: I'm pleased to hear that you like them too. Do you have any colour recommendations?

    @BelleBelle: Thank you! :D

    @Eden-Avalon: It's a really fun colour. I think it's less dense that the Barry M colour which is nice when my lips are feeling quite dry.

    @Sara: I have quite a lot of expensive lipsticks and I will very often over look 'drugstore' brands. But this is a good formula. I like Max Factor and Revlon lipsticks too in terms other budget friendly formulas.

    @My Lips But Better: Hi! I don't think these are a replacement for the Mirror Shine lipsticks. The packaging looks similar until I put the lid on and then you can see this one is much bigger (only on the outside of course). I don't think the formula is quite as sheer as the Mirror Shines and hopefully won't be as prone to melting.

    Jane x


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