Friday, 4 November 2011

My Current Staples

Although I like to wear different things regularly and I'm often hot on the tail of something new, there are certain core items in my collection that I know will never let me down. Some are products I use daily and others are items that I know will instantly get me out of a tight spot! Especially for those times when only have five minutes to make myself presentable.

Several of these items were sent to me as PR samples. I sometimes hesitate when it comes to including these items in favourites posts in case people are somehow suspicious of my motives. However, these are genuinely products that I love and will be replacing myself when they run out. Wherever applicable I have included links to more detailed review posts and I have indicated all PR samples with an asterisk. 


BECCA concealer in praline* and the LMdB concealer brush* - these two items together are my secret weapon. I dip the brush directly into the pan and then apply to any blemishes or areas of redness. The concealer is a great match for me and I really like the consistency of the 'thinner' concealer in the right hand pan. The brush is superb at sheering out the concealer and blending seamlessly. For those of you that can't access Le Métier de Beauté, I think the Hourglass large concealer brush might be a suitable alternative.

RMK Super Basic Liquid concealer - I have mentioned this concealer many, many times before but this is my favourite for the undereye area. I've had this for over a year now and it's still going strong. I imagine it won't be opaque enough to suit everyone's needs but I like the fact that it's more opaque than most other highlighting pens. The yellow undertone seems to work well for me too.

Max Factor Second Skin foundation* - I don't wear foundation every day but if I'm in the mood or feel like my skin needs extra help, I will reach for Second Skin. I was introduced to this by makeup artist Caroline Barnes and it works very well on my skin. It's not a heavy coverage and has a slightly dewy finish which rather kind to moderately seasoned skin! I can slap it on with my fingers quickly so it's also perfect for speedy makeup.


NARS Laguna bronzer- I recently mentioned that I have entered bronzer mode now the sun has disappeared. I have a couple of bronzers that I like but Laguna is my favourite. I have been applying it with this very cute little Essence brush that Mookie on the Bench kindly sent me.

Cream blusher - I am cheating a little here as I have several cream blushers that I reach for in emergencies. I find cream blusher is definitely the fastest and most forgiving formula. Particularly as it can add a little life into the face by adding a sheen at the same time as colour. My personal favourites are BECCA Turkish Rose, Edward Bess After Sunset and Hourglass Cheek Stain in Rouge.


W3LL People Univeralist #2 Highlighter* and RBR Eyes Wide Open Pencil* - These are my current face brightening favourites. Both of these are very easy to use and I find them impossible to overcook because of their consistency. The pencil is very creamy and easy to blend out. It's great for the brow and as an inner corner highlight. It is possible to use it elsewhere on the face too. The W3LL People highlighter is very easy to use highlight the tops of the cheek bone. I have actually been know to draw it directly onto my face and then blend with my fingers. It isn't so creamy that you end up with a big stripe so there's no fear you'll end up looking like an 80's throwback. I promise! The W3LL People Universalist stick is available from Being Content and I shall review it very soon.

My little assistant 'helping' out with the photographs


Gosh Velvet Touch pencil in Truly Brown and RBR Long-lasting Eye pencil in Lola - Quite often when I am in a rush I will skip eyeshadow and just apply liner. If I wear eyeliner on it's own I prefer to use a brown pencil (unless of course I am going for a winged liner with red lipstick, in which case it has to be black). Both the Gosh pencil in Truly Brown and RBR pencil in Lola are lovely colours and quick to apply because of their consistency. They also last very well. As an aside, if you're a fan of brown liners may I point you in the direction of London Makeup Girl's recent comparison post. I am very taken with the depth of the Tom Ford Espresso liner.

Shu Uemura brow pencil (H9, Seal Brown) - I very rarely use anything else for filling my brows. The pencil is a hard forumla and doesn't transfer very much unless you are wearing foundation (or primer) that has strayed onto the brows. I find this has some major advantages: if I am not wearing foundation it will give me a natural finish, when I am wearing foundation it will tranfer more and give a more defined look. So, essential it works with me rather than against me.

Mascara - Again, a generic item. My favourite mascara is Hourglass Film Noir but I don't currently have a tube and I am working my way through several others. The Max Factor Xperience* is a good everyday mascara. I like MUFE Smoky lash for a more dramatic finish.




RBR Sheer lipstick in Murmurings and Chanel Rouge Coco Shine in Bonheur - When I am in a rush I reach for one of these two lipsticks. The sheer formulas make them very easy to wear and perfect for the cooler months. The plummy shades are also great Autumnal choices. I find both Bonheur and Murmurings have enough pigment to show up as a colour on my lips already pigmented lips.



I haven't included any eyeshadows. It was a concious decision as I have so many eyeshadow favourites that we would have been here all week. Plus, as I mentioned above, if I'm in a rush I will often skip eyeshadow altogether. I do have some cream eyeshadows that I will use for a quick eye look. I have actually realised in the course of writing this that what I really lack is a lovely taupe cream. This will be next mission! One thing I have been enjoying recently is the Chanel Illusions d'Ombre in Illusoire. A friend was kind enough to send me a scoop (she's my makeup crack dealer!) and it is as lovely as I'd hoped.

Do you have any special makeup staples? Which are the products you reach for on a daily basis?

Disclosure: Items marked with * were received as PR samples.


  1. I second the Max Factor Xperience Mascara, definitely an everyday favourite of mine.

  2. I love reading such posts. I absolutely love my Second Skin, too. As for mascara, I really love BADgal Lash by Benefit, it's brilliant, and cheaper than most high end mascaras, I am impressed. x

  3. I think that is always entertaining and informative to read these posts. Thankyou Jane.

  4. Cool stuff. I am so fickle, my tastes change practically my underwear!

  5. @Bettina: It's a good mascara, isn't it? I find it really buildable.

    @Marina: Ah, that's interesting. BADgal is one that I didn't get on with (very dry), I only had a sample from a magazine though and I wonder if it wasn't representative. I'm quite intrigued by Benefit's new mascara.

    @Jan: You're welcome Jan, I hope you enjoyed my ramblings!

    @Olivia: You're just keeping it fresh! ;)

    Jane x

  6. I really liked this post. Everytime I see you mention that Becca concealer I think I'll have to re-try it even though I didn't get on too well with it the first time round, such is your influence :)
    I really like the sound of the W3LL People Univeralist Highlighter.
    Had to laugh at your makeup crack dealer comment ;) xx

  7. Great post Jane, thank you. I really enjoy reading about people's favourite makeup and beauty items, I could read them all day in fact! x

  8. Wonderful choices, I love reading favourites posts and hello to your little helper! That mini Essence brush is the only blush brush I use these days, I'm glad you like it. I do have one of the RBR face brushes next on my WL. Oh, and now you made me want Illusoire again. My staples right now are the Anastasia brow powder (I'm "doing" my brows almost every day now, I never thought I'd do that), Clinique High Impact mascara, and then just blushes and lipsticks in general, too many to list here. :)

  9. @Replica: I have a feeling that concealer is a bit like foundation and it's very much based on your skin type. I know that Grace got on well with the BECCA concealer but Jan did not so it's not for everyone. It's brilliant on the redness around my nose.....I sound so classy! I should have outed you as my MU crack-dealer :D. The W3LL highlighter is really nice, it's subtle and very suitable for day wear. The consistency is like the blusher I reviewed. It's quite stiff but I actually find that prevents me going overboard!

    @Claire: I'm really pleased you enjoyed. I do like a good virtual rummage through other people's makeup collection too!

    @Klara: I've heard a lot of people mention the Anastasia brow powder. I'm very curious, especially if it has converted you! Thank you so much for the Essence brush. It is lovely, my little helper has taken quite a shine to it too :D

    Jane x

  10. I thought Max FActor and Chanel experiment on animals?????

  11. Hi Anon. Thanks for your comment. I was confused by your question at first but I see that you came to my blog via My Beauty Bunny. Unlike My Beauty Bunny I do not have an exclusively cruelty free policy. I hope this clears up the confusion.

  12. Great picks! I don't own any of these, but I always enjoy getting a peak into other peoples' stashes, it's like window shopping :)


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