Friday, 25 November 2011

Pampering Time: Face Masks

I slipped off to bed early last night as I was really shattered. Although I rarely fall asleep early, I do like to spend this time cosying up in my bedroom and enjoying a bit of time to myself. Something I often do on nights like this is put on a face mask and I have a few old faithfuls as well as a couple of new finds that I will pick from depending on how my skin is behaving.


For smooth skin: Naked Truth Face Renewal Mask (currently on sale for £11.99 - I think!)*
When my skin is feeling bumpy and looking a little grey, I reach for this one. It has quite a soothing, whipped texture but the large gritty lumps may not be everyone's cup of tea. It does a good job of exfoliating my skin and when I remove it my skin looks brighter and feels plump and smooth. This is a nice choice if you're in the mood for a mask than doesn't set.

As I went to look up the price, I spotted that the brand seems to have re-launched and ditched the Naked Truth name. I have a feeling that this Tri-Mineral microdermabrasion mask is the new name for the Face Renewal Mask.


For pore cleansing: Montagne Jeunesse Damask Rose Deep Cleansing Mask (£4.99)*
Although this was a PR sample, I have been using Montagne Jeunesse masks for years. I like to use a clay based mask whenever my skin is feeling congested or I can feel spots brewing. I like the Rose scent of this mask too. I also like the price!


To shave a couple of years off: REN Glycolactic Skin Renewal Peel Mask (£30)*
I've had the REN Glycolactic peel mask for over a year now. It has a strange texture for a mask; it's quite thick and gooey and can feel a little sticky on the skin (I know, I'm really selling it here). This mask does tingle a little whilst it is on but nothing too uncomfortable. It is a little tricky to wash it off because of the sticky texture but it does leave my skin feeling nice and refreshed. Maybe it's wishful thinking but I do think it makes my fine lines a little less obvious. The peel mask costs £30.


To shave a few more off! Heaven Bee Venom Mask (£65)*
The Heaven skincare line was created by Deborah Mitchell and the Bee Venom mask already has quite a name for itself. Deborah Mitchell's celebrity clients include Danni Minogue, Gwyneth Paltrow and Victoria Beckham. The mask has a creamy texture and has a slightly sweet scent which I presume is from the manuka honey and essentials oils. It doesn't set but it does make the skin prickle a little as you might expect from a treatment that contains bee sting. I definitely feel that it plumps my skin and improves the overall texture. The Bee Venom mask is available from


Personally, I wouldn't use either the REN or the Bee Venom mask before an event. They can make my skin look a little flushed immediately afterwards and I tend to see the greatest improvements to my skin the morning after.

For hydrating: Lancome Vivéclat
I suspect this is a long discontinued item. It's similar to Clarins Flash Balm in that you can apply a thin layer or apply more liberally as a mask. I don't find it has a tightening effect but it's very good at rehydrating my skin when moisturiser alone won't cut it. I suppose I will eventually get around to working out what this was replaced with when I run out!


The one I don't like: Soap & Glory Fab Pore Facial Peel (£8)
I know that Soap & Glory is a really popular brand but I have to admit I'm not a big fan. This mask is mostly inoffensive but it doesn't really seem to do anything for my skin either. It's somewhere between a clay mask and an exfoliator. I haven't noticed a peeling effect particularly and it leaves my face feeling a little tight after use. 


Do you have a favourite mask or pampering treatment?

*PR Samples


  1. It's been years since I bought commercial products... Except for REN's glycolic mask, I absolutely love it! I mix it with other ingredients from my own stash and must say it does wonders to my skin.

    I recently bought a new 'pack' and was somewhat disappointed that they increased the price quite a lot, but to justify it, it now comes with a thin cloth - which, to be honest, almost ended up in the bin as it's neatly packed inside the box, and being white, it becomes almost invisible.

    So be warned! ;-)

  2. Oh, you know, I do have that thin cloth. I completely forgot about that. It's a bit of an insult to muslin! I do very much like this mask though. I'm fascinated by what you mix it with of course. :D

  3. Heehee, an insult it is, lol!

    It depends on how my skin is when I use it (my skin is usually oily/combination), but generally, I add a tad bit of drier oils (kiwi, rosehip, hazelnut), essential oils and CO2 extracts, tinctures/extracts (in alcohol or glycerine), sometimes fruit juice, and some more bioactives like Q10, AHAs, vitA and E. Just enough to make the consistency more fluid. ;-)

  4. I've got loads of masks at the moment but my favourite for a while now has been Kyoku for Men lava mask, it's a got a funny texture and can be a bit fiddly to use but I love the way it makes my face feel!

  5. @skinbistro: That sounds really interesting. I can definitely identify with the desire to make the consistency more runny.

    @Skin Scrubs: Ooh, that sounds intriguing. Is that an item that you brought back from the States?

    Jane x


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