Monday, 14 November 2011

This week I will mostly be wearing....


It's been a little while since my last neglected makeup post. So as not to neglect my mission as well as neglect my makeup, here's this week selection (I have included links to previous posts or reviews where applicable) -

Avon Nailwear Pro in Wicked
Sue Devitt Intensifier Eye Pencil in Zaire
MAC Up The Amp lipstick
Laura Mercier Lip Velvet in Cassis
MAC Patina eyeshadow
Kjaer Weiss eyeshadow in Wisdom
Bobbi Brown Blusher in Apricot (old style packaging)

Left - Kjaer Weiss Wisdom, Right - MAC Patina

From left to right: Up The Amp, Cassis, Patina, Wisdom, Apricot


Sue Devitt+Zaire
Sue Devitt Intensifier Pencil in Zaire

These are neglected items (actually in the case of Wicked, I'm not it's ever been used) but that doesn't necessarily mean they aren't great products or colours. There are certainly a couple of old favourites in this selection like the Kjaer Weiss eyeshadow, Up The Amp lipstick and Bobbi Brown Apricot blusher. It's easy for them to get forgotten in favour of newer items though. I was actually inspired to pull out Up The Amp after it was used on the model in the first look at Saturday's MAC Workshop.

Avon Nailwear Pro in Wicked

I'm really looking forward to incorporating all of these colours into my makeup looks this week. I think the challenge in this weeks selection will be the Laura Mercier Lip Velvet. The colour is beautiful and very autumnal but the texture is tricky to wear. It's a doe-foot applicator and although it's similar in opacity to a liquid lipstick, it feels quite dry on the lips. I might have to experiment pairing this with a lip balm or gloss.

I haven't forgotten my promise to post swatches of the Suqqu quad from my last neglected makeup post. I have the pictures and will post in the next couple of days. That eyeshadow quad is definitely not going to be neglected again and was probably my favourite item of the previous seven items.

Which old favourites do you plan to wear this week? Or are you more of a go with the flow kind of gal?


  1. Gorgeous items - esp Up the Amp! That Sue Devitt liner is very like the NARS Larger than Life I just bought!

    Nic x

  2. Cassis is simply beautiful

  3. That Avon polish looks beauuuutiful! *____*

  4. We have similar coloring, so I was really glad to see you're wearing Apricot. Scary in the pan, isn't it? But it leaves such a nice rosy flush. I've been wearing it lately as well, but it takes a steady, light hand! And that Kjaer Weiss Wisdom looks like a beautiful color.

  5. @Jamilla Camel: It's a lovely shade, isn't it?

    @Strawberry Blonde: Oh, that's interesting. I keep admiring the NARS pencils.

    @Gaelle: It's a lovely colour and quite autumnal I think.

    @Silhouette Screams: I often pick out these sorts of colours. I love rich wine shades.

    @Zuzu's Petals: I've had Apricot forever and I still love it. I'm certain no one would pick it up based on how it looks in the pan though! I agree that it gives a lovely rosy flush.

    Jane x


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