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Molton Brown Singosari

Singosari is one of five fragrances from Molton Brown's Navigation Through Scent collection. The collection took inspiration from the history and origins of perfume. Each fragrance is designed to evoke the idea or memory of a particular region. I love that Apuldre, described as London Via Kent, uses juniper berries to transport the mind to a picnic on a Summer's evening!



This is how Molton Brown describe Singosari:



“May Contain Wonder. Follow the ancient spice trail to the islands of Indonesia. Blood-warm
monsoon rains. Ruined temples and lush green jungles. Exotic. Steamy. Haunting.”

The way we blend it
A top note of incense and ginger. Middle notes of cinnamon and nutmeg. A base of vetiver and

Fragrance description
spicy-woody: Spices and incense elevate and decorate the complex patchouli oil to give an
elegant, rich and deep accord in the base note. An interpretation of patchouli, combined with
spices, brings forth sensuality and mystery. 

This is how it smells to me:

On spraying I get a hit of sharp and spicy. There's something zesty and acidic about the opening.  The first time I wore Singosari it brought to mind Eau Sauvage by Christian Dior. It definitely has a masculine edge to it like Eau Sauvage. The acidity and strength mellows quite quickly and I get wafts of the scent as I move around. I can't pick out any of the individual notes, it just plays as a warm, spicy mix on my skin. As with all spicy fragrances, my skin tends to give this a slightly musky undertone.

I think Singosari is almost certainly a unisex fragrance. I think it will appeal to those who enjoy spicy scents, probably less so to those looking for an overtly feminine perfume or prefer floral fragrances. If like me you've worn Eau Sauvage before (I discovered via Twitter that I am not alone in this) I'd recommend giving Singosari a try. I can't say whether it evokes Indonesia accurately but I'm happy to give my imagination a workout.


One of my very favourite things about Singosari is the bottle. I love the design and the chunkiness of the glass. This is probably an odd thing to say but my favourite detail is the 'twist-to-spray' top. It's like the perfume equivalent of a child safety cap and with my little blighters on the rampage, it comes in very handy!


The other fragrances in the collection are Iunu - London via Egypt, Lijiang - London via China, Apuldre - London via Kent (the gin one) and Rogart - London via Canada (more gin!). I have testers of both Apuldre and Rogart and the hit of juniper berries is impressive. All five fragrances come in the same chunky glass bottle and cost £55 for 50ml. They are available from Molton Brown counters and stores nationwide, as well as online from

Disclosure: PR sample.


  1. Ooh Molten Brown perfume! I love their bathing products, they all smell fabulous, my favourite is the Black Pepper body wash, which is aimed at men, so I think I would really like the Singosari :) Jude xx @jadlgw

  2. That sounds lovely and I like the sound of the twist/spray cap as well! I have tried to smell these but I have been to the store 3 times and each time had to leave as the SA's just wouldn't leave me alone to smell them, I'll have to be more stealth like next time ;) thanks for the review x

  3. I tend to move away from spicy fragrances, I'm not sure why. It's not that i don't like them because they aren't "girly" it's just a...saying "it's too sharp" seems redundant.

  4. @Jude: Ooh, Black Pepper sounds lovely! Definitely give the Singosari a spritz if you get the chance.

    @Replica: The twist cap is really clever. I'm sorry you've not had chance to have a sniff. I really hate being bothered at counters, there's nothing more likely to put me off buying.

    @Eden-Avalon: Spicy isn't for everyone, so much of it depends on body chemistry too. My mood influences fragrance choice too.

    Jane x


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