Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Online Makeup Masterclasses for Ladies 50+

Makeup artist Mary Greenwell, who has worked on many famous faces including Diana Princess of Wales and Gywneth Paltrow, has teamed up with beauty writer Jo Fairley to launch a new online makeup tutorial series. This is a series with a difference as it's aimed specifically at ladies who are 50+.

I think makeup is important to women of all ages. I know personally that makeup has become more important to me now I'm in my mid-30's and looking to disguise and enhance rather than look 'done'. It can be tricky to get the right balance though and I suspect what works for me in my 30's, won't work as well in my 50's. Online tutorials are a great way to improve your techniques too. I'm too shy to ask for help at counters and I have learned most of what I know watching YouTube videos and reading blogs. I'm sure I'm not alone in this either!

The weekly makeup-masterclass series with Mary and Jo starts today on The first in the series tackles how to apply foundation and concealer. I think the key tips here for me are matching your foundation to your neck and to use a light-reflective concealer on the undereye area. I know that often there is a temptation to cover up the discoloration under the eye with something more opaque but I also know that, even at my age, less is more as otherwise you draw attention to lines and wrinkles around the eyes.

Do you have any makeup tips for more mature skin?


  1. Well I'm not quite at the 50+ mark yet but I know this video will be quite helpful. Last time I did my mom's makeup, I realized how differently I needed to apply her makeup as opposed to my own. Thanks for sharing this - off to go watch it now :)
    Julie @jewel_makeup on Twitter

  2. That model was over 50?!! Wow

  3. If you look at photos of 50+ actresses (Helen Mirren, Diane Keaton great photo of Vanessa Redgrave on Lisa Eldridge's website) I'd say the key is "less is more."

  4. That was great! Thank you for sharing the video! I would love to see more if you have access... I didn't feel that you needed to be in your 50's to appriciate the tutorial. :)

  5. Thanks so much for this, Jane.
    Mary is a real Pro!
    I really wish they'd show the face of the model closer. She looks amazing, hard to believe she is 50+, is she anywya?!

  6. Great video! Love how Mary slaps on the foundation because that's how I tend to do it (with a brush), I like to work it into the skin. Thanks Jane x

  7. @Julie: I'm hoping to pick up some tips for doing my Mum's makeup too. She's in her 60's and I know I need to tackle things differently. I know what you mean about being shocked by the models age. She looks amazing! I think it might have been interesting to have used a model who didn't look as good for her age.

    @tomatefarcie: Thank you! I love Helen Mirren, Diane Keaton, Vanessa Redgrave and also Susan Sarandon, those are women that look stunning and just get more fascinating with age. I agree that less is more and I suspect placement is crucial too.

    @Stacy: The tutorial series will be posted weekly on I agree that you don't need to be 50 plus to appreciate the tutorials at all. I just love to watch skilled makeup artists at work. I'm glad you enjoyed too.

    @Marina: You are most welcome. I love watching tutorials and it's always a treat to watch top makeup artists at work. I'm nosy though so I agree that could go for even more detail! I want to know exactly how much highlighter went on under the eyes!

    @Claire: Me too Claire, I like to slap it on and really work it in. It's reassuring to hear that my habits wouldn't horrify a makeup artist!
    Jane x


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