Sunday, 20 November 2011

A Quick Look at Come One, Come All Kaleidoscope

I'm really aware that there's been a lack of makeup posts these last few days. I was hoping to catch up a little over the weekend but I spent yesterday in Milton Keynes buying a new laptop (amongst other things, even a new MacBook can't totally distract me from looking at makeup!).

A new laptop isn't the only new shiny thing in my life at the moment. I returned home on Friday to find a much anticipated parcel. Charleston Girl from Best Things in Beauty helped me to get hold of the limited edition Le Métier de Beauté Come One, Come All Kaleidoscope.

Come one, come all

It's even prettier that I had hoped and I can't wait to try the top two eyeshadows in particular. No doubt this week I shall be waiting for a break in the clouds to take pictures in daylight.

So, what have you been up to this weekend, have you made any new beauty purchases? What's new with you?


  1. Look forward to hearing your thoughts on this one! I got mine recently as well... :)

  2. This is probably the prettiest palette they did I think! Want! :)

  3. I am so upset. I took pictures of this Kaleidoscope including a tutorial look and my camera malfunctioned. I ended up with a few pictures of just the Kaleidoscope, none of my eyes, no swatches. (And that's not all the pictures that didn't turn out).
    Oh well... I made up for it by buying the new LMdB nail polishes!! Now to hope my camera doesn't malfunction again.

  4. One word:gorgeous!
    Two words: utterly gorgeous!
    Three words: I am JEALOUS!
    Nina x :))

  5. well I could just stare at that for ages... looking forward to your review x

  6. That is SO pretty. The taupe makes me drool. Overall, the effect looks warm, so I'll be curious to read your impressions after you've worn it a while.

  7. @Makeup Magpie: I need to come and have a look at your review. I can't wait to see your beautiful pictures!

    @Marina: It's a nice selection of colours, isn't it?

    @Marcia: Oh no, I know how gutting that would be to discover you'd lost pictures. I have a specific ritual with photography. I can't touch a pan until I've downloaded the 'virgin surface' pictures on to my computer and know that they look ok. Did you get one of the Christmas nail sets? I think they look gorgeous!

    @Nina: LOL! I can't lie to you. It is lovely and I think you'd like it just as much in person.

    @Replica: I found it so hard to resist sticking my fingers in it! It's worth it for the pretty pictures though!

    @Zuzu's Petals: The taupe turned out to be a silvery grey-green and quite unique in my collection. I've still to perfect a look with all four of the colours but I know I'll get use from them individually.

    Jane x


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