Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Brush P*rn for Hump Day!

I swear everyday has felt like Monday this week. I've tried three or four times to write a post this evening, I just think I'm too tired and grumpy to write anything sensible. As I'm incapable of being totally silent I can't really call this Wordless Wednesday but here is a little something to get us over the hump.

I'm off to stroke my face with a few of them in the name of research. If I'm not back by Friday, send in a search party!


  1. I need more brushes!! These look brill! I want your thoughts......please?

  2. Phoaar! I say!
    I'll be waiting for the sequel to this one :))
    Nina x

  3. oooh you have some lovely ones, whats the little one at the top? Hope you are feeling less of a glumbum now, I sent off your parcel today xx

  4. @Old Cow: What kind are you in need of? Face, blusher, eye? Also is it a splurge or function based purchase? The RMK and RBR are beautiful 'treats' to use for blusher. The Illamasqua brush feels very soft too and is excellent for a synthetic brush.

    @Nina: LOL, I'm such a tease. I promise there will be more words on these soon. How are you finding the RMK?

    @Replica: Parcel arrived, you are a very naughty makeup crack dealer!! I'm less glumbum but the grey days are not conducive to being a good beauty blogger. The brush at the top is a MAC 129 from an old Holiday set. It's a lovely shape but sheds like a beast!

    @Olivia: *throws bucket of cold water* :D

    Jane x


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