Sunday, 20 November 2011

The Boots Children in Need Appeal Day

With Boots the Chemist my fabled second home and Pudsey my old home town, it seemed rather fitting to attend the Boots Children in Need Appeal Day. Once my children learned that I would get to see Pudsey Bear, there was no turning back. They waved me off on Thursday with strict instructions to bring back as many pictures of Pudsey as possible.

As Boots HQ is a truly enormous site (I think my eyes were on stalks as we drove through), it was a little tricky remembering all the directions to get to the correct building. If we'd have followed the whoops of excitement, I think we'd have been in no doubt where the Appeal Day was taking place.

The Boots Administration building was completely taken over with many different fund raising activities with almost all the staff either manning the stalls or joining in. There were tombolas, raffles, cake sales, lucky dips, product sales, bingo and even a human fruit machine. No mean prizes here either, the first prize of an iPad in one of the raffles had drawn quite a crowd. The PR team had organised a Strictly Come Dancing Wii Dance Contest and with a brand new Wii and a trip to Amsterdam as prizes, I overcame my nerves and joined in. As my companion Lipglossiping will tell you, the gloves came off and Miss Modesty got surprisingly competitive! Tragically there are no pictures.......(and if there are, I will pay good money to ensure they never see the light of day).



It's a full house!


Lipglossiping hits the jackpot on the lucky dip!

There was also a room devoted to beautifying. You'll be unsurprised to learn that I spent a good while in there. The 'beauty salon' included a Bourjois makeover stand, Mavala and Nail Rock manicure tables, Eyelure lash applications and even the opportunity to get a 'tache trim for those taking part in Movember. Of course I took full advantage of the beauty salon and had a set of false lashes applied as well as a set of the Children in Need Nail Rock dotty nail wraps. In true beauty blogger style, I was keenly eyeing up the snazzy pump dispenser the manicurists used for the nail varnish remover.


Super speedy lash application

It was clear that the Boots staff were all having a lot of fun and really entering into the spirit of the day. One particular team had all dressed up as Where's Wally and looked rather impressive as they moved on mass through the reception. Pudsey and his friend Blush Bear were also in attendance. I suspect the fund-raising day has been huge success. Although I don't know the overall total raised, a Twitter friend that helped to man the Jewellery & Hosiery sale told me that their stand alone had raised £1000 and the running total for the bingo was around £1000 at the time we left. This is the 8th year that Boots have joined forces with BBC Children in Need to raise money. As well as the Appeal Day at Boots HQ, I believe there were events running in stores throughout the UK.



I'd like to touch on a more serious note for a moment. I have grown up with the BBC Children in Need but I don't think I have appreciated the significance of their work more so than I do now. As both a Mother and a Mother to a child with special needs, I'm really touched by the projects they help to fund through our donations. Children in Need supports children and young people in the UK living in poverty or dealing with illness, those with learning, physical and sensory disabilities as well as those dealing with trauma and psychological disorders. Watching the appeal coverage on Friday evening, I could truly appreciate that the Children in Need charity makes a real and significant difference to the quality of life of many children and young people through the projects that they fund.

I had such a lot of fun at the Boots Appeal Day and it was with some sadness that I handed back my visitors pass when it was time to go. Many thanks to the Boots PR team, Lipglossiping and of course, Pudsey Bear for a lovely day.


  1. Sounds like fantastic fun :) and it's lovely that you can appreciate both sides of it, raising money, and the need for that money.

    That sounded wrong... I dont want to sound like I'm glad your child needs help... I'm just going to stop now!


  2. Sounds like you had a great fun filled day! Ha, I knew you wouldn't be able to resist the lure of the dance ;) x

  3. @mathewsonkt: Don't worry, I knew exactly what you meant. I really did have a fantastic time :D

    @Replica: I was drawn to it. Moth to a flame and all that. No doubt I'll be waiting one for myself by Christmas ;)

    Jane x

  4. You can buy nail varnish remover in a pump dispenser from Superdrug. It's part of the Andrea fullerton range. No more bottles getting knocked over and you can refill once you're done!

  5. Sounds like a great day and one that has such a personal meaning for you would have made it even better.
    Love the pic of Lipglossing, she looks thrilled!

  6. @liz: Thank you so much, I was very impressed with it as you could probably tell ;)

    @Sharon: We both had a great time, it really was an honour to be able to attend. It was a bit like a pilgrimage to Mecca for a pair of beauty nuts!

    Jane x


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