Wednesday, 23 November 2011

This week I have mostly been....

One Day. I know, I know, I'm pretty late to this party but I do prefer to read the book before watching the film. Especially when I'm already aware of the strange casting choices. Can I just offer one word of warning? It's probably a good idea NOT to read the end of this book when you're on a crowded train. Enough said!

One Day

The Slap. This series is based on a book by Austalian author, Christos Tsiolkas. The story follows the events that unfold after a child is slapped by an adult at a barbecue. It's very well acted: it's hard to say that it's enjoyable exactly, as none of the characters are particularly likeable, but it is strangely compelling viewing.

I've also been watching and enjoying some slightly quirky films: The Private Lives of Pippa Lee, My Year Without Sex and Smart People. The Private Lives of Pippa Lee gave me a crush on Keanu Reeves all over again! I suspect that none of these films would have done well at the box office but they make for perfect late night viewing.

Soup. I've been a bit obsessed with having soup for lunch for about a month now. I'm not sure whether it's the cold weather or maybe I'm just fed up of sandwiches. My current favourite is Baxters Smoked Bacon and Three Bean flavour.

Be stila my heart

I seem to have had a little burst of spending over the past week. With the exception of a Stila lipgloss set, I haven't really done much makeup shopping. Instead, I've been making a slightly different kind of blog related purchase. I bought a new MacBook Pro laptop at the weekend. My old MacBook has taken so many bashes and was starting to get a little slow so I thought it was time for an upgrade (you can find any excuse if you try hard enough). I made a brilliant discovery whilst searching for the best deal on software packages too. If you have school age children, I can recommend taking a look at I got the latest Microsoft Office for Mac package for a great price and made a whopping saving of £700+ on Adobe Photoshop.

Lusting after....
A new camera. I've been researching the best options for my particular needs (i.e. camera numpty that takes a lot of pictures) and it seems to be taking up all of my time at the minute. The Canon Ixus50 has served me well but I'm really tempted to get a bridge camera like the Panasonic Lumix GF2. I might even go for broke and invest in a DSLR and a lens suitable for taking pictures in low lighting conditions. I can see this particular decision taking a long time!


Coats and scarves. It's been really cold outside this week and it definitely feels like winter is on the way. I may even be forced to buy some gloves this year to save my hands from the worst of it.

Non-celebrities. This is a slight exaggeration as it was only the one. Michael Portillo came into the waiting room at Oxford train station and sat next to me. I recognised him immediately but by the time my baby-addled brain could recall his name, he'd gone. Needless to say I didn't ask for an autograph. 

Night night

What have you been up to this week? Are you reading any good books or have you watched any interesting films? Can you beat Michael Portillo in the non-celebrity spotting stakes?


  1. I too am watching The Slap and finding it uncomfortable but compelling. I don't really like watching it but I find must! It's very odd. I really found the last episode unbearable to watch!

  2. I've been meaning to read One Day as well, haven't seen the film yet either.
    Those Stila lipglazes look nice - I was very tempted to get the sets in Boots but I quite recently bought the larger set from Beautybay and now am on a no-buy!

  3. Wonderful post, Jane! I really enjoyed it.
    I've actually bought a new laptop this month, too. And now I am looking for a new camera! :)
    I am not a huge fan of Stila lip glaze but those shades look pretty.
    As for One Day - really disliked the film (the book is not for me) and really didn't like Anne as a main heroine. But her as Jane Austin was even worse! x

  4. Hahaha saw the title of this post on my blogroll and thought "oh god, have I upset Jane?" Was mightly relieved to realise I hadn't! I loved One Day too, just finished When God Was a Rabbit and would definitely recommend it, brilliant book. xx

  5. Argh! I just lost your comment Joey! I'd like to blame my new computer but I fear my brain isn't working yet. Here's the comment -

    How, how fun! I love polls. Reading this was so fascinating. Mind if I answer them myself?

    This week I have mostly been...

    Reading: "The Scent Trail" by Celia Lyttleton. Probably the best book about perfume I've read besides Mandy Aftel's "Essence & Alchemy". I'm nearing the end and SO upset! What will I do once I finish it?!

    Watching: Episodes of Gangland and Reno: 911! on Netflix Instant. Oh, and SNL clips on Hulu.

    Eating: Very little, but drinking tons of orange juice. Oh, lots of bread and butter - it's my "I don't feel like eating but need to eat to live" food.

    Buying: Nothing! I am broke right now =(

    Lusting after: The Laura Mercier rose highlighter for Holiday, the Estee Lauder Cyber Eyes eyeshadows (in Cyber Copper, please), and some new books. Oh, and new work clothes.

    Wearing: Everything black, because of my work uniform!

    Spotting: Nobody in particular. Lots of small children and cute dogs.

  6. @Charlie: It does make me feel uncomfortable. Are you watching on BBC1? I have a feeling I'm a week ahead via inlayer. I watched Connie's episode last and will watch the next one today. If I dare!

    @Meeta: I enjoyed the book Meeta. I know it's not everyone's cup of tea, I think I partly enjoy David Nicholls books as the make me nostalgic for my own younger days! Oh dear on your no buy. How long for?

    @Marina: I'm glad you enjoyed it. How strange that we're in synch with laptop buying and now looking for a camera! This is my first experience with a lip glaze. They're more sticky than I had hoped but I like the colours. I agree on the Jane Austin comment, that was shocking!

    @Debbie: You reminded me that I meant to give you a nod after cheekily nicking your title. How could you ever upset me you wally! I'm going to look out for When God was a Rabbit, my reading has gone to pot since blogging but I do still love to immerse myself in a good read.

    @Joey: I so enjoyed reading your comment, I'm mortified that I lost it. The Scent Trail sounds fascinating. Did you have a good Thanksgiving lovely lady?

    Jane x

  7. Connie's was the last one I watched and I have a new one to watch today! I'm recording it off BBC Four...I don't know if I dare watch it today though as both kids are off school. They are in the other room watching Monsters Inc but even so!

  8. I would totally suggest buying a dslr. when you own one, there are so many possibilities in terms of control, editing and lenses! Although, once you get started it does get kind of expensive lol. I started off with a canon rebel xs... a year later I'm loaded up with lenses and considering a 7D purchase. It is totally worth it though. The results are so satisfying and you can make beautiful art of your friends and family.
    Anyway, I would totally suggest getting a canon or nikon dslr. either one would be an excellent purchase.

  9. I've been thinking of the Canon Rebel t3i myself but the t4i will be released this feb and if it has wifi I will hate myself forever for getting the 3. So i'll wait and see. 8D

  10. Hi Jane
    My no-buy is for as long as I can keep it up! The makeup side is going very well, I generally am not tempted so much by holiday collections so I'm finding it easier.
    The skincare side is not going as well. This time of year there are lots of offers around and I did have to take advantage of a few too good to miss ones and stock up on some favourite items. Although they are things that I repurchase anyway or know I'll use.

  11. One Day is SO good. I hope you are enjoying it as much as I did.

  12. @Charlie: Have you braved it yet? It was definitely gruesome viewing. I really struggled with the scenes in the courtroom.

    @Jodie: Thank you Jodie, I'm definitely leaning towards a Nikon dslr.

    @Eden-Avalon: I'm intrigued by the Canon Rebel now! I'm going to have to Google. I would definitely try and hold off if you think can though it must seem like an age to wait right now.

    @Meeta: I wish you luck with it. I'm terrible with no buys. The minute I tell myself I won't buy anything I suddenly get shopping urges!

    @BelleBelle: I only have a few more pages left. I really enjoyed reading it. Have you read any of hid other novels?

    Jane x


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