Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Stila Week: Wonderful in Wakiki Beach Palette

I had a look at the Stila limited edition Collectable Beach Palettes in Boots earlier this year. 'Stunning in Sayulita' caught my eye as a pretty neutrals palette. I toyed with the idea of trying one of the others but was foiled as they only had testers for one of the colourways. In the excitement of the summer holidays I forgot all about them.

I was sent three of the palettes to try: Living the Life in Laguna, Wonderful in Wakiki and Striking in South Beach. The two others palette that complete the collection are: Stunning in Sayulita and Haute in the Hamptons.


After my personal failure to swatch in store, I wanted to swatch all of palettes to share with you. As you might imagine I've ended up with a lot of pictures. So, rather than have one single very picture heavy post, I will post about each palette individually. I also have an outstanding review of a Convertible Colour to share with you so I think we can safely call this Stila Week!

Wonderful in Wakiki


Wonderful in Wakiki is a very vibrant palette to look at. As well as three warm neutral colours it has a pop of colour in the form of a striking blue. The lightest eyeshadow Wahine is a a sheer gold with shimmer, Sarong is an intense coppery shade and Coconut is a medium brown with golden shimmer. The vibrant blue Surf is the only matte finish. One word of warning, Surf does seem to stain the skin a little so be careful with your placement!

Natural Light


The cheek colours are quite similar in depth. North Shore is the blusher and has more of a coral undertone whereas Hanauma Bay is a bronzing shade. Although confusingly on the placement guide inside the palette it suggests you apply Hanauma Bay to the cheeks and use North Shore as a highlighter. There's no way I could use North Shore as a highlighter on my pale skin. Both the cheek colours contain shimmer and can be a little dusty as you pick them up, so you will need to tap off the excess before applying.


I applied each of the colours as per the placement guide inside the palette. In the photographs below I am wearing Wahine as a wash all over the eye up to the brow bones, Sarong in the crease, Coconut on the mobile lid and Surf on the lower lash line. I was happy with how the colours look on the lid but I'm not sold on the blue underneath the eye, purely because of my eye shape. The cheek colours felt a little too warm and intense for me and I suspect that this particular palette would be best suited to darker skin tones than my own. However, I can imagine it would be a nice selection of colours for a holiday in the sun.




I will do a roundup once I have posted swatches of all three and will include my general impressions of these limited edition palettes. Suffice to say that priced £10 each, these are an easily affordable treat. The Stila Beach palettes are available from Escentual.com and Beautybay.com, as well as several other online retailers.

Disclosure: PR Sample.


  1. They're great shades for your eye colour!

  2. This particular palette probably wouldn't suit me either, my skin is too pink-toned, but I do like Stila palettes in general!

  3. Your full blog posts are no longer showing in my Google Reader. Have you changed your settings in the past few weeks?

  4. Yes, I have changed my settings to short feed and I recently posted my reasons for doing it in this post - http://www.modestybrown.com/2011/11/blogger-beware.html. My blog was disabled and I don't want to run the risk of this happening again because of people copying my content.

  5. @Gaelle: Thanks for your comment. I know these are the kinds of colours that are recommended for my eye colour but I tend to avoid them in favour of cooler tones. I do quite like the effect though.

    @Rocaille: I spotted a neutrals palette on the Stila stand the other weekend and I was so tempted to try it. I think they make very appealing palettes generally.


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