Saturday, 10 July 2010

FOTD with Oriental Metal and Petticoat

I thought I'd share with you today's face as I used a couple of bits that I mentioned in my last post. I apologise in advance as I had a bit of a transfer problem with the Oriental Metal kohl which I only spotted once I'd taken the pictures.



MAC Moisturecover in NW20 undereyes
MAC Studio Finish in NC20 on blemishes
Shu Uemura Hard 9, Seal Brown eyebrow pencil
MAC Petticoat MSF

MAC Painterly paint pot
Rouge Bunny Rouge in Solstice Halcyon over mobile lid and into crease
Guerlain loose eye kohl in Oriental Metal
L'Oreal Voluminous mascara

MAC Hug Me

I also thought I'd include a couple of side on shots so you can see Petticoat a little better. I'm still a little concerned this is a little warm for me. What do you reckon, is it a thumbs up or thumbs down?




  1. Wow, how did you apply the Guerlain kohl so nicely?! I am thinking of getting an organic version of this (one that actually is a bit of an eye treatment) but I am concerned how to "handle" it. Well done!

  2. YOu look radiant. Did you use the Kohl in the western way? I@ve only tried that once and it didn't work out well for me! To be fair it was with the blue and I got into a real mess. I've not dared try again, eastern style for me only at the mo!

    Glad you like your haul though, re Hang Loose, I find that it's more glowy than frosty on the skin, I could of course be kidding myself and really I look like a disco ball and everyone is laughing at me...

  3. Hi Sam, thank you. I was a little slap dash and had some fall out which I thankfully managed to clean up! I applied it with stylus sideways on my lid and used the length to draw it on. I filled in using the point where I'd missed.

    Hi Charlie! You are too kind. I did it western style and as I say, I did have fall out to clean up after. I tried eastern style the other day and that was a botch. I ended up looking like Cleopatra with a long line out from the outside corner of my eyes, lol!

    Jane x

  4. I forgot to add, I bet you don't look disco ball at all missus! I'm just nervy when it comes to anything with more than a mild glow ;)

  5. It looks so pretty the MSF I mean!!Soooo lovely!!xxx

  6. Pretty look! I saw this and went to find my loose kohl as I have the same one, but can't find it anywhere!!
    Do you find the paint pot as good a base as something like UD primer potion, TF shadow insurance?
    I think you get away with the warmth of the blusher.

  7. I think it looks lovely on you and now I'm thinking that I may have to purchase Petticoat too...damit! x

  8. Hi Replica, I hope you manage to find the kohl, it's so nice. I wonder if it's the borrowers again, they had it away with a lippie too didn't they?

    I wish I could give a wise answer on the paint pot, unfortunately I've never had either the TFSI or Primer potion. I keep meaning to get one but you know me, I get side-tracked by the pretty things! For the majority of shadows I don't get creasing but it does happen very occasionally with Delicate Hummingbird. Maybe I should buy one of the other primers and do a head to head trial?

    I finally went to Laura Mercier today and I'm pretty sure the tinted moisturiser is a no go. Couldn't get a decent colour match and it felt quite icky. I'm also annoyed as I swatched a Guerlain lipstick that was on sale, walked away without buying and have been suffering with remorse ever since. It was beautiful and the swatch is still visible hours later. I was offered a little makeover in HoF with the new EL eyeshadows and as I got THE FEAR I said no. Honestly, I could slap myself!

  9. Hi Leanne. Buy it, buy it! Not that I'm encouraging you or anything. ;)

  10. I wonder if I have left the Kohl at my Mum's to be honest, which means it long gone..I think on the whole my little man is distroying/hiding a lot, the last thing was my Hourglass concealer which he used as a crayon on my work clothes and then squished it all on the floor, I need to re-think my makeup storage...
    I wonder if the primers would be more hard core than the MAC paint pot, yes I advise you to go forth and buy more makeup and do a test :P
    I thought the LM porcelain would be a match for you, too light ? Icky is a good word for it.
    What Guerlain one was it, I wanted somethings in the Guerlain sale on debehams but it all sold out so quickly.
    I guess THE FEAR saved you money, although I think the shade selection is safe enough that you could buy just by swatching..just saying.. x

  11. Waaaa at the fate of the hourglass concealer! Is that a good concealer by the way? I've seen someone rave about it for undereye use but I'm very wary of using stick concealer under the eye.

    I will take on the challenge of a head to head with shadow insurance or UDPP against the paint pot. Watch this space! The SA tested Nude LM and to be honest the texture really put me off. I'm not sure if it's the way she blended it in but coverage wise I'd be better off with bare skin.

    I wish I'd made a note of the Guerlain shade as I can't find it now. I hope I might spot it when I go shopping next Saturday. It was lovely and a bad shopping move on my part not to snap it up. Liking your style with EL shadows, they're still on my list of things to look at! x

  12. thought I had replied to this but that was obviously just in my head!
    The texture of it works fine for undereyes but don't expect a lot of coverage, not enough for me x

  13. Thanks Replica, I'll give it a miss then. Light coverage just isn't going to cut it! x


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