Wednesday, 21 July 2010

OPI Dulce de Leche

I finally have a nail swatch of this polish to share with you. I confess it's still not great but I know it's as good as I'm likely to capture.


I think Dulce de Leche gives a beautiful pinky nude nail. I'm particularly enjoying it as I don't think the tip wear and minor chips show up as much as darker colours. Which is handy for when I'm trying to keep treatments on for as long as possible.

I have started using the Mavala system that I mentioned here. It's too soon to say if it has made any difference but I'm ever hopeful!


  1. That's pretty. It makes me think of ladies in floral dresses and gumboots having tea parties on the lawn.

  2. That is a great image! I love tea dresses and big boots.

  3. Very nice colour..... ps. its nice to someone of the same age doing a beauty blog :)

  4. This looks like a lovely colour! *adds to the list*

  5. Thanks WhiteGoldSilver, I really like it. So you're 28 as well then ;-)

    I love it Charlie, I'm so pleased I swapped Feng Shui for this. Blue is definitely not me! If my nails improve I'm going to treat myself to some of the ones you have shown that I love. Demure Vixen being one of them!

  6. Oooh this colour is on my wishlist, actually - I think it's a beautiful 'nude' tone!

  7. I really love it and have worn pretty much constantly since it arrived. It's quickly becoming my favourite OPI.

  8. I think this is still my fave OPI polish, I have used over half a bottle since beginning of this year.. I LOVE it :heart:

  9. It's a great colour. When I saw it on the list of things I could swap for, I immediately thought of you and SallyCinnamon! :D


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