Monday, 19 July 2010

MAC Rodarte Collection

As I've been away this weekend I haven't had chance to write a post about this particular issue but I wanted to draw attention to it for those that haven't already read about the MAC Rodarte collection.

The MAC Rodarte collaboration is due to be released in September in the States and the official line is that the collection was inspired by a trip in Texas and 'the ethereal nature of this landscape' ( The names MAC have given the shades, such as Juarez and Factory and the eerie promotional pictures paint a much more macabre picture. I urge you to read some of the excellent blog posts on this issue (listed below). I feel this is such an ill-conceived idea and that the plight of the women in Juarez was not a suitable source of inspiration for make up. There are certainly better ways to draw attention to the situation than to glamourise femicide.


  1. hi thanks for the link

    you can read my view here:

    and the response from mac here:


  2. Hi Sam, I agree. It doesn't sit right with me at all. Even with the new statement, I'm not happy. The imagery and inspiration is wrong for a make up collection and making profit in my opinion.

    Thanks Perfectly Polished.


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