Friday, 2 July 2010

June Favourites

June has been a bit of an odd month for make up. As it's been so hot for a good portion of the month I have been struggling to put on anything but the bare minimum. As you know I have been favouring concealer instead of foundation too, so my MAC Studio Finish and Moisturecover definitely rank as favourites of this month.

In terms of eyeshadow there are a couple that I've used a lot. I've enjoyed wearing Rouge Bunny Rouge Solstice Halycon applied to the lid with just a black liner and mascara. It's a quick and easy look and has been perfect for the warm days. Another favourite has been MAC Vex and Satellite dreams, as I mentioned in this post. I've worn this combination quite a few times now and I love the bright flash of colour it adds.

My Illamasqua Rude blush has seen a lot of use this month. This as well as the Solstice Halcyon has been stored in my grab and go make up bag. If you've ever read my Applying make up with 3 children post you'll know why I need this! I picked up MAC Well Dressed blush at Swindon CCO a few weeks ago. This has also become a new favourite. I'm so pleased with how this looks as I thought it might be too light for me but it gives a cool look to my cheeks that I love. Lipsticks that I have been using a lot this month are MAC Up the Amp, Cosmo and Laura Mercier Pink Cocoa. I have been favouring a stronger lip colour quite a bit, it's so much easier to add colour that way when you're in a rush. Plus, it's more forgiving in the hot weather than a complicated eye look.

An unusual favourite I'd like to mention is the MAC 239 brush. I love this brush and kick myself for not having invested sooner. I like it so much that I bought a second from Happy1234 It really is a great brush for packing colour on the lid! As I've been wearing a single colour on the lid so much, it's been great having two to save me constantly washing brushes. Lazy, me? Never!

Have you been loving anything this month? Has the weather effected your make up routine?
Jane x


  1. Some great picks there! I'm looking forward to picking up Well Dressed blush next week and you know I love your Vex combo and Up The Amp.

    The warmer weather has made me switch to tinted moisturiser and cream blush/highlight. I'm not bothering with much e/s at all but going for a bolder lip look like your self.


  2. Yeah, in warm weather I'm all about a simple look with bright lips so I don't look completely washed out. I've been mainly loving blusher this month, swapping between Coralista, MAC Dollymix, MeMeMe Poppy Tint and my MUA blushers from Superdrug.

  3. The hot weather makes me so lazy when it comes to putting make up on! I've generally only been using under eye concealer, blush, black eyeliner or a single shadow and some lipstick!

    I've definately been going for a bolder lip as well...lots of impact but no real effort required! :)

  4. @loveaudrey – thanks. I went and had a quick look in the small Boots at the tinted moisturiser you had mentioned. Unfortunately they only had medium and I think I really need to swatch light. You’ll love Well Dressed I’m sure. I’m wearing it again today and I’m so pleased I managed to find it.

    @Primp and Preen – you carry off bright lips so well! I really want to try Coralista and Dollymix sometime as they look so bright and summery.

    @Ms Wedgie – I’m all about being lazy! You’re right bold lips is definitely a really simple way to look made up with minimal effort.

    It sounds like we’ve all been having the same idea!
    Jane x


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