Tuesday, 27 July 2010

What's in my Make Up Bag?

After my joking about the auxiliary make up bag, I thought it might be fun to show you the current contents. I do tend to add things all the time but I'm less diligent at returning them to my main stash. I also thought it might be interesting to do it as a video. It is a bit of an epic I'm afraid, but it's probably worth it even if it's just to watch all my face pulling !

If you don't have time to watch the video here is a photo and list of the items. It's surprisingly without lipsticks you might notice. This is because I keep the ones I'm using either in the bathroom or my nappy bag (not my nappies you understand and I assure this is not as unhygienic as it sounds).

MAC Prim & Proper blush
Shu Uemura H9 Seal brown brow pencil
NARS Laguna
Benefit Eye Bright
L'Oreal Voluminous mascara
MAC Select Moisturecover concealer
RMK Super basic liquid concealer
Korres Watermelon light tinted moisturiser
Edward Bess Compact Rouge in After Sunset
Rouge Bunny Rouge Solstice Halcyon eyeshadow
Bobbi Brown Taupe eyeshadow
Ellis Faas Creamy Eyes in E105 - This is missing from the photo as I was trying to use it!
MAC Painterly paint pot
Guerlain Loose Eye Kohl in Oriental Metal
Hourglass Extreme Shine lipgloss in Origami
Stila Convertible Colour in Orchid
MAC Studio Finish concealer
Urban Decay 24/7 liner in Zero
Rimmel exaggerate lip pencil 18 Addiction
TBS Rich Brown eyeliner
Chap Ice lip balm
TBS dual Sharpener
Ruby + Millie dual ended eye brush


  1. I think I need and auxiliary make-up bag! x

  2. Pretty post - all the makeup looks like it works together whereas mine is just a jumble - I want the shu eyebrow pencil tho, just need to track one down.

  3. @Get Gawjus: Thank you!

    @The Bristol Beauty Blog: I need my emergency bag for the days when I have to put my make up on whilst supervising the little people. It's very handy!

    @Jan: You can order over the phone. This was a revelation to me. I ordered it whilst I was phoning through an order to Selfridges (Grace's sage advice). You can mail order from the Covent Garden store too - 020 7240 7635.

  4. Love it! You edited as well, that's a bit clever! Love your dark hair, you look lovely! Sorry for all the exclamations! I have more! Your make up bag is a tardis! Lovely kit and really enjoyed your vid, had more to exclaim but my mind has gone blank! Xxx

  5. Thanks Charlie, I sat chuckling away at that. Totally understandable that you minds gone blank. That's the small children sleeping trials for you. My bag has now been renamed the Auxiliary Tardis!

  6. This is just too damned tidy, you know! Where are the little bits of eyeliner pencil that smudge and smear every product in the bag?! Where is the squashed lipstick (caused by a small person turning UP the lippy whilst the lid is still on?)

    You really suit your specs btw - fab!

    Ali x

  7. Ali, well of course I didn't show the dirty old bits of tissue at the bottom and the state of the bag minus the make up. You should see the state of the make up palette I gave to middle son last night, I might take a picture if you're lucky!

    Thanks for the compliment on the glasses, I always worry they're a bit Dame Edna in the width. In the wrong light they cast a terrific Frida Kahlo shadow.
    Jane x

  8. Such a fun post! Its nice to see what other makeup bloggers have in their bags. Don't think I'd be brave enough!

  9. Hi Bella Queen! You should try doing a video just to see how you feel about it. You don't ever have to put it online but you might find you enjoy it.

    You could always do a post with photos of what's in your bag. I'd love to read that!
    Jane x

  10. Check you out keeping all your stuff nicely in their boxes! I always try to keep my stuff all pristine and in the box but it ends up getting all squashed and covered in make up!

    Love the face you pull when you say 'little experiment'! It sounds as though you're planning some Franken-makeup mad scientist style escapade! lol

  11. Wahahahaha! Ms. Wedgie, it's the special glee I reserve for all manner of experimentation! It brings out the mad scientist in me you see. I may need to get the lab coat out again xx

  12. Oh how I love videos like this...the voyeur in me simply cannot resist the temptation! A very well done one and, can I just say, I really like your ever-so-slightly mischievous look on camera :-)))

  13. Hi Nina! How's the heat? I presume the your neighbour still enjoys a decent broadband connection ;)

    I confess, I had to edit out a bit where I was a little cheeky about the shape of the Ellis Faas eyeshadow. It left me with a wry smile though! It was more minx than Modesty!

    Jane x

  14. I choose that eye bright from that mag freeie as well, can look a bit chalky I find though?
    If you do your primer test Id go with shadow insurance as PP is quite drying.
    Really enjoyed that video.

  15. Hi Replica! Thank you for the advice about the primer. I was wondering which to go for.

    What do you find chalky about the eye bright? The texture or how it looks applied? Mine is very creamy going on and blends in nicely with no sign of powdery-ness so I've never noticed that (*whispers* I was actually quite shocked 'cause I'm not the biggest Benefit fan, if you know what I'm saying? Shhhh....)

  16. Hi,
    I find its the texture,it doesn't seem to go smooth on me, have I got the dud one then ;)
    I used to have a load of Benefit before much better brands came along, still sometimes get sucked into it though.

  17. That does sound really different to my pencil, as mine is very creamy and transfers with very little pressure. How annoying, product variation is a bit of a bug bear of mine. Naughty Benefit! x


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