Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Results of the brush poll

Thank you to all those who voted in my 'How big is your brush collection?' poll. After my concerns at my ever growing pot of brushes it was interesting to try and gauge what is normal, well normal for make up lovers at least!

At last count I was in the 30+ bracket, so I was pleased to see that 35% of you also have a similar number. It was interesting to see that most of you have between 10 - 30 brushes. I actually wish I had broken up the number bandings a bit more, for nosiness of course you understand! I was unsurprised to see that no one had too many to count! I see also that almost a quarter of those that voted have less than 10. It makes me wonder if those with less than ten are very selective about what they buy or if they are still keen to expand. Feel free to enlighten me in the comments if you like.

If you missed my brush collection post take a look at it here. I refuse to comment whether or not there have been any new additions since the original post!
Jane x

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