Thursday, 8 July 2010

The Quest for Better Nails

My nails are rubbish. My nails and hands suffered a lot during the move and I have been waiting for ages for them to improve enough so that I could put polish on them. I've finally given up waiting for this miracle to happen!

I purchased OPI Nail Envy few month ago and was hoping for dramatic results. I admit that I haven't been at all diligent in remembering to apply every other day but I have applied fairly regularly. My nails seem to be generally stronger but they are still peeling. I haven't worn any polish at all during this time other than the Nail Envy so I'm really surprised there hasn't been more of an improvement.

In the continuing quest for better nails I will be getting the Mavala System as posted about by Get Lippie here. The system includes The Scientific Nail Hardener (£5.50), Nail Shield Strengthener (£8.50) and Nailactan Nail Treatment Cream (£14.95). All of these items are available from I have high hopes for this, not least because it seems you can use it at the same time as wearing nail varnish. I will report back with how I get on.


  1. Nail Envy did nothing for me either....Also been using Mavala - though not religiously - for a few months and my nails are much better :) - Peeling has stopped though my nails are still bendy and all polish chips on me within 24 hrs:(

  2. Just discovered you - great place to stop by!

    Nail Envy is a joke. A $10 joke. I've also tried Nailtiques and it did nothing. I am a biter and that hurts my attempts to get longer nails...but when my nails start to bend and peel I inevitably gnaw them off! Sometimes I'll be smart and preemptively file them down very short (so there's nothing to bite!). But oh to have long nails!

    Do you know if saliva can contribute to weak nails? I would think the enzymes would add to the poor nails of biters.

    I am going to seek this out but it looks a bit pricey on this side of the pond. Yet, I can get all the items on Get Lippy for a good twenty bucks less than a set of acrylics would cost me (and I don't have to fill natural nails!).

  3. Hi Sparklz and Shine, I'm with you on the chipping. No matter what I do (cheap, expensive, Seche Vite etc) my nails look bad after a days wear. I'm very tempted by the 3 week manicures but I'm frigtened I'd wreak them too!

    Hey Gretchen! I'm pleased you found me. Nail Envy costs equivalent to $25 in the UK with current exchange rate so I'm surprised by the lack of results. I did get it shipped from the States so didn't part with that much but you know what I mean. :) I have tried the Nailtiques foundation thing too with little success.

    I'm not sure about the saliva, my guess would be no but I will investigate and report back. Is the Mavala expensive then? I'd be interested to know the cost. I'm always happy to enable if it works out much cheaper to send from the UK.

    Jane x

  4. I just stopped biting my nails after 40 years - so Gretchen - don't give up!

    Without a doubt, if I've got polish on my nails, I don't feel like a nibble. However, I do get fed up with polish that chips off after a day - and they all seem to do that with me.

    Does wearing a base coat really help?

    Also, have been using a Sally Hansen Diamond Strength Hard as Nails thing. I've not had a snap for a couple of weeks now, so might be worth a punt?

    Ali x

  5. Hi Ali, another one with chip troubles. Everything chips on me. I don't think my homelife helps. Endless bottle, washing up and hand washing takes it's toll! I've done base coat (various), top coat and the often praised Seche Vite but it doesn't make any difference really.

    The Mavala is doing a great job but I will give the Sally Hansen a try when this stuff is finished. It's certainly easier for me to get hold of :)

    Jane x


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