Friday, 23 July 2010

Haircuts: A little poll

I've added a little poll in the sidebar. It's just a bit of fun as I'm a self confessed hairdresser-phobe. Things haven't been the same for me since the advent of the Rachel cut. Since then most trips for a trim result in ridiculously short layers and the undesirable mushroom head! Consequently my visits are irregular at best.

I will be going for a hair cut next week, it'll be my first proper cut for over a year. The trip to the walk in, no appointments necessary chop shop doesn't count. They didn't even wash my hair for goodness sake!

I'd love to hear about your hairdresser habits. Are you a lover or a hater? You can answer the poll or leave me a comment below. I look forward to seeing if I'm alone on this one.


  1. i'm not a big fan of hairdressers !!!

    they always cut too much, even if i ask to cut only 1''.
    a few years ago i had black hair and i wanted to have my brown hair again, so i've had to wait for it to grow back brown (2years), then i went to the hairdresser to have a lovely brown with golden glow hairdye.

    .. he made a mistake and dyed it black, again. i thought that i was going to kill him, really.

    anyway, i guess they aren't all so bad

    (+ may i tell you that a fringe would look great on you ?)

    xxxx !!

  2. I adore my hairdresser but it took a LONG time to find her. I did the rounds in my town and I won't recount the horrors just now so I don't put you off:) Then came the completely bad experiment with hair dye at home. Finally, I walked into this salon - a sad, pathetic creature and was met with a gaggle of friendly people who really took the time and effort to examine my hair and come up with a solution. Since then, I'm sort of super attached to my hairdresser - she makes me laugh, she knows my moods, she knows my personality, she's way better than a therapist, I tell you. So don't give up, the right hairdresser will come along! As for why don't I just give you the name... I'm not in Oxfordshire sadly, but the other town:)

  3. I confessed on my blog a few weeks back.....I'm a compleate criminal......I put it off and put it off, then loose my patience with it and cut it myself.

    I was fascinated by the Mary Portas hairdresser episode the other week (even if I was sitting there combing nit treatment through my hair eek. I was going to a Scout and Guide camp in Sicily in August as a 15 year old and my Mum took me to a friends home hair dresser. I went from long to short and permed in one go. It was hideous.....I felt it all over again when that chap on the programme was attacking the woman's hair in front of Trevor Sorbie. To add insult to injury, contrary to the considered oppinion for cutting my hair off, long would have been easier to keep cool with.

    Followed by a ruinous spiral perm, 4 years later when I'd regrown the length, that that left it 'breaking from the roots'.......

    Yep I'm well and truly hairdresser phobic!

  4. PS My friend and I even did my own wedding hair!

  5. I never go to the hairdressers as often as I should! I had really short hair for years and would change the style quite often. Now I've got longer hair the hairdressers frighten me because I'm convinced they're going to ruin it...even though the same woman has cut my hair for 4 years! :)

  6. I hurtle between loving and hating! Inmportant to note here that I am hair obsessed, a bad hair day truly is the end of the world and all my friends know that I am very high maintenance when it comes to my hair! Was hating when a friend mentioned that her friend used to travel to Harrogate to see her hairdresser (an hour away min from us) but that he had now moved to Halifax, got his name and booked an appointment and was loyal to him for about 4 yrs, then gradually he seemed to lose interest and kept palming me off on a junior for the blow dry, who bless her had less idea with a hair dryer than I do! and at £60 I felt that was a bit out of order so decamped. Moved to Toni and Guy in Huddersfield but was never totally happy so decided to go more local and try the hairdressers where I live, that ended badly with me taking the hair dryer off the fully qualified stylist and finishing my hair myself - really I am not a difficult customer, although I am starting to sound like a right diva! Then I had a year in the wilderness, no hair cuts and just top up highlights, worzel gummidge hair. Decided to trust the person that coloured my hair to cut it and downloaded loads of photos of a bob I had found online which I loved, first cut was fantastic and I was over joyed. Second cut not so good, 3rd diabolical and so I went back to my first hairdresser in Halifax, this time it has taken 6 months for the rot to set in, clearly I bore him! So am about to try out someone that one of my friends goes to and raves about, her hair always looks fab but always looks very subtley different after each visit - apparently her hairdressers says things like "today I think I'll just razor cut this bit to give it a bit more edge" or "how do you fancy a bit of red through the front?" which frankly sounds perfect to me and am planning a first visit in the next couple of weeks. Good luck with your visit, I'll be interested to see how you get on! Oh and agree with Lily a fringe would look lovely on you!

  7. Typed you a lengthy reply and google decided it was too large to process and dumped it all for me! I love and I hate on rotation, my hair is make or break for my day and I would happily refuse to leave the house if it was looking pants! Current hairdresser has become bored of me and things just aren't as fab as they should be so about to switch. I firmly believe you get what you pay for when it comes to a cut and would always spend as much as I can possibly afford, or maybe a little more!, on getting a good cut and then sort the colour myself.

  8. @Lily, oh no. What a pain in the neck! Are you having to grow it out again or are they able to sort it out? I know what you mean about a fringe as I have quite a lot of, erm, forehead! I have been down the fringe route before and these have been some of my worst disasters. I’ve grown it out so many times I don’t think I can face it again, lol.

    @PeachBellini – that’s fab that you have found a great hairdresser. I had one that I really liked here but after leaving it such a long time I became to scared to go back. I’m intrigued to know where you live now!

    @Sparklz and Shine – he he! I’ve been tempted to cut it myself before. Perms are the thing of the devil. I have pictures from a holiday we took on the Norfolk Broads back in my Triangle permed hair days. I look at them occasionally and shudder.

    @Ms. Wedgie – You sound like me. I used to be quite adventurous, albeit some time ago. I hit the student/Rachel hair days and that was it. I’ve never really regained confidence again.

    @Debbie – Your long reply did come through. I’m so pleased as it’s an absolute corker! It’s funny you mention Toni & Guy salons as I’ve been to a few and never been very impressed with the results. They weren’t awful just very ordinary for the price. I hope you have success with the new hairdresser and knickers to the one in Halifax!! Thank you again about the fringe suggestion. I’ve been trawling through some pictures of my old hairstyles and may share if I’m feeling brave. I seem to have deleted some of the worst fringe offenders though. With my glasses, I think the fringe just pushes me into full on geek territory!!

    If so enjoyed reading your replies, keep them coming! :)

  9. @ModestyBrown: Cambridge:)Bit of a journey to come just to get your hair done, esp since there's no direct train but I'll shush because this is one of the topics that get me riled hehehe.

  10. Oh, I love Cambridge. I used to live in Norwich which did have a more direct route! My husband has had to go to Cambridge a few times for conferences and meetings and he always hates having to go in to London and out again.

  11. I've been going to the same hairdressers my whole life. I am only 21 though, and I've never moved house so take from that what you will.

    They're great. They know my name, they know I only ever want a glass of water, they know never to offer me highlights. They give great advice and when I was little they used to let me sweep up all my hair.

    As a result though, I'm terrified of going anywhere else! I'm a student at a uni very very far away from where I live, so during term time I never get my hair cut. My fringe quite often gets out of control!


  12. I just walked off the street one day and found a hairdresser I loved. However, as times gone on, I feel that he's cutting me slightly more frumpy haircuts that I'm less pleased with. A couple of times when he's been unable to do my hair, I've had one of the more junior stylists do it and he's been much better (and cheaper). But it's a bit of a dilemma - I feel I can't change hair dressers from the boss to the junior in the same shop!

  13. @sweetest_potato it sounds like you have a great salon and good relationship with them. The problems for me certainly started once I left home to go to Uni, my parents started working abroad at the same time so I couldn’t even go home for a cut. I also admit I used to cut my own fringe in those days! I wouldn’t recommend it unless you have a steady hand. ;)

    @The Bristol Beauty Blog gosh that is a tricky one isn’t it. You need to find a good excuse to switch to the junior don’t you? I’ve been saddled with a frumpy cut once or twice so I feel your pain. You need an etiquette expert to advise how to dump the boss politely!

    Jane x

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  15. I hear you about the Rachel cut. It is a cut that every hairdresser seems to want to do even if you don't want it. I have luckily found an amazing hairdresser in Toronto who does the most amazing cuts.I don't know what I'll do without her if she ever left or moved.

  16. Hi Michelle. I find it hard when a hairdresser has a particular idea (like the Rachel cut) and you're going to get that style come what may! I really hope to find someone who will look at me, get an idea for my style and personality and work with that. It sounds like you have a great rapport with your hairdresser - never let her go! x

  17. I don't even put it off, I just don't do hairdressers!
    I actually haven't been to one in about 4 years now! Shocking I know. But I'm fairly happy with my hair - I trim the ends and thin it out about twice a year.

    I remember once coming home from the hairdressers and crying as my new 'fringe'! It was the worst thing ever...just so heavy.
    I think it must of scared me for life!

    Fee x

  18. I hate going to the hair-dressers. I am the sort of person who laughs angrily at shampoo adverts and have even conditioned my son to shout RUBBISH any time a swooshy-haired girl appears on telly.

    My hair-dresser is a nice girl with the patience of a saint. I keep going to her because 1) we have little choice where I live 2) she's very sweet 3) I am guaranteed to get the same gawd-awful haircut whenever I go.

    The fact that it is reliably not-good brings and odd comfort that makes my dreaded visits to get m'hair cut oddly bearable.

    Do I sound a bit mad?

    Ali x

  19. @Fee, your hair looks in super condition so I don't think it's suffering in any way. I think it can be really difficult to trust someone with your hair again after a terrifying cut! I know it grows back but it's not a fast process is it?!

    Do you find it easy to trim it yourself? Do you have hairdressers scissors to do it?

    @Ali, you don't sound mad at all. I suppose at least you know what you're going to get even if it's not a great cut! Is your hair naturally curly? I had a friend who used to detest almost every cut she had because few hairdresser know how to cut curly hair well.

    As an aside, maybe I can train my boys to scoff at the Science of Genes ads?

    Jane x


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