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Armani Eyes to Kill in #4 (Pulp Fiction)

I went in to Selfridges this week on a mission to purchase the Eyes to Kill eyeshadow in Pulp Fiction. On finding the display and realising there were no names on the pots, I asked one of the sales assistants if they could tell me which one was Pulp Fiction. I was told that were no names and that they had no idea which one it might be. I hadn't made a note of the number so I decided to take the route of swatching them all and choosing one I liked. I settled on #4, a silvery grey with a hint of mauve, only to discover it was out of stock.

I resigned myself to going without so was very pleased when later I managed to get hold of it in Harvey Nichols at their shopping event. I've subsequently verified that #4 is the shade Pulp Fiction. I'd recommend that if you're looking for a specific shade it's worth going armed with the number.

Eyes To Kill #4-18

Eyes To Kill #4-19

Eyes To Kill #4-4

The Eyes to Kill eyeshadows are a pressed powder formula and the texture is quite wet and similar in feel to a cream. They come in a small glass pot and there's an extra cap inside which I assume is to keep the powder pressed down. They are all quite metallic in their finish and a number are reasonably sparkly too. Pulp Fiction is shimmery with an almost foiled finish, especially when swatched. I suppose it's a relatively blingy choice for me but I was particularly drawn to these because of the creamy texture. I apply it with my finger tips, just like I would with a cream. You can use a brush but I believe fingers give the most intense effect.

Eyes To Kill #4-8
Swatch on my hand where the skin is quite tanned
Eyes To Kill #4-9
Swatch on the inside of my arm
Eyes To Kill #4-12

Eyes To Kill #4-16

I have worn Pulp Fiction twice now, both times I have applied directly to the lid without any primer. I was surprised that it didn't crease, especially in the current heat, but my eyelids seem particularly dry at the moment. I did notice some fading of the colour towards the end of the day and it seemed to become a little more sparkly as the base colour faded.

Eyes To Kill #4+RBR Wishing with Wings-1
Top to Bottom: RBR Wishing for Wings and Pulp Fiction

I thought that Pulp Fiction might be similar to Rouge Bunny Rouge loose pigment in Wishing For Wings. They're both silvery shades with a hint of mauve but when swatched side by side, Wishing For Wings is definitely more mauve in colour. I was relieved to see I hadn't brought home a dupe!

I'm tempted to get another of these eyeshadows. I was surprisingly taken by the lighter shades, Champagne in particular appealed to me. I think that #3 Purpura that Lipglossiping went for is very pretty too. 


  1. I love this eye shadow too! I already have Purpura being sent to me and I want to go to the counter and see Champagne too. These eye shadows are so darn addicting! This color also looks great with your eyes too.

  2. So pretty on you! I love, love, love this shade!
    Your lashes really make it look amazing though- gawd how fab are those??? xx

  3. Hi me again

    I just noticed that your shadow has NOLA on the bottom label- mine is labeled NOKA. How odd!!

  4. This color looks great on you! I purchased my first Eyes to Kill just a couple of weeks ago. #4 is definitely a favorite! :)

  5. I wanted to get no. 3, but it wasn't in stock. :( I'm on the waiting list for it. Didn't think these were so popular especially considering their price!

  6. I have a couple of these as well and they are my favorite shadows! I actually have Champagne and find it to be a very wearable, pretty shade!

  7. Gosh this is a stunning colour, I might sneak one eyes to kill shadow hehe, all of the swatches I've seen around are just amazing <3

  8. This product seems amazing! I've tried cream eye shadows before and have always been disappointed with them creasing. I think I need to get this. I too wouldn't be able to wear it quite often, maybe occasionally.


  9. Looks amazing on you Jane. I'm super impressed that it didn't crease! I have a lot of trouble keeping eyeshadows on, even with primer :/

  10. Armani fever sweeps the blogsphere! Will it calm down the RBR epidemic? Only time will tell. ;D

    Pulp Fiction looks great on you, and I am more tempted than ever but I have my eye on Champagne right now.

    What isn't clear to me is, are these actually loose powders?

  11. I agree with the other commenters--it looks sooo pretty on you! I can't bring myself to accept the price of these guys though. I'm not blown away so I'm not spending any money on these.

  12. I'm going to get Purpura I think as my first to try of these once I can find it online. That shade looks great on you but alas it will look like poop on me. I don't know why I have such a hard time pulling off shades like that.

  13. Gorgeous shade. You really suit it! xo

  14. It looks gorgeous! Purpura is the one I have my eye on but there were a few others that were lovely too that I can't remember the names/numbers of.

  15. Looks stunning on you! Might have to investigate them myself as am hopefully headed to London to watch the tennis on Tuesday so shopping will definitely be on the agenda. Was the Harvey Nichols event thing just for one day? Trying to work out where is best to buy from, especially as I'm so rarely in London. What would you recommend? x

  16. @HdtM: Thank you. Purpura is really lovely. I’m very tempted to look at the L’Oreal Infallible eyeshadows after Grace mentioned the, It might save some of pennies!

    @Jeanie: Thank you! The lashes seem to set it off quite well! Sadly they seem to be irritating my eyes a bit. I can’t wear contacts as my eyes reject them. It’s such a shame as I’m loving the effect! I wonder what the coding is for, I’m assumed it was batch thing.

    @Makeup Magpie: Hi! I’m really loving the formula. Although silvery greys aren’t usually my thing, I really like this because of the other hints of colour.

    @Antiscska: No.3 is really nice. Are you on the waiting list with Selfridges? They said they were expecting more stock in this week. Is it possible to try Harvey Nics instead?

    @productdoctor: Champagne was really tempting me,

    @Jadegrrrl: I’d definitely recommend getting hold of one if you can. The texture is great and there’s a decent selection of colours,

    @Shifa: I know that others have reported creasing with these. I haven’t had that but I do suspect my eyes are dried out, normal creams crease very quickly without a primer on my lids. I’d recommend popping to a counter if you can to swatch the colours as they’re quite stunning.

    @dempeaux: You know me, I usually have problems normally too (remember the becca pencil). The lashes seem to be drying my eyes out for some odd reason. I wonder if I’ll need primer in future.

    @Zuzu’s Petals: LOL at the Armani fever! They are not exactly loose powder. It’s like loosely pressed pigment and as it’s quite ‘wet’ doesn’t move around in the pot or anything. They’re not messy to apply like a loose powder either.

    @Jennifer Leigh: Thank you. I’m told that the L’Oreal Infallible Colour eyeshadows are very similar so they might be worth checking out if you like the finish.

    @Perilously Pale: Frosty, silvery greys are normally a total no no on me too but I’m pleased that this seems to work ok. I think it’s flecks of red pigment that stop it looking harsh. Pupura is lovely though, fingers crossed you’re able to find it online.

    @Lorin: Thank you!

    @Meeta: I bet Purpura will look great on you. I have to say these are a joy to swatch because of the creamy formula. I’m sure you’ll have fun re-finding the others you fancied!

    @Jennifer: Yes, unfortunately it was just a one off shopping evening. My friend in Leeds had mentioned it earlier in the day but I hadn’t realised it was all Harvey Nics until later. I’d be tempted to go along to Harvey Nics though (or have it as a back up plan) because I don’t know when Selfridges will get new stock in. I hope you have a successful shopping trip!

    Thanks for all of your comments,
    Jane x

  17. I think I'm in trouble after seeing your post. Wowzer! The shade is metallic and shimmery. Everyone's been raving about ETK but I don't know why I haven't picked one up. I think I need to make a visit now.

  18. It looks stunning on you, I actually just paused and stared at that applied on you!
    Although I love the one I have I'll be checking out those L'oreal ones next week after Grace's compare review.
    Can you tell me what the lip colour is please?

  19. Colour looks great on your eyes. If you added another layer would it go darker or is that as dark as it goes? xx

  20. this is gorgeous. almost like a one step smokey eye :)

  21. that is so lovely. I want to khaki shade

  22. I'm catching up on blog reading and this is my favorite one I've read. These shadows are wonderful, intense is the right name for them. If you try Pulp Fiction wet you'll find it's much more lavender. It's very pretty that way too. I'm dying for the khaki and can't wait til it's back in stock.

  23. @Kristie: It’s definitely blingy! I love the hybrid texture which has helped me get over the fact that it’s not a satin finish!

    @Replica: Ah, thank you! I’m glad you enjoyed the pictures. I’m so pleased I moved the Flickr for hosting my pictures, the distortion I was getting before was so depressing. I want to go and look at the L’Oreal eyeshadows too after Grace’s comparison. I’m intrigued to try them. The lip colour I’m wearing in these pictures is RBR Coy lipgloss, I really like it.

    @Claire: That’s an interesting question. I had a couple of layers on in that picture but I’m not sure if it becomes darker with further layers or whether you start to swipe it off as you apply more. I shall have to have a play around and report back!

    @Donna: Thank you! It does have quite a smoky effect doesn’t it? I like the fact that you can get away with just using the one colour/product to make an interesting look.

    @luv2smilexo: Ooh, Khaki, which number is that one?

    @Marcia: I’ll have to have a go wetting it as I love the idea of it pulling more lavender. I’m liking the sound of the Khaki shade too. I’ll have to do some swatch investigating!

    Thanks for your comments,
    Jane x


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