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Eyeshadows that Pink Sith can't have: L'Oreal Infallible Color

This post is dedicated to Pink Sith who tells me these eyeshadows are not yet available in America. If you've ever read Pink Sith's posts about items you can't have, you'll know where my brain went with that. If you haven't, well, you better go and have a look. Do your best to avoid the Taupes you can't have, there may be tears...

I mentioned the L'Oreal Infallible Color eyeshadows that I bought the other day. I've had opportunity to play with the colours now and wanted to share some initial thoughts. These eyeshadows are cream/powder hybrids in a similar style to the Armani Eyes To Kill. The packaging is also similar: they come in a pot (rather than a pan) and there's a little stopper to keep the eyeshadow pressed down under the screw top lid. The presentation isn't as classy as the Armani but given the price difference, £5.49* instead of £24.50, I think it's forgivable.

Infallible Color1

Infallible Color2
L- Endless Chocolate, R - Burning Black

Endless Chocolate10

Endless Chocolate1

Endless Chocolate is a rich brown with golden reflects. Personally, I wouldn't describe it as a chocolate brown. It actually leans a little green/khaki, which is especially noticeable when compared to other brown eyeshadows. It's nicely pigmented and has a lovely texture.

Burning Black2

Burning Black1

Burning Black is a deep, blackened plum with reddy-violet shimmer. It's a stunning colour. I haven't applied this yet but you can see how it looks on the eyes in Dempeaux's recent review.

Infallible Color3
Indirect sunlight. L - Burning Black, R - Endless Chocolate

Infallible Color4
This is in direct sunlight. It's slightly out of focus but demonstrates the shimmer.

Below you can see Endless Chocolate applied on it's own. I didn't use a primer as I wanted to check the crease factor. I had a little trouble getting the application right. I started off by applying directly with my finger tips. This didn't seem to deposit enough colour. It required layering but using my fingers seemed to pull colour off as I was trying to add more. I definitely couldn't build up the desired intensity that way. I used my No.7 217-alike brush and had success with that. I'm not sure whether a brush on it's own would be best or whether it's still worth adding a base layer with fingers and then topping up with the brush. The downside of using a brush was the fallout. If I use a brush to apply Burning Black, I will almost certainly need to do my eye makeup before adding foundation.

Endless Chocolate2

Endless Chocolate5

I found the colour lasted well but the eyeshadow did crease after a few hours. This is definitely one to use with an eyeshadow primer. I like the colour but I can see from the full face photograph that I need to be more careful about which colours I pair with it. That picture also highlights the very desperate need to sort my hair out. Eeek!

I have a comparison of Endless Chocolate to a few other browns that I will post in the next couple of days. Although, I'm teasing about the fact that you cannot currently get these in the USA, I believe you can track them down on Evil Bay.

*The current reduced price in both Boots and Superdrug, the RRP is £6.99.


  1. I love Endless Chocolate...although I'm not sure whether it would look all that good on me! It looks really good on you looks beautiful with your eyes! :) xxx

  2. I had to laugh at your title for this post ;)
    I picked up one of these as well after Grace's post seeing how they compared them to Armani, I got the silver one, I really like the wear and texture of it but the colour was a bit too straight up and too frosty for me, I probably should have got one of the ones you did. Still I think it shows that I should not write off drugstore stuff all the time, I picked up one of those sleek blushers the other day (rose gold) and its quite nice and I think I'll pick up some of their newer eye palettes as well as everyone seems to rave about them x

  3. Thanks Louise!

    Hi Wedgie! I'd recommend having a look at these, they have quite a few colours and I'm fascinated by the texture.

    Hey Replica! I knew from Grace's swatches that the silver was out for me. It's definitely been good to venture in to Superdrug again. I want one of those MF cream eyeshadows next. I've tried Sleek Rose Gold and like that. I would avoid the eye palettes unless you're very curious. I find them to be a little hard to work with.

    As an aside, I've spotted an RBR lipgloss going for a song on Ebay. I'm very sad people are selling off their Glossybox stuff already :(
    Jane x

  4. Hi Jane,
    Thanks for the heads up about the palettes, I don't tend to hear anything bad about them so thanks for that as I do get caught up in things!
    Thats nutes about the RBR, I don't do the ebay thing anymore but when I use to I remeber having someone email me to say I was being taking for a ride, I really appreciated it so made sure to not bid anymore.
    I'd just recently signed up to that Glossybox, not got anything yet but now it seems lots of people are complaining about the contents so I wonder if I have made the best move there? x

  5. Hi Replica,
    The lipgloss went for a song (£4.70). I expect a lot more to pop as that happened with the last lot of Glossybox contents. I think Glossybox is a nice idea for those that aren't makeup fanatics. I think bods like us could be easily disappointed with the contents i.e. we've either got it already or don't want it! There has been quite a lot of complaints on Twitter. I don't think the contents are bad but I do question adding a sample size Batiste spray.

    I don't do Ebay very often. I popped on to have a look for a source of Trish McEvoy. I swatched Raisin a little while ago and regret not having bought it at the time! Gah!

  6. Hello,
    My eyes must have skipped the bit where you said it went for a song, sorry about that ;)
    I do wonder if I will be cancelling the glossybox after my first one, as I've already paid £10 for it and then another £10 will come out in July I think I will be very irked if I get something like a batiste spray!
    I really wish there was an online source for TM, the thing is I had a PR from them tell me they would be online last year so something must have gone wrong there, a shame as I really liked a lot of their shadows but don't mail order from them anymore as I had some quite rude SA's on the phone x

  7. These are gorgeous! Thanks so much for the post, Jane. Now I need both :)

  8. I love this golden brown color on you! So lovely with your blue eyes.

    And thanks for sticking it to Pink Sith... she's always torturing me with gorgeous discontinued products :)

  9. That colour is gorgeous on you:-D

  10. That is some serious deep pigment. It looks amazing on you. I'd never have gone for that Endless Chocolate, but you wear it so well, it makes me rethink. I *love* that Burning Black. We can't get those over here? Poop.

  11. That color looks amazing on you! I'm loving Burning Black as well. I wonder if they'll ever hit the states?

    I was thinking as I was reading that they sounded like a bit more trouble than they were worth...until I saw the end result. Wow. Definitely worth the effort!

    Thanks for the review (and lemming that can't be fulfilled).


  12. Ohhhh - I can not WAIT for these to show up here in Aug/Sept! My BFF just brought me back the Blue - 06 All Night Blue - and I am in love! But now I have to have these colors as soon as I can!

  13. bahahahah i love the title of this post!!

  14. LMFAO! You rock! I love the title of this post!!!
    Of course I see it waaay late. This is an awesome review with awesome pictures and now I am lemming something I cannot have! ;-P

  15. Yay! You bought some! How do you like Burning Black on the eye? I like the Endless Chocolate, but interesting that you have problems applying it. The Burning Black went on fine. Perhaps the formula varies slightly between shadows? Love the pictures too - you capture the shimmers really beautifully :)

  16. Love the darker eyeshadow, it's very intense but still pretty. Are you growing your hair too? It looks nice longer!

  17. @Replica: I suspect a lot of people will cancel as soon as the postage cost comes in. It is a shame that TM isn’t online. I do hope it happens eventually. I wish I’d explored it more when I was still living in Leeds.

    @Marina: Thank you, I think you’d love them.

    @MLBB: lol, you’re welcome.

    @Lillisal: Thank you!

    @Zuzu’s Petals: I think you’ll get them eventually, I seem to think I’ve seen mention of Autumn. Waiting always sucks though!

    @Lipstick Musings: I’m wearing Burning Black today and I really like it too. I think you will get these, I have a feeling it’s one of those rare occasions when we get something first. It’s definitely worth the effort too as the finish is lovely.

    @jbrobeck: I couldn’t resist a little poke ;)

    @oldergirlbeauty: Hopefully you won’t have to wait too long. I bet the blue is gorgeous.

    @luv2smilexo: Heeeheee!

    @Elvira: Hello you! Glad you liked it :D

    @dempss: I probably made it sound more tricky than it actually was. I just had to use a brush to finish it off. Burning Black went on a little easier though using my finger. I’ve loved wearing it today!

    @Skin Scrubs: Thank you for the hair compliment. I have been growing out the layers after the last hair disaster. It needs a trim but I’m happy with it this length for now.

    Thanks for your comments,
    Jane x


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