Friday, 24 June 2011

Pimping My Top Ten Makeup Tricks for Tired Mums

I was approached to write my Top Ten Makeup Tricks for Tired Mums. This was actually quite a lot of fun to do, as this is essentially the reason my love affair with makeup started. There's no doubting my credentials as a tired Mum! It was really interesting to see what tricks I had adopted without even realising. Some of them are obvious and some are just my own personal favourites.

I'd love it if you went along for a read. Of course, it doesn't just apply to Mums. I know plenty of you survive on a bare minimum of sleep without the help of small people. Feel free to share your top tips for faking human too!


  1. Heading over to read it! No babies yet, but I'm on the "tired" wagon alright.

  2. Great post. I haven't got kids but I could definitely do with these tips. My friend who has 2 kids under 4 manages to look great even when she's only had a few hours uninterrupted sleep and I've had twice as much - grrr!

  3. Hi Y and Lou Lou, it's definitely not just parents that need perking up sometimes. Lou Lou, my three are five and under, I've forgotten my last uninterrupted night. Your friend does well to keep looking great on minimal sleep. You do learn tricks very quickly though :D
    Jane x


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