Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Do You Make 'Good Intentions' Purchases?

I was pondering this last night. I moan about my nails, I buy things to make my nails better, use them for a bit then forget or just give up. It's almost as if I think owning them will be enough to improve my nails! I used to be the same with body lotions and creams. I'd have at least five full bottles at any time but I'd never actually use them. I am much better now, I buy less and actually use up what I have. The discovery of Haus of Gloi Pumpkin Butter has helped a lot too.

Good Nail Intentions3

Good Nail Intentions1
My neglected nail 'improvers'

I bought the NailTek Foundation II a long time ago now after reading lots of good reviews. I'm not aware of it doing anything other than making my nails so matte that it showed through my nail varnish. I like the Mavala Nailactan cream but I forget to use it which is the same for the CND Solar Oil that I won in Clever Rabbit's blog giveaway a while ago. I like the Flexitol Cuticle and Nail Cream but found it hardened the skin around the nail. I use Nail Envy all the time but I'm not sure it helps, I've just become strangley superstitious about it! I didn't enjoy the Mavala 2 part nylon fibre thingumy at all so they sit neglected in a box.

Do you have particular products that you persistently buy but don't use? I am alone in this wasteful and shocking habit?


  1. I keep buying loads of different shades of red lipstick even though I'm never brave enough to wear them! I know it's not the same, but that's what I'm guilty of :) xxx

  2. I think we are all guilty of doing this to a degree. I find leaving the products out on view helps. In a cupboard, out of mind.

  3. @Daisy: I definitely think that's the same sort of thing. Maybe one day you'll feel brave enough to wear them so you can stop feeling guilty!

    @Beauty Chamber: You're right. I tidy things away in cupboards and draws but it does make me less likely to remember to use them.

  4. Coloured eyeliners are the thing I buy and rarely use. I love how they look, I am just often too bone idle to bother applying them.

    For a good nail treatment though, I would recommend the Ciaté Brittle Nail Treatment. Apply it daily for 4 days and then remove. It does make a difference; I use mine for 4 days once or twice a month.

    Also, if you don't, glass nail file is a must. Never looked back.

  5. @Product Pixie: I love coloured liners! I think you have to be in the right mood though, don't you?

    Thanks for the Ciate recommendation. I'll have a look at that. Funnily enough I have 2 glass files (Barbara Daly and Leighton Denny). I don't use anything else now but my nails still peel badly so I've never noticed any differences. I'm sticking with it though. I couldn't bear them to get any worse! x

  6. I've got a box of lipsticks that are still in their boxes most of the colours are vile, same goes for perfume, if I like the bottle I buy it.

    I'm a compulsive shopper and will buy beauty products that I don't need or that don't suit me just because they look pretty. (I'm ashamed to admit)

  7. @Madame Gourmand: Pretty perfume bottles are quite a big draw. I bet there are some very stinky fragrances hidden in those beautiful bottles?

  8. Alone in this habit? I don't think so lol...
    My bathroom cabinets are full of body products (especially foot care) that only get the occasional guilty glances and a shrug :)

  9. I keep buying lipglosses but I rarely use them as my children won't kiss me when I have it on! I'd rather have kisses from my little boys x

  10. get using the mavala 2 step nail thing, it saved my nails, it's weird but just adds strength under nail polishes so you dont break your nails & damage can grow out & their scientifique (blue liquid) used in conjunction with it is amazing!!

  11. I am like that with body lotions, although I am getting better and trying to use up what I have so I can finally try out some HoG!

  12. lol, i'm so like that with skincare stuff. i have dark spots and i have products supposed to help dark spots but i don't use them nearly consistently enough to get the full effect


  13. Ive got gallons of handcreams, mostly because Im fussy and if I dont like it once Ive used it once I wont use it again. I have body lotions coming out my ears, but thats not my fault, people buy them me as presents but I never use them..... ever.
    My worst one so far is the anti celulite gel Ive got, and used once.... it's meant to go on twice daily but I never seem to have the time/remember. Wasn't cheap either.

  14. Hi Modesty Brown, just found your blog recently and love it. You name it,I have bought it and then not used it - dark eye circle cream, body lotion, hand cream, and a favourite of mine, skin toning lotion - just can't be faffed to use it!! But I have had success with a NailTek product - don't know if it the same as yours - mine is Intensive Therapy II for soft, peeling nails and the trick seems to be to follow the instructions (something I am not good at!!) and apply it as base coat AND as topcoat over top of your normal polish, it really has sorted out my peeling nails. Keep up the brill blogging xx

  15. I do this as well, mostly with body creams and hair styling products, I go for the option of leaving them on a out of sight shelve somewhere x

  16. I definitely made good intentioned purchases in the past, only to neglect them. But as I creep towards old age (aka: 23) I feel the need to pick up my health/beauty habits. Lest I be ravaged by age!

  17. I'm the same! I bought NailTek II and it did absolutely nothing for me. That matte effect was weird too. Now I need to buy another base coat, and I haven't got around to it and have polishes languishing in my bathroom. Woe is me ;)

  18. I do this with beauty gadgets and hair styling tools (a certain GHD flat iron comes to mind)!

    Oh and hand creams- I just can't be bothered with them x

  19. @Nina: LOL! I don’t even bother with foot things as I know I’ll never use them! That would definitely induce guilt.

    @KTGB: Ah, that sounds like a good reason not to be using them.

    @Nicola: Me and Scientifique are not on speaking terms. It got spilt in to a laptop and ruined it! I will give the two step thing another go. I get so easily disheartened.

    @Meeta: You definitely need to make space for HoG and before the Customs limits change to £15 in November!

    @socialitedreams: I’m using products for dark spots. It’s a slow change even when you do use them daily. I can understand how hard it is to stay motivated!

    @Ms Red: Oooh, anti-cellulite creams. There’s another one I know I’d forget to use and feel guilty about it. I won’t buy a body brush for the same reason!

    @Blighty: Hi Blighty, I’m pleased you’re enjoying reading! It isn’t the same NailTek product, I don’t think. Mine is a fortifying base coat, I shall investigate the one you have mentioned. My nails are terrible and I really think only time is going to sort them out. Boooo!

    @Replica: Oh hair styling products. I try really hard with those too, I’m not especially good on the hair styling front!

    @Eden-Avalon: Old age???!!! Come back and talk to me when you’re in your thirties ;P. It’s definitely a good age to start with good habits though. Lots and lots of sunscreen!

    @dempss: Hee hee! We’re full of the First World Problems, aren’t we? The matte effect is weird isn’t it? I didn’t see any mention of it in reviews but it’s a real nuisance.

    @Jeanie: It sounds like we all do it. Phew, I definitely don’t feel so bad now.

    Jane x


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