Friday, 10 June 2011

Hourglass Cosmetics at Liberty

Yesterday, I went to London  to hear about Stila's long awaited return to the UK. I shall be posting about that very soon but if you can't wait and need to see for yourself, you can find Stila on sale already on the Boots website and

I arrived in London a little early (I do this accidentally on purpose, just don't tell my husband) so I went for a look in the beauty hall in Liberty. What I found in there yesterday literally made my heart sing! Hourglass cosmetics now have a counter in Liberty, not only that but my favourite MUA Mel is working on the counter. Mel used to work on the Le Metier counter in Selfridges and as a fellow Yorkshire lass, she's one of the few people that doesn't have me running for the door with counter fear.


I am a fan of Hourglass cosmetics and usually buy mine online from Zuneta*. I know many of you have said you wish there was a counter in order for you to go and look at the line in person, so I'm excited to report that now you can! I know that London isn't accessible for everyone but I hope to go and visit again soon to get some swatch pictures.


I couldn't come away without a purchase and picked up the new Script eyeliner pen. It's such a fine nib, I'm looking forward to playing around with it and comparing it to my Rouge Bunny Rouge and LMdB liner pens. I also got a sample of their Veil Mineral Primer which I've heard great things about. One particularly Twitter friend from Australia swears by this to keep her makeup looking great in the heat. Mel gave me a little demo of it's waterproof powers which are rather impressive and I shall report back on how I get on with it. The Hourglass brushes felt fantastic and having had a play at the counter, these are firmly on my wishlist. I'm normally not a fan of 100% Taklon brushes but I loved how easily the face brushes buffed in foundation and tinted moisturiser to give a really polished finish.

Hourglass Cosmetics1
Hourglass Cosmetics3


I was surprised when I went rummaging, how many products I already own from Hourglass. If I had to give a recommendation for the must-haves of the line, I would probably say the lipglosses, Film Noir mascara and their beautiful eyeshadow duos. The lipsticks are definitely worth a look too if you're a fan of pigmented lip colour. You can find all of my previous review and swatches of the line here or by clicking on the Hourglass label.

I know some of my readers in America and Australia already know the products quite well so please feel free to add your favourites or recommendations in the comments.  I'd love to hear what you think of as Hourglass must-haves too!

* Edit: I spotted a deal alert online shoppers after I wrote this post. All of this week Zuneta are offering a free Hourglass lipgloss in Primal with any orders of two or more Hourglass products.


  1. Oh!! DANGER!!

    Let's go to Liberty!

  2. Oohh I love what you've chosen!

    I've only got Hourglass glosses but favourites are 'Hypnotic', and 'Eden'. They are just the perfect gloss formula and the colour range is so flattering.

  3. Salivating. Profusely.
    Not a good look...
    Nina x

  4. If only that whole display would fit in my bag...
    This is good news, as if you go there more I can bug you for colour recommendations ;) x

  5. Wow, thanks for the photos, the little counter looks so pretty! I haven't tried many Hourglass products but I have their primer and I love it, just wish the SPF was higher. I also recently got their crease and it's excellent for blending. I also like the look of the eyeshadows, but I'll think I'll wait for the palettes-btw do you know when the palettes are coming to the counter? x

  6. I love hourglass! That display looks gorgeous. I bet your wallet is wishing you didn't stumble upon it!

  7. Great to hear they have a counter now, I will definitely check that out. I'm SO excited about Stila returning, I can't wait..!!! Thanks for the Boots link, I hadn't realised they were already up & running at - I ordered the Stunning in Sayulita palette just now.

    (P.S. Am posting under a different name now - no longer Star Violet).

    - Anita

  8. That eye-shadow palette looks AMAZING. I've never heard of hourglass cosmetics but I'd like to hear more xD

  9. Thanks to Modesty Brown, look forward to seeing you and your followers in Liberty soon. Mel x

  10. I love Hourglass foundation and it never gets any press!

  11. @Worshipblues: Definitely dangerous!

    @JenW: I agree that the formula of the glosses is lovely. It’s totally unlike anything else I’ve used.

    @Nina: The counter is a dream come true!

    @Replica: Oh absolutely, I’d like the whole lot in a corner of my bedroom! I’m looking forward to a return visit!

    @Klara: I’m not sure when the palettes will be out but I shall report back as soon as I know!

    @Jen: Absolutely, my bank balance was weeping!

    @miss_violet: Great to see you’re back posting. I’d missed you :). It’s really great news that Stila is back. I look forward to seeing what you think to Hourglass if you get chance to visit the counter.

    @Tash: I don’t hear about Hourglass as much as other brands but I like their products very much. The eyeshadow duo is a really favourite of mine. It’s awesome for a plumy, smoky eye!

    @Mel: It was so lovely to see you the other day. I hope lots of people come and say hi!

    @Barbara: I had a play with the foundation and tinted moisturiser whilst I was there. They really are lovely and I hope to investigate the shades next time I visit the counter.

    Thank you all for your lovely comments.
    Jane x

  12. Just discovered the Hourglass counter yesterday at Liberty!! I got the film noir mascara which I tried in the store and really liked! I loved the eyeshadows and a blush (sorry I don't remember the exact name) that the assistant put on me. Already I'm planning on going back! I also came away with a sample of the primer which I'll try tomorrow morning. so happy to have discovered this brand :-D

  13. Hi Karen! I'm so pleased to hear you like Hourglass too. I'm sure you're going to like the primer. Film Noir is my absolute favourite mascara.
    Jane x


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