Sunday, 26 June 2011

Lash Extension Update

Here's a somewhat overdue update on my lash extensions experience. I had the extensions applied almost four weeks ago now. Sadly, I started to lose lashes quite early on after they were applied. My eyes are reasonably sensitive and prone to watering and irritation. I can't wear contact lenses successfully as my eyes reject them, unfortunately this sensitivity seems to have been an issue with the lash extensions too.

How they looked to start with -


After 2 weeks -

lash update2

lash update5

lash update1

As you can see from the 'after' pictures, I only had a handful of lashes left at the two mark. I had avoided using any oil-based products so I don't think I spoiled the glue. I was conscious that they irritated my eyes and made them feel dry. I used eye drops to stop my eyes feeling uncomfortable and I wonder if this, coupled with fiddling without realising was to blame.

The lashes are similar in feel to cats whiskers. I say this as I had expected them to feel like hair. In hindsight, it was silly to make that assumption as they need some rigidity to stay put and hold a curl. I think it's that rigidity that bothered my eyes, especially whilst I was asleep.

I can also understand now why it's useful to have an oil free mascara suitable for use with lash extensions. It's redundant when the lashes are full but would be very useful as the extensions start to fall out. I imagine that even if your lashes last a good while, you would still experience a period of time when the lashes are patchy. On the plus side, although they fell out faster than I had hoped, they haven't damaged my natural lashes at all. I do still have a couple of lashes that have lasted the full four weeks. The have resisted mascara and oil based makeup remover. I shall be interested to see how how long they cling on for!

I need to make it very clear that I am not saying that lash extensions in general don't last long or will irritate your eyes. I think it's just something that didn't work well for me (I'm also beginning to think I am a destroyer of all things beautifying!). It is possible that other people with very sensitive eyes might experience similar issues.


  1. Thanks for the update. Having very sensitive eyes myself I know I could probably never get away with these but they were beautiful while they lasted. It would probably be worth it for a wedding or special event. I don't think you are a destroyer, either. x

  2. That's disappointing. They certainly looked beautiful, but I can see where they'd be more trouble than they're worth. I don't even really like to wear mascara, so I can't imagine I'd want little cat whiskers glued to my lashes!

  3. You might remember that I had a similar experience with lash extensions last year... such a shame as I really liked the effect they gave! I just can't afford to top up every two weeks when they're so expensive. Maybe they'll come up with a better glue sometime soon?

  4. Thanks for sharing your experience, I've thought about having these done but I've heard they can make your own lashes fall out, as well as the look they get as they come off can look uneven/messy (and no you're not a destroyer! lol) :)

  5. I didn't love having extensions. I had a half set. I loved how they looked but hated how they felt. I could feel them digging into my lash line and they were just too plastic feeling. I'm all about the lash growth serums now. x

  6. @Jeanie: Yes, I think for a special event maybe but even then I wonder if false lashes would be easier for irritated eyes? They did make me feel amazing when they were full though!

    @Zuzu’s Petals: I think if mascara bothers you, these would be a total no no. They looked lovely but I didn’t enjoy the sensation of them.

    @MLBB: The effect is amazing but a two week upkeep would be hard work. I’m not sure if was the glue that was a problem or a by-product of the irritation. I’m amused by the couple that just won’t fall off though!

    @Jadgrrrl: It’s good to hear that I’m not the lone destroyer! I’m pleased it didn’t harm my lashes. The transition time as they’re falling out was not pretty and I would’ve resorted to mascara earlier if I hadn’t been trialling them.

    @Rebecca: I’m glad it’s not just me. I’m just about to start testing a serum, I just to remember to put it on before bedtime!

    Jane x

  7. they looked good when you had them done but once they start gradually fall out, even if they dont damage your lashes (thank god) this would depress me. it would reveal the true shitness of my lashes underneath and think 'surely my lashes were not that small to start with' xx

  8. Hi liloo, I think the contrast as they start to drop out is quite depressing! x


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