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Max Factor Picks

This is another of the videos that I filmed over the weekend. Lipglossiping wrote an interesting post last week about make-up snobbery and I will admit to being firmly in the snob camp. Although I know very well that it isn't always justified. I do enjoy Max Factor make-up and it reminds me that there are plenty of brands in Superdrug and Boots that deserve my attention.

I've already mentioned Second Skin Foundation and my love for Burnt Bark eyeshadow. I wanted to share some new finds, namely the Miracle Touch creme blushers, Lipfinity Lip Tints and Xperience Volumising mascara.

Like my old love Max Factor Masterpiece, Xperience Volumising mascara has a small rubberised wand. My apologies for omitting a picture, it is however in the video. I have always got on well with Max Factor mascaras and the shape and formulas of this one works well on my short lashes. I can achieve good definition with Xperience and I get minimal smudging on my undereye during the day.

Lipfinity Lip Tints1

Lipfinity Lip Tints3

Lipfinity Lip Tints4

These felt tip style lip products seemed to have become quite popular and I'm aware that several brands have released something similar. This is my first experience though, so I'm afraid I can't compare. I like the colours but I do find the application experience a little strange. I also find that you sometimes have to re-prime the colour at the tip. These are tints rather than stains and I would describe the colour as watery rather than sheer.

Lipfinity Lip Tints2
Top - #03 Pink Princess, Bottom - #08 Nice N Nude

I've swatched the colours #03 Pink Princess and #08 Nice N Nude above. I'm slightly surprised at the name for #08 as I see it as a slightly gingery brown shade. I do like the colour very much and I like to pair it with my shimmery nude Hourglass gloss as you can see below. You can see how Pink Princess looks on my lips in the second half of the YouTube video.

Nice and Nude

Being a cream blush fan, I was instantly taken with the Miracle Touch Creamy Blush. The colours below are Soft Cardinal, a bright medium pink with some shimmer and Soft Copper, a coppery brown.
Soft Copper looks like it wouldn't work as a blusher but it actually gives a lovely colour to the cheeks and is the colour Caroline Barnes used on me at the Max Factor event. Soft Cardinal gives a more girly pink look and I suppose it's similar to something like MAC Dollymix in it's colour.

Max Factor blushers6

Max Factor blushers2

Max Factor blushers3
L - Soft Copper, R - Soft Cardinal

The texture of both of these is very easy to work with, they blend easily and don't feel greasy which I find to be a fault with some of the cheaper creams. These are probably my favourite Max Factor finds after Second Skin and Burnt Bark eyeshadow! I have been recommending these to my friends and I intend to take a look at some of the colours available. Both Soft Murano and Soft pink look very nice from the online swatches.

Disclosure: These products were sent to me without cost for consideration for review.


  1. I was wearing Soft Copper today, planned a post on how much I love it! - I also saw it at the MF event. I also love Xperience Mascara - It is my every day mascara.

  2. Loved the video, I admit to being a makeup snob too and will only buy high end brands, I've never used max factor before but after watching and reading this post I may have to try some of the items to use as daytime makeup xx

  3. Second Skin is my favourite foundation actually. I also like their mascaras a lot and cream blushes are amazing. I want to try their cream eye shadows, those in the tubes because I've heard a lot of great things about them.

  4. I don't think i'll ever be a makeup snob, purely because I know lower end brands do have quality products. However I will always prefer a high quality item over a low quality one and I know that it can be found in a drugstore or a counter!

  5. I love max factor mascaras too, their quality is up there with the most expensive ones in the market!

  6. No more MF in the US but at least Cover Girl is close. But they don't have those pretty cream blushes. Soft Cardinal looks beautiful.

  7. @Bettina: Hi Bettina! Soft Copper is lovely, isn’t it? I think it works well on a lot of different skin tones too. It’s good to know there are more fans of the mascara too.

    @Madame Gourmand: I would definitely recommend having a look. They do have some excellent products.

    @Marina: I’m so pleased you like all these things too Marina. I find Second Skin is a really great foundation for my skin. I’ll have to have a look at the cream eyeshadows, they sound very interesting!

    @Eden-Avalon: Agreed. Not everything that is expensive is great and what’s important is finding the right product for your needs.

    @thehouseofy: Absolutely, I have always rated their mascaras. I have some more expensive favourites these days but I’m glad to be reminded what good quality the MF mascaras are.

    @Marcia: I heard about MF no longer being available in the States. That’s a real shame. Likewise, we no longer have Cover Girl. I shall have to send you one of the MF cream blushers to try. I’d be interested to see what you think.

    Thank you for your comments,
    Jane x


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