Tuesday, 21 June 2011

A Little Superdrug Trip

I went for a little mooch around Superdrug today. My mission was to swatch and pick up at least one of the L'Oreal Color Infallible eyeshadows but there were a few other things that I had a look at whilst I was there.

Firstly, I had a look at the Max Factor Miracle Touch Blusher in Soft Pink and Soft Murano. I'm very taken with Murano, it's a reddy pink but very natural looking. Soft pink is nice too but I didn't really appreciate the colour until after I stepped out into natural light. It's a lighter, bluer pink than Soft Murano and I think it would look very pretty on tanned skin. Sadly, the swatches on my hand are a little tricky to see. Hopefully you can pick them out, Soft Pink is at the top and Soft Murano at the bottom.

Miracle Touch2

Miracle Touch3

Marina from Makeup4All had mentioned the Max Factor Eye Creams were worth a look so I hunted them out on the stand. There were five colours from memory; a metallic ivory, a pink, a metallic silver, a pale green and a frosty brown. They come in lipgloss style packaging with a doe-foot applicator. I suppose it similar in style to the RBR cream eyeshadows. The colours that instantly appealed to me were the brown and ivory. The ivory is quite opaque but I imagine it would sheer out. I'm not 100% sure it would work for me but I'm tempted to get it to give it a try. The brown is lovely, it's a deep taupe almost and to my eye, it looks like a dupe for Chanel Ombre d'Eau in Splash.

Top - MF Pearl Beige, Bottom - Coffee

Max Factor is on a 3 for 2 in Superdrug at the moment and I think I will go back and take advantage of this offer. I'm just not quite sure which combination of these items to go for yet!

In the centre of my hand are swatches of a couple of the Infallible Color eyeshadows. Top Centre is the colour #12 Endless Chocolate. Below that on the left is #05 Purple Obsession and on the right is #09 Permanent Khaki. I have to say I was disappointed with both Purple Obsession and Permanent Khaki as they were both so sheer. I wouldn't say these shades are really comparable to the Armani Eyes to Kill formula. Also, I had hoped that the Khaki would be darker in colour. Permanent Khaki is quite yellowy gold and not something I would go for, I prefer my khaki with a bit more dirt!

I had wanted to swatch #16 Coconut Shake but there wasn't a tester pot available. I was especially intrigued as this shade is labelled as a matte finish. I'd really like to see how this texture of eyeshadow looks as a matte finish. I was a little disappointed that there were no peach or champagne shades as I was hoping to crush a couple of my Armani lusts or at least see if I could pull those sorts of colours off.

From far left, moving clockwise: MF Pearl Beige, MF Coffee, #12 Endless Chocolate, MF Soft Pink, MF Soft Murano, #09 Permanent Khaki and #05 Purple Obsession.



What I did end up coming home with was the Infallible Color eyeshadows in Endless Chocolate and Burning Black. I'm really looking forward to having a play with them and seeing how the colours work for me. I suspect I will return for a few of the other things I swatched as they've been playing on my mind this afternoon. A sure fire way for me to know I really want something is to not buy it!

Infallible Colour
Left - Endless Chocolate, Right - Burning Black

Which products are playing on your mind at the moment?


  1. Loving all those colours. Glad I'm not the only one who wanders around with graffiti hands! ;-)
    Nic x

  2. LOL! I had to protect my hand all the way home! Next time I shall take my camera out with me. Mind you, that probably looks just as odd as walking around with one hand stick out ;)
    Jane x

  3. Hahaha! That's pretty hilarious. It's a shame more places aren't willing to let you swatch and snap right there. It'd certainly get me to buy more stuff if I wasn't uncertain about how they'd look!

  4. Thankyou for swatching some other L'Oreal colours Jane - I just assumed they were all as equally pigmented as the Burning Black! This is excellent detective work :) Endless Chocolate looks gorgeous though! I'll be interested to see how the eye creams work on you. I'm so weary of creamy eye products because everything creases on me!

  5. What a fun haul! I really like the looks of those two darker Loreal shadows. I will have to see we have those here. Probably not but I'll have a look. x

  6. I was thinking of getting Endless Chocolate as that one is beautiful. I've had a test of the matte shades and I didn't like the texture so much as they do feel a little dry (maybe it was the tester?).

    Other good things I've seen are Bourjois new Extrait eyeshadows - they have a dark blue and a chocolate shade that are super-pigemented and smooth. I think I will have to get these:)

  7. Great post - I am forever swatching products and never thought to actually take a picture of them!

    Was purple obsession from the chrome intensity range? As it looked nothing like the EOTD post that I did with it, it is really intense and bright on me?

  8. Thanks for the mention and I can't wait for your L'Oreal review and Max Factor(if you get it) x

  9. I am loving revlon lipstick in melonade! Such a pretty coral. I dont usually buy drug store brands.

  10. Ooh these look beautiful, i always end up covered in swatches when i go to the shops lol x

  11. @Eden-Avalon: I hadn’t gone in with the intention of taking pictures but as the sun was out and all the swatches still intact, it would have been a shame not to take advantage! I’m tempted to go back and get some more swatches of the Infallible Color eyeshadows.

    @dempss: It was very interesting to see that the pitgmentation varied. I wonder if it’s just the testers? I suspect not though. That is definitely quite different to the E2K which were all very rich looking. I’m looking forward to trying out Endless Chocolate. I’ll report back on the creams too.

    @Jeanie: I’m told that you don’t have the Infallible Colour eyeshadows. I’ve not sure if that’s a not yet or that you won’t get that line. There’s always a way to fix that sort of problem though ;)

    @Meeta: Ooh, I shall have to have a look at the Bourjois, they sound lovely. Thanks for your thoughts on the Matte L’Oreal too, it’s kind of what I expected. I’ll get some proper swatch pictures up of Endless Chocolate soon.

    @Bettina: I couldn’t resist the photo op as the sun was out and all the swatches had survived the walk home. Purple Obsession is one of the Cream/powder hybrid eyeshadows in a pot. I think it’s different to the Chrome Intensity range.

    @Marina: You’re very welcome. I’m definitely going to take advantage of the 3 for 2 and buy some of the Max Factor creams. I really like how they swatched.

    @Tara: That sounds lovely! I shall have to take a look as I love your taste in lipsticks,

    @nicoletta: I think there are quite a few of us that go around with crazy swatched hands!

    Thank you all,
    Jane x

  12. You picked some lovely shades!!!!! And you may have inspired a (-nother) purchase! ;)

    As for the Max Factor creamy blushes, I'm convinced that Soft Murano is the most universally flattering one, the rest seem to be way too pink or bright or dark or brown!!!



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