Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Le Métier de Beauté Echo Blusher

You may remember that I mentioned a while ago how sad I was that I missed out on buying Le Métier de Beauté's Echo blusher whilst they were in Selfridges. Fellow LMdB enthusiast, Hopelessly Devoted to Makeup came to my aid and we arranged a little International swap.

Echo blusher is a coral hued pink with gold shimmer. It's probably a little similar in colour to NARS Orgasm though I don't have own it to make a direct comparison. It's richly pigmented with a smooth texture. When applied, I find it gives my cheeks a sheen in a similar way to a MAC Mineralise Skin Finish but without all the chunky glitter and fall out.





As it's quite pigmented, I find it best to use a light hand and add more as requires. I find it's a perfect colour for the warmer weather and I have enjoyed pairing it with my Lip Chic in Zinnia.

Although I don't have NARS Orgasm to compare it to, I thought it would be interesting to compare it to the blusher in the Chantecaille Sea Turtles palette. In the pan, I think they look quite similar. When swatched, Echo is more coral whereas the Chantecaille is more pink based with less shimmer.

Echo vs Turtles Blusher2

Echo vs Turtles Blusher4
Top - LMdB Echo, Bottom - Chantecaille 'Sea Turtles' blusher
Echo vs Turtles
Heavy Swatch. Top - LMdB Echo, Bottom - Chantecaille 'Sea Turtles' blusher

I'm very pleased that I finally have Echo. It's a very pretty, summery shade and makes a lovely change from my usual neutral pinks. I imagine it would look beautiful on a tanned complexion too.


  1. That is lovely, having been cream blusher til I die I am now really into powder blush with a hint of shimmer so both of these would float my boat!

  2. Interesting. Sea Turtle looks a wee bit more pink (which surprises me). The LMdB blush is such a pretty color (oh, the joys of a compact's virgin surface), but I am wondering it it might be too peachy on my skin. It looks really nice on yours.

    Thanks also for the link to LC in Zinnia! I hadn't see that swatched and it definitely looks like a color I can wear. I have the cooler tones (Tea Rose, Damask, Heirloom, Dahlia), but Zinnia looks gorgeous for summer, and it looks SO pretty on you.

  3. That is really pretty, I do like to have a few coral type shades. Well if they ever do return to the UK I'll be ready with my list in hand ;) x

  4. The peachy coral is so pretty. Where can you by Le metier?

  5. This looks very pretty and summery :) x

  6. That color is amazing! I must have it!

  7. Yay, I am so pleased that you like it. It looks lovely on you btw!

  8. that is lovely! Exactly my favorite color of blush :)

  9. I am a big fan of peachy blush. Have you tried and Shu Uemura blushes? They do a fab peach, It was in fact my first blush ever.

    Echo looks sooooooo perfect! Where might I find one?

  10. OOoh. Loverly! I'm glad you did the comparison between LMdB and Chantecaille. This helps a lot! I'm so sad for you all that LMdB isn't available in the UK any more.

  11. Thank you for all of your lovely comments.

    @Debbie: I love that profile pic of you! I think certain powders are just as flattering as cream. Ones with a sheen like this (rather than chunky glitter) are really pretty.

    @PP: I bet this will look stunning on you.

    @Zuzu’s Petals: The Turtles blush being more pink surprised me too. I’m actually wearing that palette today. I love it when a blog exploration leads to me re-discovering things in my stash!

    Zinnia is really pretty. It’s got the juicy effect like your Murmuring lip picture! I have Tea Rose on my watch list :)

    @Replica: For some reason in my head I was expecting it to be more pink than it is but I’m very pleased with it. Fingers crossed the return is soon, otherwise I think we’ll all start going a little mad! Have you seen pics of Ken’s Koral collection? The nail varnish is GORGEOUS!

    @Zoe: Thank you!

    @Imo: Le Metier doesn’t have a presence in the UK at the moment so it’s a beg-a-favour-of-a-friend-in-the-US situation. They have promised me that they will return. I think it might online only to start with.

    @Sherrie: It’s definitely a very cheery summer colour. I’m intrigued now to know how similar it is to Orgasm or Coralista.

    @productdoctor: I was so pleased to finally get my hands on it after missing my chance when we had LMdB in the UK. It’s such a pretty colour.

    @Devoted: Thank you so, so much for coming to my aid! You’ve made a fellow beauty blogger very happy! X

    @luv2smilexo: Thank you!

    @Old Cow: I’ve not yet tried the Shu blushers though I intend to. They have some lovely shades from my furtive glances at their counters. Echo is beautiful but we can’t get Le Metier in the UK at the moment. They’ve promised they’re coming back very soon.

    @Elvira: I was surprised by the fact that the Chantecaille was more pink that Echo. In my head I was expecting them to be the other way round. Of course, now I feel I need to know how similar they are to Coralista and Orgasm…

    Jane x

  12. Lovely, the shimmer doesn't look too much, just subtle and glowing :)

  13. Thanks Rocaille. I think it's very pretty, I wore it yesterday with bronzer and loved the really summery effect x


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