Thursday, 2 June 2011

Kate Kanebo Brown Collection Palette

My lovely blog friend Old Cow from Worships at the House of Blues surprised me with this little gem recently. Kate is an arm of the Japanese brand, Kanebo and I believe it's stocked widely in Japanese drustores. The palette is part of the Brown Collection and this palette is the BR-4 colourway. I think it's safe to say these colours are perfect for me! Taupe and Vanilla? Job done.

Kate+Brown Collection2

I have to share with you this little touch on the packaging.

Kate+Brown Collection3

Kate+Brown Collection4

Kate+Brown Collection5

Inside the palette there are three eyeshadows, a brow powder and a contour powder. Until I looked at the pictorial instructions, I thought the contour was a brow powder too. I could definitely use it that way. I was interested to see that the pans size varies according to how much your likely to use each colours in an eye look. It's quite a sensible and economical, I imagine you're more likely to hit pan this way! The vanilla has a matte texture, whereas the pinky taupe and brown contain some shimmer which you can see in the pictures below.

Kate+Brown Collection8


I used the sponge applicators that are included in the palette to do the swatches. The colours have medium pigmentation, they're a little powdery in texture but these are perfect neutral colours. My apologies for omitting to swatch the brow and contour powders.

I am really enjoying playing with this palette. I find it fascinating trying cosmetics from other Countries. I actually have some more things to share with you very soon and I hope to send my husband on a cosmetics hunt when he goes to Barcelona later this year. I'm not sure how successful that will be! Have you ever found any make-up or skincare brands whilst abroad? Which brands do you desperately wish were available where you live?


  1. What a lovely palette that is, not too much sparkle, just how I like it. Jude xx @jadlgw

  2. Oh I love product hunting when abroad! Especially brushes! I have found some gems all over the world. When I go away next week for a month, I'll hopefully be able to blog about some foreign lovelies in the cosmetics world. Thanks for this lovely post Jane, I've been a fan of Kanebo for years seeing as it's close to home. X

  3. Pretty palette! And unusual to see one specifically with a brow powder included.

    The one brand I wish was easier to get here was Stila. But as it turns out my prayers have been answered, as Stila is apparently making a comeback to the UK soon! *dances*

  4. I'm with you! Anything brown or taupe and i'm a happy bunny:-)
    We have a brand in France sold by mail order or online via a site called "Club Créateurs de Beauté". The make-up line's called "Agnès b." and i love some of their stuff. Cheap and quite nice quality. Funnily enough i've never seen any mention of "Yves Rocher" in the blogs i follow. It's not so bad either and available in the UK.
    Loving your blog:-) x

  5. I always go back to Japan and LOVE cosmetics hunting - my favourite brand is called CANMAKE, but I used to use KATE's eyeliner when I was in high school. I'll look out for this palette cuz I love Taupe too! :)

  6. @Jude: I’m told it’s the ultimate Office Lady palette. Definitely up Ms. Brown’s street!

    @KennethSoh: I bet you’re looking forward to your travels! I shall look forward to hearing about your finds. Thank you again for the kind mention of the post on Twitter.

    @Star_violet: Yes, Stila will be back very soon. More news on that very soon :D.

    @Annette: I’ve forgotten all about Agnès b., I used to have a lovely mascara from their line. I’ve used Yves Rocher too. I’ve lived in France before and always love scouring the pharmacies. The French really know how to make good cleansers!

    Thank so much for your comments,
    Jane x

  7. I invariably end up shopping for cosmetics and skincare when I'm in Asia. Japanese mascara is truly excellent - it's the trifecta in lifting, curling, and staying power. Lunasol, Coffret d'or, Jill Stuart, are all excellent lines - very natural, wearable colors with high quality textures and invariably unscented. I will note that these brands are on the pricey side, but even the "drugstore brands" like Kate are of good quality. Korean skincare is really world class - incorporating the latest technology all the pursuit of flawless skin. Laneige, Vidi Vici, Lotree, BRTC are a few of the lines that are very good. Skinfood is another, more affordable line. As to a brand that I wish was available here in San Francisco? Rouge Bunny Rouge! Thanks for your blog... I enjoy reading it.

  8. This pallete looks gorgeous! Is it available here? I do love my natural colours for the eyes! :)

  9. @Yu: Fingers crossed you can find the palette. I know it's definitely on their website so fingers crossed you're in luck. From Cynthia's comment, it sounds like I need to investigate Japanese mascaras!

    @Cynthia: Thank you so much for your comment Cynthia, I had no idea about Korean skincare being so good. That's truly fascinating. Japanese mascara sounds like something to investigate too! I shall make sure I find out where my parents are doing stop offs en route to Australia ;). Ah yes, Rouge Bunny Rouge. I know that would be one of my wishes too!

    @beautyWowza: Thank you! I'm not sure that anywhere sells the brand in the UK. There's an English website but no sales side to it. I guess ebay is a possibility?

    Jane x


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