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Rouge Bunny Rouge Black Pepperjay Eyeshadow

RBR Blackpepper Jay is the most recent addition to my RBR collection. It's the first of their matte formulations that I have tried.

RBR+Blackpepper Jay12

RBR+Blackpepper Jay3

Blackpepper Jay is a very dark, smoky brown colour. For some reason whenever I try and take a picture of it in the pan, it looks much lighter than it really is. The pictures of the untouched pan certainly look much lighter so I have included extra pictures to try and show you how dark the colour is. I have also included a comparison to MAC Carbon to demonstrate that Blackpepper Jay is a very dark brown rather than black.

RBR+Blackpepper Jay4

RBR+Blackpepper Jay6
Left - Carbon, Right - Blackpepper Jay

RBR+Blackpepper Jay10

Hopefully you can see from the swatches that the colour has touches of plum and charcoal grey to it. I find it a much more interesting because of these nuances to the colour. I like to use it both as a crease colour and also along the lash line to create a flattering smoky eye. Like other RBR eyeshadows, it is very pigmented and super smooth. Although pigmented, it is still very easy to blend the colour. As it is a dark brown rather than black, I find it's not as severe and allows me to create a darker eye look without making me feel it looks to harsh on my *ahem* maturing eyes!

RBR+Blackpepper Jay1

RBR+Blackpepper Jay9
Top - Blackpepper Jay, Bottom - Carbon

For me, this has been another really successful RBR purchase. I'd hesitated to buy it before as I thought it might be a little 'boring' but I need to remind myself that even staple colours are easier to work with when you buy from a good quality brand.

Do you like to spend money on staple colours or do you prefer to save the splurges for exciting or limited edition purchases?


  1. I think you're right, staples are boring but where would we be without their reassuring presence? I think this would make an excellent eye brow colour for people like me with dark eye brows where most browns are too light or red and black just looks scary! Thanks for the post :)

  2. Hi OJ! I'm very guilty of overlooking the staples in favour of shiny things but they are so important. I hadn't thought of it in terms of brow colour but yes, it would be very good. Black is downright scary, I was moaning to Mr. MB about the girl on The Apprentice who appeared to have used an eyeliner to fill in her brows :-O

  3. This is on my RBR wishlist! I'm on a new mission trying to assure my staple collection is solid!

    Thanks for the through review once again x

  4. Blackpepper Jay does look more interesting in your swatch, before I thought it was almost black.

    I haven't tried any of RBR's mattes, I think because it is harder to get across the feel of a matte shade from online pics they don't seem as exciting. But then I am reminded that some mattes shadows are lovely like the Burberry ones so I should give them more of a chance.

  5. I love my staples, and the colors that are the most flattering to me are the ones that look the most boring in the pan. I agree, it's hard to capture this color on film, same with Grey Go-Away Lourie. I find Blackpepper Jay to be a bit too dark for my crease (for everyday wear), but it makes a gorgeous eyeliner when applied wet, and it's so easy to lay down. I hadn't thought of using this as a brow color, either--I'm not sure it's ashy enough for me, but I'm going to give it a try tomorrow. I definitely think this would be a great brow color for darker-haired ladies but I am not sure how well it would adhere.

  6. I am definitely a staples girl. I find them exciting rather than boring! I will invest in quality rather than quantity all the time. Although limited edition products always get me on packaging *sighs*.

    I think BlackPepper Jay would make a great liner colour for dark smokey eyes. Closest I have to it is Becca's Matt Silesia from my Enigma Palette. RBR are definitely a firm staple in my collection now. Ty! x

  7. I think it's a good idea to always have a few staple products in your collection from different brands. Of course it's fun to have the cute and exciting limited edition products too.

    I have not tried any Rouge Bunny products yet, I keep seeing reviews on different blogs. I'm very tempted now to try a few items.

  8. The swatches reflect nicely how dark it is! It's nice to find a brand that does mattes well as it's hard to find. I may have to try some of these! Thanks!

  9. Oh def spend on staples as they are going to be the day to day go to stuff and buy cheap for bright things that I will get bored of quickly!

  10. I just wore that yesterday for the first time. My pictures turned out lighter too. We're on the same page!!

  11. You remind me that I! Need more RBR in my life! Personally, I like to splurge on limited editions, but I do love my "boring" staples too!

  12. Wow!!! This color is amazing. I can see from your swatches the complexity of the brown, it is very rich. I love this shade and I think a smokey eye looks lovely and less harsh with brown instead of black. As soon as I move I'm placing my first RBR order and this will be in it!

  13. I've been looking for a dark brownish matte colour and this is now definitely on my wishlist. I think that matte eyeshadows are such great basics - I have and love Blanc Type and Cork by MAC and of course they're not the most interesting colours but I use them on a regular basis. Thank you very much for this post and swatches. x

  14. I love this colour, I think that it's important to have good quality staples because they are the backbone of your makeup. I prefer to splurge on those, and get cheapie brand for fun colours.

  15. Staples, for sure. I've never tried RBR, your posts make me want them!

  16. @Jeanie: I think you’d like this one. I’m loving your staples post btw!

    @Meeta: Yes, I’m the same as you with the matte eyeshadows but I’m glad I took a chance on this one,

    @Zuzu’s Petals: That’s a good point about the adherance. I’ll have to give it a try myself to see how it works in the brow.

    @Miss Kei Kei: I can be quite bad with the LE’s too. I will have to compare Silesia and Blackpepper Jay. I love the Enigma palette!

    @Diane: I think Rouge Bunny Rouge is my favourite makeup brands. It’s certainly in my top three. I’m so rarely disappointed by RBR purchases.

    @Perilously Pale: I’m impressed with it and I’ll be tempted to try more of the mattes in future.

    @Debbie: You definitely have the more sensible approach to it!

    @Marcia: Snap!

    @Hopelessly Devoted To Makeup: It’s hard to resist the lure of the LE items. One thing I do love about RBR is that they’re not constantly bringing out new things so I can’t keep up. It’s nice when you know you don’t have to rush for fear of an item being sold out or discontinued.

    @productdoctor: I’m sure you’re going to love RBR! I agree about brown being less harsh too. I feel a bit too old for full on black sometimes.

    @Klara: I agree about some of the less fancy MAC shades. I’m the same with Brule and Omega. I’m very pleased that I bought this one as it’ll be a very useful addition to my little RBR collection!

    @Jen W: You’re sensible like Debbie. I know there are a lot of great, less expensive brands for colour. I intend to have a little drugstore swatching session very soon to remind myself.

    @thehouseofy: Thanks for your comment. RBR is one of my favourite brands.

    Thanks for all of your comments.
    Jane x

  17. Oh, I love how dark and unusual it looks!!!

    Good god Jane, at this rate my little RBR drawer will run out of space! :)

    Hmm. Ok. That's it then: I must make a zuneta order before my summer vacation. I must.



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