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Rouge Bunny Rouge Decadent Duo in Flamenco Duende

I got Rouge Bunny Rouge Decadent Duo in Flamenco Duende as a GWP from I'd read nice reviews of these duos, so I wasted no time placing an order as soon as I spotted the offer. Flamenco Duende includes a liquid blusher and a lipgloss, both of which are quite caramel, nude shades.

RBR+Flamenco Duende10

RBR+Flamenco Duende11

The picture of the duo in my hand probably gives the most accurate impression of the colours. The liquid blusher comes with a small brush applicator. The liquid feels cool going on the skin and the liquid is easy to blend. The blusher colour is a peachy beige shade, it's quite sheer when blended out but it adds a nice definition to the cheeks.

The lipgloss has a doe-foot applicator and is a nude, slightly apricot colour with golden shimmer. The texture of the gloss is beautiful. It feels luxurious and plumping on the lips. It has a reasonable wear time too. Like Coy lipgloss, I find this shimmer is very grown up and refined.

RBR+Flamenco Duende5

RBR+Flamenco Duende17
L-R: Lipgloss, heavy swatch of liquid blusher and blended blusher.

RBR+Flamenco Duende16



The combination of lipgloss and blusher gives a nude, tawny look. I've applied here with other neutral colours and bronzer but it would look nice with a heaiery eye look too. I do find the combination quite beachy in feel. I think these blusher and lipgloss duos are very handy for holiday make-up as you can apply both easily without need for any brushes. It's also quite small and portable so ideal for throwing in your handbag. The Decadent Duos come in three other colour combinations, I will be hunting out swatches to see if any of the other combinations appeal.

Rouge Bunny Rouge Decadent Duos cost £28 and are available from who ship worldwide.


  1. Absolutely lovely! What a clever idea. The colors look very nice on you! In fact I think this would be flattering on a range of skin tones.

  2. OK, now that I see it on you, I am much encouraged! I received the same color GWP but didn't try it because I assumed it would not look good on cool skin, but it looks really great on you, a perfect summer look.

  3. I absolutely love that on you! LOVE it. Do you think that it would work to mix the liquid blusher and gloss to wear as a gloss? or would the liquid blush/bronzer have kind of a different consistancy?

  4. @productdoctor: Thank you. I think you’re right too, I’m sure it would well on a variety of skin tones.

    @Zuzu’s Petals: Definitely give it a try. I would particularly recommend trying the lipgloss.

    @Shelley: Thank you! As it happens, I did accidentally put the blusher/bronzer on my lips so I can answer this. The texture is quite watery and felt a little strange on my lips. It didn’t really add colour to my lips either but that may just be because I have pigmented lips. I suppose that maybe one of the rosy coloured Duos might be more successful on the lips.

    Jane x

  5. Thanks for the review. For whatever reason I never looked at these duos. I think I kind an assumption the quality wouldn't be as good as other RBR products. Not sure why I had this impression. Glad to know they look and feel great!

  6. The colors look much better on you than on me. I think I need something under the gloss to give it more color.

  7. Hi MB, thanks for this post! I recently placed an order from for 6 RBR items & I can't wait for them to arrive! :) This duo looks interesting, it may end up in my next order! ;)

  8. I have the gwp and was worried about using it. For sure though I want one in the pinker version thanks to your post.

  9. Your review is spot on (of course I couldn't resist the GWP either) I have to say I was going to do a post on these but your photos put mine to shame, so I think I'll need to re-do them. Do you use a speacial light for your pictures? x

  10. @PP: To be honest, I have overlooked them too. I would like to get another colour way as I think they are useful. I think these would be ideal for someone that wants more portable items (and possibly has a compact MU collection – oh the horror!!). I know someone people have worried that there’s only a small amount of each product but it’s rare for me to finish anything as it is!

    @Ammie: I think the gloss would definitely work over a lipstick or maybe even a darker liner?

    @Esther: Oooh, 6 items! How lovely, I’d love to know what you got and what you think to it all.

    @Marcia: The textures are lovely and probably what you’d expect from RBR. I really like the feel of their glosses very much. Have you given your duo a try? It’s worth it from the texture pov.

    @Replica: Oh, I do hope you post! I don’t have any special lighting and I’m still using my almost 6 year old point and shoot camera! My pictures have looked much ‘truer’ since I started hosting them on Flickr. Blogger/Picasa annoyed me a lot as it would constantly spoil my pictures. The lighting is an advantage of being at home most days I think, though the price I pay is the little audience that follows me round trying to get hold of everything ;)

    Jane x

  11. Hello,
    I'm sure I do have an old flicker account so perhaps I'll try that. Lighting is a big problem for me, especially with the ones where I take a picture of the shadows on my eyes, I've been thinking about stopping doing them, as out of any 20-30 pics only a few will be accurate.
    I think nearly everytime I have tried to take a photo with my little man around its ended in near or actual makeup ruin x

  12. Hehe, I was gonna say it looks very summery too! ;)

    Great (well, foolproof) combination, I can see this working on a variety of skintones!!! Would *love* to try this, but I should restrain myself (glossout 2011 and all that jazz)!

    Off topic, but I love what you did with the eye makeup as well! ;)



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