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Essence Lipsticks

I'm feeling a bit guilty right now as my habit of showing you make-up that you can't get in the UK seems to be turning in to a regular thing. So, my apologies in advance. I've done a bit of research and it seems like Essence cosmetics are available in most of Europe and the USA. It's not the only brand or store even (I'm talking about you Sephora) that seems to want to miss us out. What did we do? Do we smell bad or something?

Essence lipsticks1

Essence lipsticks2

Anyway, back to the make-up. I received the lipsticks and lipgloss as part of a European exchange with fellow make-up fiend, Mookie On The Bench. Essence is a brand I had heard mentioned before and I was very excited to give it a try. The lipstick packaging is reasonably basic but I really like the fact that the outer casing matches the lipstick colour inside. I also like that the inside is clear so you can see the entirety of the lipstick bullet as you wind it up. It might not be sleek like many of my favourite brands but it is quite girly and cheerful.

Essence lipsticks4

Essence lipsticks6

I have lipsticks in the shades #44 Almost Famous, a beautiful strawberry shade and #53 All About Cupcake, a mid-toned pink. Both are quite sheer with a nice moisturising feel. They have a slight scent to them, I can't make up my mind if it's a bubblegum or slightly cake-y food smell. They last like any other sheer, by which I mean that you will need to reapply regularly and after eating or drinking. There seems to be a good range of colours available and as I believe these are very reasonably priced, it's an affordable way to experiment with colour.

Essence lipsticks7
Essence lipsticks9
L-R: Trendsetter, All About Cupcake and Almost Famous

I also have Essence Stay With Me Long Lasting Lipgloss in #04 Trendsetter. I love this lipgloss! It has a strange, hourglass shaped doe-foot applicator which is quite springy and actually a little tricky to use as it bends. The gloss has a very fruity scent and both the smell and texture remind me a lot of the Max Factor Gloss Cubes that I reviewed here. Trendsetter is a sheer, cerise pink. It's bright but not so bright that I feel out of my comfort zone. The texture is nice and slippy, although I find it becomes a little more sticky with wear.



If you want to know more about the products and colours, there are websites for both Europe and America. I believe Essence is available from Ulta and Fred Meyer in the USA. For those of you that have access to Essence products and have tried them, what do you think? Do you have any recommendations? If anyone happens to know why we don't have Essence in the UK, feel free to fill me in!


  1. I like the look of All About Cupcake, it's quite a pretty neutral pink - the kind I go for! I've seen Essence around when I was in Germany, & I think the Netherlands too. I just never get the chance to buy anything when I go abroad! I'll have to make a list next time.

  2. I love the look of that gloss! I will have my mother look for that at Ulta for me. Very pretty on you- but then you always look lovely. BTW, how are your lashes doing? xx

  3. They look really gorgeous. It does annoy me when we don't get some really god brands!

  4. Love Trendsetter - so cheery and bright!

    Essence used to be available a few years back in some Debenhams stores, (although not sure why as at that price point it's more suited to somewhere like Superdrug). Their Lash Mania mascara is excellent (looks like Diorshow but better imo). I did like the few bits I had from them and would love to see them stocked here again.

  5. @25fLondon: Yes, I saw Germany and the Netherlands listed. I think they might actually be based in Germany. If you get chance, I'd pick something up on your travels. All About Cupcake would be a good choice if you like neutral pinks.

    @Jeanie: You are so kind. I should have powdered my face before the picture, it's been steaming hot here today! The gloss is lovely, fingers crossed your Mum can find it for you.

    Hmmm...the lashes have gone the way of the Shellac. I seem to be the official destroyer of all beauty treatments!! I have about 3 lashes left on one eye and 4 on the other. I cracked and put mascara on today. I've not fiddled with them but my eyes seem to have rejected them...

    Jane x

  6. Some of the best Essence products imo are: nail polishes -both the Colour&Go line and Multidimension and the automatic eyeliners. The new eyeshadows are not bad either.

  7. That gloss is fabulous on you! What an odd applicator.

  8. Stay With Me looks gorgeous on you! What a bright and happy shade of pink. It looks really pigmented, too. I've never heard of this brand and will need to check it out. I also love that the lipstick casing matches the color inside. What a time saver that would be in my makeup pit.

  9. Trendsetter looks gorgeous on you! I really dislike the applicator of this lipgloss, it's too bendy, but quality-wise it's a good gloss. As you know I also like their lipsticks, nail polishes (amazing colours and cheap), the blush brush is my everyday staple and the gel liners are also very nice. I think Essence is a german brand and in some way connected to Catrice which have excellent nail polishes. There are only a few brands that we have here and you don't (like Essence, Catrice, Artdeco, Makeup Factory) but the list of brands that we don't have here is huge (NARS, Armani, MAC, Bobbi Brown, Makeup Forever, Urban Decay etc.) But I guess we often want things which are not so easily available (btw, where is that Le Metier de Beaute ;) x

  10. That's a shame about the lashes! I bet I would have a similar experience.

  11. Love love love the gloss on you! I'm a bit afraid of such bright pinks!

  12. Ooooh, that gloss looks fantastic on you!
    I have been lemming these (esp. the gloss) ever since I saw them on Delicate Hummingbird's blog...we need more 'drugstore' brands in he UK. Urgently!
    Nina x

  13. I love Essence products! They are one of the few drugstore items available here where the quality and fun goes way over the price.

  14. @Zoe: Sometimes we do miss out on some real gems and I don’t know why!

    @Meeta: Yes, Debenhams doesn’t really seem the right choice does it? I hadn’t realised that it had been and gone. It definitely is another Sephora then!

    @marox: Your profile picture is fab! I have The Kiss hanging in my bedroom. Thank you for sharing your Essence favourites.

    @PP: Gloss = fab, Applicator = weirdness!

    @Zuzu’s Petals: The matching outer casing is an inspired idea isn’t it. Colour coding is the way forward!

    @Klara: Yes, I agree the gloss is really good quality. Thank you so much again for giving me the opportunity to try the range. I am very impressed. It’s true that we do have access to plenty of other stuff, but we do seem to miss out on some things without me really understanding why. Yes, LMdB, I think we’re all impatient for that return!

    @Jeanie: It is a shame but at least now I know that it’s off the cards for me. It’s annoying how I seem to wreck everything!!

    @productdoctor: Thank you! I’m normally a neutrals girl but make an exception for certain lip colours.

    @Nina: Thank you Nina. I agree, I do wish we had many more of the European and American drugstore brands in the UK. Not that I really need more makeup …

    @Yarisse: Yes, I agree, the quality exceeds the price with this brand.

    Thanks for your comments,
    Jane x

  15. Umm I think I may need to visit Ulta tomorrow! I just discovered the Essence section on my last visit and I've been loving the nail polishes I picked up. Readers have been asking for more affordable product reviews lately and I think these will fit the bill! Great find :)

  16. i really like the colours. they are so pretty and there a many of them. but the drawback i found was that it dried to my lips quickly, so i would have to reapply it every hour or two. other than that i loved it!


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