Wednesday, 1 June 2011

NARS Dogon Eyeshadow Duo


I finally got my hands on NARS Dogon, you may remember that I'd mentioned once (or twice) how much I wanted this duo. I'd been promised taupe with a twist, so I knew I would be unable to resist. Dogon was released with the NARS Summer collection, the other eyeshadow duo, Exotic Dance hasn't appealed to me as much.

I hope you'll forgive me for not being as thorough with this post as I'd like to be. I have yet to capture good swatches of Dogon but I hope the pictures in the pan and applied will be useful.





The lighter of the two colours is a pale taupe shade twisted with pearlised green that makes it very unusual. It's almost a lighter sister to MAC's Club and the eyeshadow equivalent of Illamasqua Bacterium. The finish is slightly frosty with a fine speckling of microshimmer. When I swatch it on my arm, it is quite pigmented but it seems more sheer when applied to the eye. I definitely get a sense of my skin colour peeking through with this. The dark reads as a very dark blackened teal to me with small flecks of what looks like green shimmer. I've seen it described as blue but I don't see that. When swatched the colour appears almost black. Like Melusine, the darker shade seems a little chalky when swatched but I experience no problems when applying it.

I've included a comparison in the pan to NARS Rajasthan. NARS Rajasthan is a pairing of a taupe and a blackened teal but as you can see the from the pictures these are not dupes. The taupe of Rajasthan is much warmer and the darker shade shows up more green when compared to Dogon. I will try and get swatches of both side by side. Whilst they are not dupes, whether or not you need both will depend on how much you use these sorts of colours. For some people, I suspect there could be a little redundancy.



My apologies for the fairly sloppy application. I quickly put this on when the children had gone to bed in a bid to catch the remaining light of the day! Hopefully it gives you an idea of how the colours work together. As had been reported by others, where the colours meet, they make a really stunning and quite unusual shade.

This eyeshadow is currently available and costs £23.50, I bought mine from After swatching it in Selfridges yesterday, I'm also considering Mayflower lipstick from this collection.


  1. Love those colours on you. You can really see that green shimmer in your pic which I'm loving! So subtle but a nice effect.

    I always over look taupe shades but after seeing it on, I may have to take another look at Dogon (or is it dog-gone? either/or! hehe)


  2. That looks beautiful on you! Nice work with the liner too, very precise! That really is such an indescribable color I agree sort of like what happens when you use every color in the LMDB kaleidoscopes!

  3. That's not sloppy! It looks very nice, the lighter shade in the duo is a very interesting shade.

    I really liked Mayflower when I swatched it, but had forgotten about it until you mentioned it, I may have to get this.

  4. It is gorgeous! I love that the 2 mix to make a rather unique shade. That said looking at the 2 in pans if I was buying I would go for Rajasthan as its a bit warmer, going to have to go back and read your review of that one now too!

  5. I'm glad someone else agrees with me about the difference in colour intensity on arms swatches and on the lid. I've found this with both Dogon and Nouveau Monde and wonder if there has been some kind of formulation change. Both duos have really disappointed me for that very reason. I don't have pigmented lids at all but I just can't build up any coverage. I don't have that issue with Rajasthan or other Nars duos I own.

  6. I love the colours here, I think I might have to go in for the purchase. The colours really suit you and I love the shade you get when they're slightly blended together. x

  7. I had this in my cart for my order yesterday then took it out. I'm so torn on it! I love the look of the colours but I have so many blackened greens in my collection and I've been disappointed with every NARS eyeshadow I've tried (including Rajasthan) that I'm hesitant. I'm sure I'll end up with it eventually LOL

  8. Thank you for the post and especially comparing them side by side. I have been thinking long enough if I should get Dogon as I already own Rajasthan, which I have used less than 3 times :/
    IMO the two photos of your application look pretty different, maybe it is the light? x

  9. @Miss Merx: Thank you! I was saying Dog-gone but I have done some research and it’s apparently pronounced Dough-gone. It’s been named after a Tribe in Mali. Every day is a school day ;)

    @HDTM: Yes, the layered colours do feel reminiscent of the LMdB kaleidescope effect. I think that’s why I like it so much. Yesterday I wore the lightest shade with EB Dusk and RBR Blackpepper Jay.

    @Meeta: Thank you. It felt a bit rushed so I suppose the colours must be quite forgiving. I’ve never had a NARS lipstick before and I’m wary of them, but I love how Mayflower looks. I’m very tempted,

    @Debbie: Rajasthan is very nice and the taupe in that palette is very pigmented. Sadly, it was a limited edition that appears not to be available anymore. Though sources have rumoured that there is somewhere you can buy it online.

    @GreatSheElephant: I haven’t got loads of duos, I own Brousse, Melusine, Rajasthan and this one. There is definitely great variation on the pigmentation though I’m lead to believe this is has always been the case with NARS eyeshadows, especially the duos. Such variation is a real nuisance. I wonder if applying with fingers might help?

    @Jasmin: Thank you! I’m really pleased with this purchase.

    @PerilouslyPale: I have loads of blackened greens too. I had to have it for the lighter colour. I may get around to swatching all the blackened greens at some point!

    @poseylass: I wonder if this is one you could miss if you don’t find you reach for Rajasthan very often?

    The difference in how the pictures look is the light. Both pictures were taken of the same application but the full face picture was taken with the flash and the close up was natural light. Flash often catches the vibrancy of colour that can be lost in natural light.

    Thanks for your comments,
    Jane x

  10. You beat me to it, I still have this on my list to get! Well it looks gorgeous on you and I really like your application. I was wondering about getting Mayflower as well, how would you describe the colour please as I need to know if I "need" it ;) x

  11. Nice comparison to Rajasthan! The colors are very similar but the dark shade is still unique.

  12. those colors look amazing on you :)

  13. Dogon taupe reminds me of Fyrinnae's Selkie Skin. I don't know if Fyrinnae has it but it was beautiful.

  14. @Replica: Thank you. I take that as a huge compliment that you like my application! Mayflower is a bit tricky to describe. On the surface it’s a nude peachy-pink, but there’s this hint of coral bright about to it somehow. I think it’s in the very wearable family but that hint of bright really appeals to me. I have a feeling Miss Merx reviewed it yesterday……here you go! It’s one of those that keeps nagging at me as I didn’t buy it of course!

    In other news, I had a look at the Dior Lift palettes. I’ll be keen to see your review as I thought the could be too pale and shimmery for me. The Eyes to Kill that I was after was out of stock in Selfridges but luckily for me (not so lucky for me wallet) I took a trip to Harvey Nicks, discovered it was a 15% off shopping evening AND that they stocked Louise Young brushes. I thought I was actually rather restrained and picked up the E2K in #4, that LY crease brush and got a free eyeliner brush with it. Result!

    @productdoctor: I’m glad the comparison to Rajasthan is useful.

    @luv2smilexo: Thank you! I love these sorts of unusual colours,

    @Olivia: That sounds gorgeous. I bet I’d like that. If only I wasn’t such a klutz with loose powder!

    Jane x

  15. I bought this last week after reading rave reviews on beauty blogs. I love the combination of the two colours. The counter MUA applied it on me, but I've yet to try and recreate the look myself. x

  16. Hi Jane,
    Mayflower does sound really nice, I wonder if it would be too warm for me though? I guess one of us will cave on it!
    Sounds like you had a good shopping trip, I keep meaning to buy some more LY brushes, can you let me know if you rate the eyeliner one please as I was wondering about trying one.
    I'll pick up some E2K soon, I think #4 was one I was interested in, some of the shades look quite frosty though so I am still not too sure which ones to go for.
    Yes, I'd hold off getting a Dior lift palette for now, I am still trying to make up my mind about it, I have been trying to find an older eye to try it on as I wanted to put the lifting claims to the test before I did my post, but I may just have to go with a pic of my own eye wearing it.
    Have you heard any news on when those Hourglass palettes are coming out here?

  17. the duochrome effect looks spectacular! Loving the eye look you've created

  18. Gorgeous duo and for the record I think you did an awesome job with the application! :)

  19. @Lou Lou: I really like the colour combination, I really need to play with it some more, with working I’ve ended up not rotating my makeup quite so much.

    @Replica: Shamefully I still haven’t played with the brushes but I will let you know how I get on. I wouldn’t think Mayflower was too warm but it’s hard to tell from a hand swatch. I’m not sure exactly when the Hourglass palettes are out here, I have put my feelers out of course!

    @Jen W: Thank you. I think the NARS duos can be a mixed bag but I really like this one.

    @Tina: Thank you! I was worried how it looked as I’d been so hasty!

    Jane x

  20. Nars Dogon almost like Nars rajasthan. I have Rajasthan already, so I'll pass Dogon. Thanks for compare!


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