Monday, 12 September 2011

12 Random Questions

A couple of weeks back I put in a request for some random questions on Twitter. This is probably one to skip if you prefer the make-up posts but if you're nosy like me, you might find this post quite interesting.

@hellopolly: Cats or dogs?
Oh, this is strangely tough. We have a cat and he's lovely but honestly, I'm more of a dog person.


@fashionlimbo: What's the worst film you have ever watched?
War of the Worlds, without a doubt. It was terrible AND epic. It's a whole two hours that I can never get back. The Signs comes a close second but it's more laughable. I went to the cinema to see it and I've never seen as many people leave a screening!

@wherespeter: Where would you fly off to for 2 years, why there and what would you miss, not miss?
I'd go to Australia, no hesitation. It was my plan to go once I finished University but I met Mr. MB and never made it. My Mum is Australian by birth and I have a lot of family over there including my Grandfather. Having researched my family history, I can trace my ancestors back to the convict days (and no, they weren't convicts thank you very much). I have only visited once but I loved Australia and would happily go and live for a couple of years. The things that I'd miss are my family and friends in England. I don't think I'd miss the weather over here. Mind you, after two years I'd probably be complaining about the heat!

Sydney Opera house HDR Sydney Australia
Photo by Hai Linh Truong

@Pancake01: Why do we strive for beauty? Instead of something like intelligence or knowledge.
I found this question really interesting. I often worry that writing a blog about beauty and cosmetics makes me appear more superficial than I really am! Personally, I value intelligence and knowledge very much. Without them we would struggle to make advances as human beings. However, I don't really see beauty and intelligence as mutually exclusive things. I understand that striving for beauty at the expense of those other qualities is a little different and it's an attitude I would find rather sad. I find intelligence to be an attractive quality and very much part of a persons beauty. I'd be interested to know your thoughts on this particular question too.

@BethGlossGalore: Which three people would you most and least like to be stuck in a lift with?
Just the idea of being stuck in a lift makes me feel a little panicky. I think my husband would be one of my three, just to keep me calm! I think I'd appreciate someone smart and entertaining in there, so how about Stephen Fry? Can I have David Boreanaz in there too please?

As for who I'd least like to be stuck in a lift with, I think it would have to be Richard Dawkins, Tom Cruise (blame War of the Worlds) and Fiona Phillips. They would all do terrible things to my blood pressure!


@MadameGourmand: Sweet or Savoury?
This is a hard one. Ordinarily, I'd say sweet. I love chocolate and puddings but most of my cravings these days are for savoury foods. It sounds greedy if I say both and I know I couldn't imagine a life eating only sweet foods, so I shall grudgingly say savoury.

@Pancake01: How do I glam up to go out without looking like mutton?
Normally my answer to all manner of make-up question is taupe but you can definitely go bolder than that. I think a strong lip would look fantastic on you. Either red or a deep wine colour with some winged eyeliner and lots of mascara. Classic, with not a sheep in sight!

@MrLippie: Biggest thrill?
Strangely, this is the question that has stumped me the most. I like to think of myself of having lived an interesting life so far, yet nothing immediately springs to mind. Well, nothing that I can share on here anyway! What I can share with you are my biggest blogging thrills. Meeting Rebecca Morrice Williams, Caroline Barnes, Aaron de Mey, Alessandra Steinherr and Edward Bess were huge highlights for me. My trips on the train to London to lead my 'other life' as a beauty blogger are always an adventure!

Aaron de Mey and Alessandra Steinherr in Selfridges last year

@TheChapBlog: Your best and worst fella and why?
Oh, this is an easy one! The best is my husband, of course. The worst was someone I went out with briefly in my final year at University. He was a PhD student and rather creepy. There are plenty of things I could say but I think the most telling is that when it ended, he presented me with an itemised invoice for my share of the things he had paid for over the two weeks (takeaways etc.). Seriously, who does that?! His pervert friend, poor personal hygiene and membership of a ten-pin bowling team weren't really selling points either.

Standing Tall
Strike! Image by DJ-Dwayne

@MUAClaire: If you could invent a beauty product that worked what would it be?
Can I go for an accessory? If so, I'd invent a gadget to help you make the right foundation choice in shop lighting. Something that could scan pigments/colours with a yes or no indicator. I find foundation shopping one of the most stressful aspects of make-up shopping.

@cuteandmundane: Favorite recipe?
My husband's Prawn Biryani recipe. I found it on a forum several years ago and it's yummy. I'm not really the cook of the house, I cook for the children but my husband cooks for us. He does make delicious food!

@polarbelle123: How tall are you? Random question. One more. Do you have siblings? If so, how many and where do you fall in line?
I'm 5ft 1.5. The half matters!  Being a dinosaur, I don't know the metric measurement off the top of my head. To answer your sibling question, I have a sister and I'm the eldest by four years. She came to visit with her family recently and between us we have five children ranging in age from 5 years to 5 months.


  1. Love this post (I guess this is definitive proof that I'm nosy....) The story of the phd student with the itemised invoice actually made me snort into my coffee. And for some reason I'd mentally pictured you as tall.

  2. Mental - yes, tall - no! That invoice was hilarious. I guess he must have been keeping tabs on the spending 'just in case' ;)

  3. I'm 5 foot and half an inch. The half definitely matters!

  4. I really like that type of post. And David Boreanaz? Oh yes!

  5. i love this tag! you are such a fun person :)

    BreezeyBee Blog

  6. Your kitty is the spitting image of my own little cat :)

    I really enjoyed reading this post and getting to know the random tidbits behind Jane! I'm also dying for a prawn Biryani now.


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