Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Rouge Bunny Rouge Long-Lasting Pencil in Lola

Having heard many good things about the original Lola Eye Kohl, I decided that the Rouge Bunny Rouge Long-lasting Eye Pencil in Lola was a must when I put a recent order in to Zuneta. The long-lasting pencils are a new addition to the Rouge Bunny Rouge line up and come in three shades; Salome, Calypso and Lola. The pencils are an automatic, twist up style and similar to the BECCA automatic liners I reviewed here.



Lola is a medium to dark brown with copper and gold reflects. My apologies for the picture of a used pencil but it actually helps you see the coloured flecks in the brown base. The texture of the pencil is creamy and it doesn't drag when applying. I do find I am unable to apply a neat, thin line but that isn't unusual for me with this style of pencil.

The colour sets quickly so there is only a small window for smudging the line. It is true to the long-lasting name and the colour remains intense until I remove in the evening. However, I have found that it transfers to the crease on my eyes. This is surprising as the line seems smudge proof.


Left - BECCA Goa, Right - RBR Lola

Top - RBR Lola, Bottom - BECCA Goa

I do wish there was a means of sharpening the pencil as there is with the BECCA pencils. Whether or not this would be a concern for you depends on how thin you like your line. I will try and apply the colour using a brush next time to see if this gives me a little more control.

I thought it might be useful to draw your attention to this little note on the packaging. These pencils have non-retractable mechanism so it is important not to wind too much out at a time. I know Everyday Beauty noted that it wasn't possible to wind the pencil back in once it is over-wound.


I am very pleased with the colour and creaminess of Lola. I find the shimmer stops it from look too flat. I do wonder if the original eye kohl might suit my needs better though as I like the control of a point. I am intrigued to know how the two pencils compare in terms of creaminess and wear time. I may have to cave and purchase the kohl version of Lola for research purposes.

The Rouge Bunny Rouge Long-lasting Eye Pencils cost £22 and are available from Zuneta who ship Worldwide.


  1. This is really pretty but I prefer the Becca shade as it has less red tones.
    Nic x

  2. Ha, I actually prefer the look of the RBR, I think that the flecks show up. I have Goa but had forgotten about the ingenious sharpener, thanks Jane x

  3. I'm thrilled to read that you also have a hard time with a neat thin line when it comes to these - ; w ; It means i'm not inept. ...Or that we both are.

    ;D Yes...purchase it...for reserch purposes...

  4. that steep for a pencil :/
    but i do love it!
    BreezeyBee Blog

  5. That does look really pretty :) I have to say I must prefer when they add something to sharpen it, like the Chanel stylo yeux waterproof twist up ones, I know brands say these things "self sharpen" but I never find they look like they originally do x

  6. I agree that once it gets down to a nub it's hard to draw a precise line, but if I use pencil at all, I kind of figure I'll end up with smudged line, anyway. I am very pencil challenged!

    Thanks for this post, MB. I am really glad to see such great pictures of Lola, which looks very pretty, a lovely bronze. I think I would go for a regular kohl next time I buy one.


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