Monday, 26 September 2011

Smashbox Soft Effects Powder Eye Liner in Gunmetal

This is my first foray into Smashbox cosmetics. The Soft Effects Powder Eye Liners come as a small pot with a sponge wand applicator. There is a small ball bearing in the bottom of the pot which stops the powder forming a lump. In all respects it reminds me a lot of the LE No.7 Smoky eyeliner.




Gunmetal is a dark blue-grey packed with silver and icy-blue microshimmer. I failed to pick up in the blue in the swatch but you can just pick it out on the wand in the picture above. Although it contains a lot of shimmer, I don't find it overly spangly and it's perfectly acceptable for day wear. I think it's very pretty and I'm normally very wary of grey. So far I have worn it as a liner with no other eyeshadow but I think it will also work well to create a smoky eye with a complimentary shade of grey.



Just like the No.7 Smoky eyeliner, the problems with using this are the applicator. The sponge tip has quite a lot of give so you have to use a light hand. The powder transfers easily and smoothly with little pressure but I have found it impossible to use without extensive fall out. If you're going to use this you need to hold off applying foundation until afterwards (if only I could remember this!). It definitely requires an eye primer as a base. 

The Soft Effects Eye Liner costs £19.50 which I think is a little steep considering the flaws. It comes in three other shades; Black, Brown and Aubergine.  You can find a review and swatches of Aubergine on The Non Blonde. Smashbox cosmetics are available from Debenhams in the UK.

Disclosure: I received this as part of an event bag.


  1. Erm, fallout is a massive turn off for me. Shame as the colour is beautiful

  2. Such a shame about the fallout. The colour is just gorgeous, like it actually is metal - like iron filings or something! Pros and cons eh?

  3. My sister loves smashbox and I have tried their primer, eyeshadows and a lipstick. I have to admit I loved everything I tried but for some reason I never purchase their stuff. I think it is the price point too, because this does look like quite a unique liner if a bit messy!

  4. Agreed - given the flaws I'm kind of meh. I hate the notion of fall out and of a powdery liner.


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