Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Lancôme 29, Saint Honoré: Blondette Fatale Eye and Brow Palette

As part of the 29, Saint Honoré collection, Lancôme have produced a beautiful neutrals palette. A mix of taupes and browns with different finishes, this is truly an eyeshadow palette to fall in love with. Well, it certainly is if you're as taupe obsessed as me! The shades are not overly warm and are suitable for producing either a smoky look or a contoured, defined eye look. In true Aaron de Mey fashion, the matte shades in the palette can also be used as brow powders. I remember when I met Aaron last year that he expressed a love of multi-purpose makeup. He also recommends using the colours wet for a more intense look. Though I find the colours to be nicely pigmented dry too.




On to the colours. There is a stunning frosted, light pinky taupe, a frosted bronze, a satin finish taupe and matte, cool dark brown. All of the colours have good pigmentation and feel very smooth in texture. The satin finish taupe is the perfect crease colour for a defined eye. I'm also in love with the dark brown eyeshadow as it is pigmented, not red based and there's not a hint of chalkiness. It reminds me a little of RBR Blackpepper Jay. I've used it successfully as both a liner shade and to add depth to the crease. The light frosted taupe is beautiful. I'm sometimes wary of shimmer on my (more mature) eyes but this is well done and I feel confident wearing it with the non-shimmery shades. I have used the bronze-y shade least but this also makes a nice lid colour. There are pictures of the colours applied in my most recent FOTD post here.



I have included some pictures comparing Blondette Fatale to a few of my other neutrals palette for reference. The ArtDeco eyeshadow look quite similar to the lighter Blondette Fatale colours. 



If you're a big fan of neutrals or you don't own any neutrals and you're looking for a good palette, I think this would be a good investment. I think for me this is a near perfect selection of colours. The only thing I think it's lacking is a matte highlighter but that would make in a quint not a quad and I really have plenty enough already! Blondette Fatale costs £33 and is available at Lancôme counters now.

Disclosure: PR Sample


  1. I think this palette looks best against pale skin like yours!

  2. What a beautiful palette! I have to say, the items Lancome has come out with this fall are very pretty, and they have been tempting me, though I rarely buy anything from the line.

    Thanks for the comparisons. Always helpful!

  3. This is great for travel and everyday. The colors all look lovely and promising.

  4. I love neutral eyeshadows! This would be perfect as I can pop it in my makeup bag when traveling becasue its the perfect size. My only neutral palette is the UD Naked palette and it isnt really ideal for carrying around.


  5. I really do like mine as well, I can't remeber the last time I tried Lancome shadows, but after buying this I won't ignore them in future. I notice we don't seem to have the same style eyeshadow palettes as America though, which I thought odd? x

  6. Do you think this palette is better than Becca's Lost Weekend? There's a 10% off offer on it on Debenhams online at the moment, so I want to know whether I should take the plunge.

  7. @MaaNjte: I'm glad you like them too.

    @Jamilla Camel: As I mentioned to you on Twitter, this is something I hadn't really considered. I agree that is probably most suited to fair skin. I wonder if the other US palettes accommodate different colourings?

    @Zuzu's Petals: You're welcome. The lipsticks from this collection are lovely. I was wearing one of the reds yesterday just with foundation and mascara and felt like Snow White! I think this really is standout collection for Lancome.

    @Joyce and TheCosmeticCrave: Yes, I agree that it would be a great travel palette. It's a good size with a nice mix of shades.

    @Replica: I'm glad you like it too. It's the perfect mix of colour with great texture. In the past I've found the eyeshadow pigmentation to be hit and miss but these are all winners. I saw that with the American release too. I have to say that I prefer the styling of our quads.

    @mq, cb: Oh, that's a tricky one! Honestly, although I like both I think this palette would be my preference of the two. The Lancome is a little more versatile in my opinion as it contains the darker colour. I hope that helps?

    Jane x


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