Thursday, 1 September 2011

Louise Young LY38 Brush

I'm not feeling well at the moment so my apologies if this post isn't as thorough as I would like it to be. I was spurred on to write this post after my recent mention of the MAC 226 crease brush which is re-released today. The Louise Young LY38 is quite similar in shape and function to the MAC 226 but I find the LY38 much softer on the eye.

The LY38 tapers to a point. The point allows precise colour placement in the crease whilst the tapered hairs blend the colour as you sweep the brush back and forth. The size and shape is great if you struggle with larger crease brushes. It does produce a more definite crease shape for me. If I am after a more smoky application of colour in the outer corner I would use a more fluffy brush to apply colour such as the RBR Crease brush.

Top to bottom: Cozzette S175, LY38, MAC 226

Louise Young2

Louise Young1
Top to bottom: Cozzette S175, LY38, MAC 226

Top to bottom: Cozzette S175, LY38, MAC 226

It isn't as wide as the MAC 226 and the tapering gives the LY38 a more definite point. The hairs of the LY38 are beautifully soft and it feels gentle against the delicate eye area. However, it isn't so soft that the hairs splay and lose shape as you apply pressure. The feel and shape of the LY38 is also similar to the Cozzette S175. The Cozzette is a little bigger and doesn't grip colour quite as nicely as the LY38 but it is a reasonable alternative if you are looking for a vegan brush.

The LY38 washes well and maintains it's shape after washing. I have not experienced and shedding or breakage of the hairs either when washing or in use. I also like the shaping of the handle which allows for a comfortable grip.

I bought the LY38 brush in Harvey Nichols in London where they have a small display of the Louise Young brushes. You can also buy online from and I noticed that they accept Paypal. The LY38 brush costs £17.

Disclosure: I bought the LY38 and MAC 226. The Cozzette brush was received without cost for review.


  1. I was briefly disappointed that this one wasn't in the set I won the other week from PAM, having heard so much about it. definitely one to add I think.x

  2. I concur. I also have the LY38A and LY38B which have smaller heads and so are useful for people with smaller lids and also for those who want to do Kay Montano's smokey eye - there's a video of it on youtube at It's a bloody brilliant look.

    Customer service at Louise Young is also very good. I've bought all my LY brushes from the website, rather than Harvey Nicks, and they're always quick to respond to questions and a genuine pleasure to deal with.

  3. The MAC 226 looks fat and heavy in comparison to the others. The LY looks like itll definitely get some serious cut crease action

  4. I think the LY38 is the best of it's type. I bought mine online, shipping is very fast, but I've also seen a very small display of them in Harvey Nicks Manchester.

  5. I have just recently got the LY38A, along some other eye brushes by Louise Young, and it's a great brush, it's a little bit smaller than the LY38. I've ordered from the Louise Young website, the shipping to Slovenia was fast and I'll definitely order some face brushes in the future. Have you tried any of the other Louise Young brushes? x


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