Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Le Métier de Beauté Concealer Brush

A lot of naughty wise beauty bloggers had been tempting me with their tales of how the fabulous concealer brush from Le Métier de Beauté is. I've always been a 'finger in the pot, finger on my face' kind of girl but I do love to try new brushes and I wondered if this would give a more polished finish.

The concealer brush has a short handle, much shorter than other brushes I'm used to but it actually feels lovely in the hand and is easy to manipulate. The bristles are synthetic and shaped in a tapered, flat paddle formation. I found it a little scratchy on the eye area until I had washed it (note to self: always wash brushes before using) and I've had no trouble since. The brush gives just the right level of resistance to make concealer blend seamlessly without rubbing any off. It's like magic packaged in a velvet pouch!

Top - foundation brush, Bottom concealer brush



I use it on the undereye area and on blemishes and it works well for both. I actually prefer it to using my finger on blemishes now. I feel like I might have been converted.

Le Métier de Beauté is only available in the States at the moment and the concealer brush costs $50. It is possible to order from Nordstrom for delivery to the UK, their shipping costs include any customs fees but it's a fairly expensive service. Alternatively you might like to call in a favour from a friend.

Disclosure: This item was received with cost for review purposes.


  1. That looks and sounds great, I only have one of their brushes which I really like but do tend to lose it in my pencil pot due to the size :)
    I keep hoping they will come back to the UK as its been a while now since they left and the brand really does seem to be growing in popularity and rightly so x

  2. I just purchased this brush. I've only used it twice. So far,I like it. I usually just use my fingers for concealer so it's a change for me.

    I wish it was just a tiny bit longer (handle) it's seems a little small.

  3. I don't think I could bring myself to spring that much for a concealer brush. Not until I really need it at least.

  4. I just purchased two other LMdB brushes. I will slowly own them all since they are lovely brushes. Now that you've reviewed this one it's probably the next one on my buy list!

  5. I'm so sorry I've been slow to come back and reply. Thanks you for all of your comments.

    @Debbie: It's not as bad as a full on glitter to remove but you have to be in the right mood I find!

    @Carla: I haven't spotted carbonite yet, I shall keep my eyes peeled for it!

    @Gaelle: Happy shopping!

    @Ms Red: It's strange isn't it? I definitely looks better in person.

    @Lipstick Luuvie and @TBBB: It reminds me a lot of the Lippmann polishes. I've never been able to get hold of Lippmann so this is the next best thing!

    @Replica: It was a no on all counts for those ingredients. It took me a while to locate the ingredients list though! They don't make it easy to find.

    @Marina: I'm so pleased with it.

    @Ms Bubu: It's my first hexagonal glitter. There may be more!

    @GABY: I hadn't seen any other posts but I can understand the excitement. It's a bargainous pretty!

    @Tina: Two mentions of Carbonite mean I MUST hunt it down ;)

    Jane x


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