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Illamasqua Theatre of the Nameless Collection

I went along to the Illamasqua Beak Street store on Sunday to take a look at their new collection, Theatre of the Nameless. The collection is available online already and will be released in store tomorrow (8th September). I'm sure many of you will have already seen pictures of the various pieces but I wanted to throw my pictures and thoughts out there.

Theatre of the Nameless

Again this is a collection very much inspired by the club scene of 1920's Berlin. The colours are dark and decadent and the imagery for the collection is inspired by characters like Anita Berber and the unique advertising system of the Boot girls! The description of a nocturnal den fits this collection perfectly. Although the collection and imagery is dark, there's plenty to excite this (mostly) pedestrian Mum for everyday wear.

I shall start with the lipglosses. There are two Intense Lipglosses;  Façade, a grey pink that can also be used as a glossy eye colour and Belladonna, a deep pink. Violate is a Sheer Lipgloss and is a beautiful dark, shimmery green. You can see this colour worn over a base of black liner in the image of Clare further down this post.


I was very taken with the new Precision Liner in Havoc, a deep aubergine. In fact, this is one of the items that I purchased from the collection. I think a dark coloured liner is a lovely way to inject a bit of colour into a mostly neutral look.


The nail varnishes released with this collection all have a rubberised finish. I swatched each of the colours and was impressed with how opaque they were with just one coat. My apologies for the smudges, they take a little longer to dry because of the finish and I obviously wasn't careful enough before they had dried. My favourite of these colours is Vice, the deep cerise shade. The bottles have a special edition rubber lid which actually makes them a little easier to grip.


The lipstick in Kontrol is not for the faint hearted. It's an intense blue violet colour. It's actually darker than it appears in the pictures below. I was really pleased with the texture when I swatched this shade. I have some older Illamasqua lipsticks and I have to take care when applying as they're quite stiff and prone to movement at the base. Kontrol is very creamy and smooth to apply but still maintains the intensity and pigmentation of the original formula.



I fell a bit in love with the Pure Pigments. There are three shade; Zeitgeist, a deeply pigmented black with shimmer, Berber, a bright auburn shimmer and Beguile, a light, shimmery highlighter. They are all shot with complementary shimmer particles. Beguile was used in a number of the promotional images all over the face and body. It has the most amazing sea green shimmer to it which I failed to pick on camera. I received Zeitgeist in my event bag and can't wait to have a play with it. I intend to combine it with sealing gel to use as a liner.


The blushers in this collection are Illamasqua's first venture into a shimmery finish. Morale, the bright rosy pink is stunning and I think the more nudey peach shade, Ambition, will be very popular. These blushers give a beautiful sheen rather than being all out chunky glitter. You can see Ambition modelled on the lovely Clare from Illamasqua below.


There are two sets of false lashes in the collection and I was immediately taken with lashes in Weimar that Clare was wearing. Obviously they are very dramatic but they suited her look perfectly and I actually thought they looked soft and feminine whilst still making a statement. The other thing that Clare had applied that I wanted to mention is the new brow cake in Stark. A perfect brow shade for redheads.

There are two new Cream Pigments, Androgen, a pretty coral and Depravity, a stunning magenta. Like the other cream pigments, these are multi-purpose. I think Androgen would make a lovely cheek colour and Depravity would look great on the lips. Also new is their latest mascara formula, the cheekily titled Masquara.

So, what do you think to this collection? Is there anything you have your eye on? I'm looking forward seeing how people interpret this collection, especially in their everyday makeup.


  1. Amazing collection though not the most user friendly! Do love the look of Belladonna gloss, Havoc liner and the pigments. Gutted that Violate isn't an eye colour as it would be wonderful!
    Nic x

  2. This collection looks fab! I'm loving the blushers. I dont think I could wear the colour violate on my lips though.


  3. I like the look of Havoc and Berber. The promo image with the violet lips is stunning, I love all those deep purple and burgundy tones.

    I am intrigued by the Violate lipgloss. I wonder how that would look on?

  4. @Strawberry Blonde: I agree, Violate would make a great eye colour.

    @TheCosmeticCrave: I think Violate looked stunning on Clare, I don't think I could pull it off though. The blushers are great and I do think they will be very popular,

    @Meeta: I love the really rich tones too. I thought of you when I saw Havoc after your lovely MAC liner post. Clare with the beautiful red hair is wearing Violate on her lips in pictures above. She wore it over a base of black liner. It would be interesting to see it on it's own too. I imagine it would look amazing just in the centre of the lips over a dark lipstick.

    Jane x

  5. I really like Belladona, Havoc, Faux Pas and Ambition. Most of the products actually look quite wearable by themselves, except for Kontrol which obviously :)

  6. oh wow, really enjoyed your coverage and impressions of the event. your photos are amongst the best I've seen. quite a feat really, as the lighting was not the best to take decent photos xx

  7. Do you know what that purple lip shade is on the model at the very top of your article? Is that Kontrol? I may be blind, but where again is the swatch for that color?

  8. @Klara: I agree, most things on their own would be nice and wearable. Kontrol isn't a colour I could pull off though!

    @liloo: Thank you. It is tricky to get good pictures indoors, especially as I don't have a fancy camera. It was raining outside too so I didn't fancy venturing outside for a wet arm!

    @Suselew: I image that it is Kontrol lipstick in that picture. It looks like there's a bit of Beguile pigment on the lip too. You're not missing the swatch, I didn't include swatch pictures of everything as I didn't feel the images I had were of good enough quality. I'm including a link to the picture I have of Kontrol, it's on the far right of this picture. I hope it helps.

    Jane x

  9. This collection looks amazing! Unfortunately my Sephora doesn't carry the brand and I hate paying for shipping by getting things online. Oh well. But I have been looking forward to seeing swatches of the polishes and they do not disappoint. Very cool colors! Thanks for the swatches!

    Rebecca :)

  10. It's a great pity that there is not the theatre out there, these days, to inspire what we look like on the street. I guess films have taken over, although I can't remember seeing too many Avatar-inspired "looks" around town. Cats is the last show I left and went home and tried to re-create the look!


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