Sunday, 18 September 2011

Illamasqua Havoc Liner and Morale Blusher

Havoc Precision Liner and Morale Blusher were two of the items I was most taken with from the Theatre of the Nameless collection. I like Illamasqua blushers and I was keen to see how the shimmer formula would match up. I'm pleased to report that it's another smooth, easy to apply formula that lasts well. I realised when I swatched it that the colour is quite sheer which works very well the luminous quality of this pink. It results in a glowing effect on the cheeks and it makes the colour easier to wear than you might expect. I'm also pleased to report that the shimmer is very fine. I use a Hakuhodo Medium Pointed Yachiyo brush to apply this blusher.





Havoc Precision Liner is a rich aubergine colour. It definitely applies as a colour rather than an almost black. I find the pointed sponge tipped applicator relatively easy to use but I can't apply a very fine line. Part of this is due to the texture of the liner which is quite 'thick'. It takes a little while to dry too. I love how it looks when applied and it makes a nice change from black or brown. It lasts well too.




I applied both Havoc and Morale together keeping everything else very simple. I just added lots of mascara and a slick of Rouge Bunny Rouge sheer lipstick in Murmurings. I'm very pleased with how it turned out (apart from the foundation, the match looked better in person). The cheek colour feels like quite a statement and I suspect with heavier makeup, I wouldn't feel as comfortable. I'm actually quite tempted to go back for Ambition now.

Disclosure: I received Morale Blusher as part of my event bag and I purchased Havoc liner myself.


  1. The blush looks absolutely gorgeous, such a pretty pink- I love it! xx
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  2. I also bought Morale and I'm LOVING it! It's a bit much for me during the day but I can't resist! The liner looks so pretty!!!!

  3. I love the colours of these, very appropriate for autumn. The blush is such a nice colour, I have a similar colour by Nars, It really suits your complection!


  4. Gorgeous look on you the blusher looks so fresh and pretty xx

  5. I love the slightly glossy quality in Havoc, it really stands out and I like the pop of colour with the blush.
    I was very tempted by Ambition, the shimmer is done very nicely in these blushes.

  6. Ohh so pretty! The blush is gorgeous but I'm really crusing on that BOLD liner! This may have to go on my list! Loving the darker hair too, Jane! So chic!!! xx

  7. Lovely! Aubergine liners are my favorite when I want to use something a different than the usual black or brown. That blush is beautiful on you! :)

  8. Never thought I'd want anything from Illamasqua, but I need both of these items!

    Then again, you're hot and would make spoiled milk look good, so...


  9. Illamasqua blushes have the most amazing pigment. You need so little that this will probably last your daughter's lifetime too! It all looks great on you.

  10. I love this on you. Especially the liner. I so want it!


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