Thursday, 8 September 2011

Hourglass Cosmetics Swatches


When visited the Hourglass counter on Sunday, I had opportunity to swatch a few items. It's moments like these when I have to take my hat off to Karlasugar as it's surprisingly hard work being methodical and organised enough to do it properly! I haven't swatched the entire collection, just a few bits and pieces that I thought might be useful as well as some requested items.

Extreme Sheen Lipglosses
This was a specific request from Marina at Makeup4all. There is a full range of colours in the Extreme Sheen lipgloss formula, from nudes to stunning reds but Marina was particularly interested in the pinks. I have shown you swatches of Origami before but below you can see Orgami compared to Fortune and Truth. I believe the swatch on the end is Reflect but I realised when I got home that I hadn't made a note of the last colour.



With flash. My apologies that this is so out of focus but I think it shows up the gold in Fortune well.

Femme Rouge Lipsticks
Like the lipglosses above, the Femme Rouge lipsticks come in a range of colours from nude to vampy dark. Here I have concentrated on the lighter shades. I already own Fresco (and also Nocturnal) and was interested to see how Fresco compared to Edition, Whisper and Grace. I think Whisper is especially pretty.



With flash

Aura Lip and Cheek Stains
I have swatched the Petal Cheek stain before and thought it was very pretty. Unlike the cheek stain in Rouge, Petal has a shimmery finish. It was very interesting to see the difference in colour between the Petal cheek and Petal lip stains. The Petal lip colour definitely leans more pink. Scarlet lip stain is an amazing colour, it's staying power as a stain is impressive too and left it's mark on my arm all day!



With flash

Veil Fluid Foundation
I'm not sure if I made an error when swatching these shades as they don't seem to follow the usual pattern of graduating from light to dark. The swatches on the Hourglass website look quite similar though. There are a total of eight foundation shades.


With flash

If there is anything you would like me to go back and look at or swatch for you in future please let me know. I'm pretty sure I've got the hang of looking like a crazy person, standing outside Liberty taking pictures of my arm!

For those of you that do not have access a counter, Hourglass Cosmetics are available online from and Zuneta.


  1. what an awesome packing they have on their products. I found the structure of the foundation very interesting, are they any good??
    I just can't get enough foundations!

  2. Thanks for these, really useful for those of us that can't get to a counter. I really like the look of the petal lip stain x

  3. Oooh the origami looks beautiful. We dont have a store that sells these neer me but i keep hearing good things about the range xx

  4. Stunning! In love with Fortune & Origami glosses! x

  5. Have you tried their primer? Get a sample. It's AMAZZZING.

  6. I have an extreme sheen gloss in siren which is a molten metal red. Are these metallic at all?

  7. Thanks so much, Jane. I actually love all the glosses :)
    I have Fresco lipstick, too.And I think I need Edition.
    As for the lip stains - I have Scarlet and it's simply gorgeous! x

  8. Ooo these look great. I actually havnt heard of Hourglass cosmetics before.I like the look of their lipglosses. I shall have to check them out!



  9. Thank you! What gorgeous colors, and the packaging on the Extreme Lip Gloss is so interesting.

  10. I'm really sorry for the late reply and thank you all for your comments. I hope the swatches were useful.

    @EyeGraffiti: I've never tried their foundations other than swatching, I'm afraid. I really like their tinted moisturiser though. It has a lovely texture.

    @Eden-Avalon: Yes, I have a large sample of the primer and I really like it. I really like the fact that they've brought out a travel size too.

    @Sam: The finishes all seem different. Some are packed with shimmer and some are creams. The metallic red sounds amazing!

    Jane x


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