Saturday, 24 September 2011

20 Random Fact About Me

It's another non-beauty post today. These truly are a selection of random facts and I suspect I may regret sharing a few of them! I hope you're all have a lovely weekend.

The Logical Song by Supertramp takes me back to the Summer of '91 I spent in France. Including a week-long stay in hospital after an emergency appendectomy.

I have a degree in Molecular Biology and Genetics.

I used to be a 20 a day smoker but gave up in 2005.

I've lived in Leeds, Norwich, Marseille and Oxfordshire. I'm not sure where life will lead us next but I rather like the adventure.

I used to play the flute but rarely play any more as I'm too shy. However, I was a member of a concert band and appeared on Yorkshire TV. I really did go to band camp too.

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I gave myself a purple fringe once with the aid of a Jerome Russell spray can. I often wonder if you can still buy it.

I like Marlborough Estate Sauvignon Blanc. A lot!

I'm shortsighted and started wearing glasses when I was 19. I can't wear contacts lenses for longer than a couple of hours at a time.

I am a stereotypical Piscean but I don't really believe in horoscopes.

I dropped out of my PhD when my supervisor died in a freak bike accident.

My favourite film is Hot Fuzz. I also have a huge soft spot for films by the Cohen Brothers.

My maternal Grandma was an artist and specialised in miniatures. I can draw stick figures!

I loved David Tennant as Dr Who. Matt Smith has yet to win me over.

I have a mental block when it comes to telling the time and frequently get it wrong but I am never late.

I was an Indie Kid.

A well as work in science, I have worked as an office junior, receptionist and a waitress.

I used to love wearing high heels but now I live in Converse.

I used to member of the Five Star fan club. I'm not entirely sure I should have admitted that, oh dear....

The last book I read and loved was The Historian.

At 35, I still only hold a provisional driving licence.

Feel free to share something totally random about you!


  1. Although I loved Five Star (still feel nostalgic if I hear one of their songs) I didn't join their fan club. Random fact about myself:After being in a car accident on the way to a Peter Kay show and getting completely soaked in the rain, we arrived at the venue to find it was being filmed and Peter's mum sat right beside us. When the video was released, me and my husband found out we were in a high number of audience shots including a close up shot. Under the red lights of the theatre, my hot pink top and 'drowned rat' hairstyle, I look a 'vision.'x

  2. What a great list! It definitely makes you more interesting, and I wish we lived closer. And now I have to see the movie Hot Fuzz. It's the first time I heard The Teardrop Explodes outside my playlist!

  3. I love this post, so fun. I also played the flute in a concert band, now my daughter plays it. I loved the Historian! I was a musical theater major and an art major in college, but graduated with a journalism degree, go figure. We both know that I love wine, all kinds. lol Thanks for the post! xxoo

  4. Thanks for the little peek into you... I also played the flute for years, I'm also short-sighted and can't wear contacts (I lost one before even getting out of the doctors office when I first got them), Converse are the best shoes ever made (you can wear them with anything) and I like Hot Fuzz but I like Shaun of the Dead better. Good for you for giving up smoking! And that's my little random piece for the day. :)

  5. This was fun! I couldn't live without my driver's license. There's no way to get around without a car here.

  6. Hi 5 for another Converse fan (I just hate ballerina flats 90% of the time)!!!

    Nice getting to know u a little better! :)))


  7. That's fun! I actually played the saxophone in my teens, maybe we should form a band :D

  8. I think that's my favourite blog post to read in a long time! x

  9. This post showed up in of of the other posts I was reading so I had to click. This is fun, was interesting to read those things about you :) x


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