Monday, 19 September 2011

Lancôme Lipsticks in Rouge 29 and Rouge Faubourg

Rouge 29 (100) and Rouge Faubourg (104) are two of the limited edition lipsticks from the Autumn 29, Saint Honoré collection. The inspiration behind these lipsticks was the very first lipstick launched by Lancôme; "Shaker", described as the ultimate shade of red. They are packaged in weighty gold tubes which are shorter than the average lipstick (although the bullets are standard size). Whilst the colour and packaging may be inspired by another era, the French Touch Absolu formula is distinctly modern.


Top - Rouge 29 (100), Bottom - Rouge Faubourg (104)

Left - Rouge Faubourg (104), Right - Rouge 29 (100)

The lipsticks have a beautiful creamy texture that is very comfortable to wear. They also have the classic Lancôme lipstick scent. My first high end lipsticks were from Lancôme and I have a real soft spot for the smell. Both Rouge 29 and Rouge Faubourg have excellent wear time and fade evenly to a stain after several hours.

Rouge 29 (100) is an opaque red that leans a little pink to my eye. It has some hidden shimmer which gives an extra dimension to the finish. It's hard to spot the shimmer in the swatches and bullet but it is there, I promise.



In comparison, Rouge Faubourg (104) is packed with microshimmer. The tiny flecks are a metallic blue/fuchsia. Although it is full of shimmer the effect is subtle when applied. The colour looks glossy rather than frosty. Rouge Faubourg is more sheer in finish than Rouge 29 and this darker shade of red reminds me a little of Tom Ford Smoke Red. I find darker reds like this easiest for everyday wear.



The third lipstick in this collection is Rouge St. Honoré (102) and you can find an excellent review and swatches of this colour on The three lipsticks are limited edition and at £23.50 each, they are not cheap but I think they're worth it for such an excellent formula.

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  1. Lovely classic colours with a bit of a twist - I need to wear more lipstick, but then I have been saying that for the past 18months! Thanks for this. x

  2. These reds are gorgeous! You've inspired me to start wearing red again!

  3. So pretty! I like the subtle shimmer in Rue Fouberg. Looks like a good summer red

  4. these look amazing, i adore the packaging. I think i might have o pull out my red lippys after seeing this!
    Grace xx

  5. These are so gorgeous! Rouge Faubourg I WANT...
    And they both look stunning on you.

  6. Rouge Faubourg doesn't really look anything special in the swatch but on your lips it's gorgeous (and I'm usually not a fan of shimmery red lipsticks). x

  7. 100 Appeals to me most, but I have so many similar shades after my recent red binge. And when I say binge I mean BINGE. =w=;; I have no self control.

  8. I had just promised myself to not buy any more lipsticks, but Rouge Faubourg looks incredible, especially when you compared it to Red Smoke, which I love (though I imagine it's more sheer than the TF lipstick). Excellent review. I really want that one now, too!


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