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Absolution Skin Care

Absolution in a French skin care brand that I came across a few months ago whilst researching products to look out for on holiday. A bit of digging revealed that the brand is actually available in the UK in SpaceNK and Content. I have been trying their Crème du Jour and Solution + Éclat for a while now and wanted to give you some of my thoughts on both the products and the line.

When considering my review, something that Ruth at A Model Recommends said in a recent video really struck home. She said the French are not in the least bit embarrassed about spending good money on skin care. Absolution is definitely in the more expensive bracket (the prices are approximately the same here as they are in France) with the face creams starting at £50. There are also several things beyond the creams themselves that sets it apart from other skin care brands.



Absolution is an organic line and a lot of thought has been spent on their packaging, both in function and design. This is not pretty, pretty packaging. Instead there are bold graphics on the ecological conscious, recycled cardboard packaging. The pots that the creams are housed in has been designed to fit their bespoke skin care concept, as well as preserving the self life of the contents. The airless dispensers allow each product to last up to three years by protecting the formulas from light and air without the need for lots of preservatives (they contain 0.2 - 0.8%). I can't deny that for once I've found a beauty brand that appeals to my geeky masculine side rather my inner girlie!



There are three different face creams in the line; a day cream, a night cream and a cream for men. The creams are designed with a plate inside which you press down with two fingers to release a measured dose of cream that is sufficient to cover the face and neck. The idea is that you can use the cream on it's own or customise it with any combination of their concentrated booster solutions. There a four concentrated boosters; La Solutions + Anti-Age (plumping), La Solution + Éclat (radiance), La Solution + Controle (balance) and La Solution + Energie (awakening), and these vary in price from £43 to £63. The idea is that you add a drop of solution to dose of cream on the plate and mix. In practice I find it easier to mix the two in my hands before applying.



The day cream feels nice to apply and is quite rich in texture. It has rather a strong scent which comes from the ingredients (aloe vera, sesame oil, tangerine peel oil and neroli oil) rather than it being specifically perfumed. It's not an unpleasant smell to my nose but I do find it quite masculine. I haven't been able to do my usual, continuous 28 days assessment of this cream and La Solution + Éclat, as my skin was quite upset over the summer. What I can say is having used both the cream regularly on it's own and in conjunction with the Éclat solution, that that they're pleasant to use. My skin looks radiant and feels very hydrated after using the cream. As it does have quite a rich texture, I sometimes find my T-zone needed blotting in the afternoon. I imagine this formula will be better suited to my winter skin and will probably suit those with drier skin types than mine.

I have been very taken with this brand. I like the ethos, style and design of the line and I certainly think a lot of thought has gone into it. It is marketed as a unisex brand and I can see this appealing to both sexes but I suspect that it wouldn't appeal as much to those who enjoy touches of glamour and luxury with their high end products. If you're a fan French skin care and luxury organic, Absolution is well worth a look.

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  1. Hi Jane, do they do a daytime moisturiser for normal/oily skin? x

  2. Hi Claire! No, there is only the single base day cream formula which I imagine is supposed to be for all skin types and then you tailor it with the solutions. I do wonder if the day cream designed for men might be better suited for combination skin. It's quite a compact range of products.

  3. I'm dying to try this line!!! They had a nice piece about it in our Lucky magazine a few months back. It sounds so clean and I love the philosophy behind the range. Thanks for the review xx


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