Sunday, 16 October 2011

Chocolate Nail Polish Comparison

Apparently it was Chocolate Week this week. I've not had nearly enough chocolate to celebrate this fact so to make up for it I'm giving you a whole lot of chocolatey nails. I no longer have Rimmel Chocolate Factory which is a shame as it would have been fitting. Though I do have quite a few similar polishes as it turns out, I never released what a collector I had become!

The nail varnishes shown here are: (on the top row from left to right) Chanel Khaki Rose, BECCA Billy Tea, OPI Over the Taupe, Nails Inc. Eagle Street, (bottom row left to right) Orly Prince Charming, Filthy Gorgeous Satchel, Max Factor Soft Toffee, Sephora by OPI Metro Chic.




On the nail wheel the colours are: 1. Nails Inc. Eagle Street 2. Orly Prince Charming 3. Chanel Khaki Rose 4. BECCA Billy Tea 5. OPI Over the Taupe 6. Filthy Gorgeous Satchel 7. Max Factor Soft Toffee 8. Sephora by OPI Metro Chic. It was rather interesting applying them one after the other as the differences in consistency and the brush size and shape were very noticeable. Eagle Street, Prince Charming, Khaki Rose and Satchel all had a thicker consistency and were near opaque with a single coat. Billy Tea, Over the Taupe and Metro Chic all seemed very thin in comparison.



The four colours that were most noticeably similar when applied were Orly Prince Charming, Chanel Khaki Rose, BECCA Billy Tea and OPI Over the Taupe. There are subtle difference, Khaki Rose is more yellow in undertone whereas Billy Tea is more chocolate-y with a hint of mauve. I don't think anyone would really require all four, certainly if I showed the Biochemist he would wonder why I had four identical bottles. I'd say we're in 'no dupes but near enough' territory. Billy Tea is the only colour currently available so if you've missed out on any of the others, this would be a good alternative.

Are you a fab of chocolate brown nails? Or do you think these colours stray into another less appealing category?


  1. Haha love this post - great idea you clever lady! :)

    Some beauties in yr collection. My fave choc shade is Nubar Swiss Choc. Also loving my new Essie Very Structured

    Nic x

  2. Hi Jane
    Lovely post! I love the lighter mocha tones the best on my hands. I'm kinda diggin' Nail's Inc. Eagle St. Such a nice collection xx

  3. Lovely shades - I think both Eagle Street and Satchel may be my favorites! I'm so glad Sephora is finally carrying the Nails Inc brand :) xx

  4. So pretty, I love those sort of shades, mind you when my Mum saw my Becca Billy tea on me she said it looked like I had poo on my fingers, way to ruin things Mum! xx

  5. And Replica takes the prize for being the first one to mention the word poo. :D

  6. LOL, I have no standards ;) xx

  7. I salute that. Someone had to be the first anyway!

  8. Thats a lot of chocolatey nail choices missus. Feeling peckish now

  9. I"m quite tan, so brown nails tend to make my hands look a bit "dirty" Shame because the colors ARE lovely on the wheel.

  10. Of course I'm a fan of chocolate (and greige nails) been wearing my Metro Chic non stop lately!!! :)

    Love the look of Billy Tea and Over the Taupe, I think those might be good alternatives for when my Metro Chic runs out (been trying to use up my n/p collection, it's getting ridiculous..)!


  11. @Strawberry Blonde: You're tempting me with more chocolate possibilities! I like the sound of the Nubar polish. Yummy!

    @Jeanie: Hi!! I'm glad you like the post. Eagle St. is a really nice polish and I'm not often a Nails Inc fan.

    @Makeup Magpie: Have you tried Nails Inc before? I shall be interested to hear what you think. They tend to be very varied in the polish quality.

    @Replica: It's ok, no standards required here ;)

    @Imo: Hee hee! I quite fancy some chocolate too now you mention it.

    @Eden-Avalon: Yes, I can imagine that it can depend on both skin colour and undertone how well these colours would work.

    @Tina: You are so good trying to use up your nail polish. I don't think I have ever finished a bottle and probably never will at this rate!!

    Jane x

  12. Wow my favorite Chocolate Browns!

    I Love them all.. My favorite of the month is the Max Factor Soft Toffee, When i wear this color with a tan my nails looks just like a mannequin <3

  13. Thanks C'est Moi! Soft Toffee is lovely, I fell for it after spotting it on someone else. It gives a really elegant look.
    Jane x


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