Friday, 14 October 2011

Lancôme Maison Lancôme Blush

The Maison Lancôme from the 29 Saint Honoré is undoubtedly a thing of beauty. It took me some effort to reduce down the number of photographs of the undisturbed pan. It was also quite a while before I could bring myself to use it too. I can imagine many people would want to own it simply for the joy of looking at it.

The compact contains three colours; a baby pink, a medium rosy pink and a peachy tan. There is some overspray detailing which disappears with use. When the colours are swirled together they create a pretty sheer pink shade with a matte to satin finish. It's not hugely pigmented as you will see from the swatches. I have tried several times to get clearer swatch pictures but the colour refuses to show up for me. I have included the swatch on a tissue (several swipes) for you to better see the colour. Also Charlotte has a good swatch picture on




Maison Lancome1
Combined colour swatch, several passes

Combined colour on the left, individual colours to the right

Maison Lancome2

I suppose it is possible to apply the colours separately but it is a little tricky due to the distribution in the pan. I think it's probably best to take from the pan as a whole, using a fluffy brush to apply. Due to the sheer nature of the colour, I will probably get most use from it as a finishing powder over cream blusher. I have some natural redness in my cheeks and no matter how much of this powder I apply, I only see the merest hint of colour. On those with more porcelain skin than mine or without natural redness, the colour may be more apparent.

For me, this is a beautiful compact to own but it isn't an essential. If you enjoy pigmented blushers, this probably isn't one for you. The Lancôme 29 Saint Honoré collection is still available on counters and the Maison Lancôme blusher costs £34. You can find my previous posts on the collection here. As an aside, have you seen the pictures of the Golden Hat Illuminating face powder coming out with Lancôme Holiday collection (post on Makeup4All)? I'm already smitten!

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  1. OMG this is so pretty I wouldn't be able to use it lol! x

  2. That is so gorgeous. They shoudl make another without the pretty design so that I could have one to look at and one to use!! xx

  3. I adore the design of this blush... but not enough to purchase....

  4. it's like art i wouldn't want to use.....soooo pretty, i'd love it as a gift but wouldn't buy it.

  5. Absolutely gorgeous, I'm hoping this is available in duty free in December, definitely on my wish list. Jude xx @jadlgw

  6. It's beautiful in the pan but too sheer for me. It's like art!

  7. It looks super pretty in the pan but it's more the kind of thing i would use as a highlighter or over another blush to give it more life. I need a brighter blush to make me look more awake!

  8. A gorgeous Product to look at but I prefer more pigmentation in my luxury items

  9. Looks too beautiful to use! Would make a great Christmas present :)


  10. That is such a gorgeous color and pattern! It looks like we aren't getting that (and the spectaclar lipsticks you reviewed) stateside.

  11. This is presented so beautifully. Shifa is right this would make a lovely present

  12. I'm glad so many of you would feel the same and struggle to spoil it by using it! Thank you for all of your comments.

    Shifa and Imo - definitely, it would be a lovely gift.

    Zuzu's Petals - what a shame you didn't get this. I spotted there were some difference in the items within the collection. The lipsticks are a particular shame as I think you would have loved them.

    Jane x


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